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And they murdered Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo's conscience

May 5, 2009

As I hardly slept last night, ruminating on what the PDP has turned Nigeria into, I know that wherever she was that same night of bloody knives when the gang of outlaws called the PDP succeeded in claiming another rotten booty to its overflowing basin of fraud, the Ekiti Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo, was also keeping that same vigil. Her own case was that her conscience got murdered in a brutal and callous manner by the common enemy Nigeria and Nigerians have known in the last ten years and that is the PDP. Wherever they were, clinking rotten glasses and making merry over another conquest, our common enemy did not sleep either. Even as it has ratcheted so much notoriety in stealing electoral mandates, the latest one came with a huge cinch that puts a confirmation tab on the long held belief that it cannot survive except it adopts such shameful tactics as it did in Ekiti. Though it brutally suppressed the resignation of Mrs. Adebayo, it knows that it will take more than a clueless deployment of the power of coercion for it to outlive the revelations confirmed by Mrs. Adebayo’s resignation letter that the top echelon of the PDP pressurized her to adopt fraudulent results from two wards, with which the PDP claimed its tainted and soiled victory in the re-run polls in Ekiti.

 The stage for what happened in Ekiti was set the moment the PDP, led by Yar’Adua decided that it must win Ekiti by all means, irrespective of whether the Ekiti man desires such imposition or not. Make no mistake about it, Yar’Adua was complicit in this illicit project as was Olagunsoye Oyinlola. Goodluck Jonathan, the dour, colorless and powerless Vice President showed his hands so much in this dirty project that he was the visible face of the illegitimate cartel that piled undue pressure on Mrs. Adebayo to sex up the results with an openly forged result that was obtained after it became clear that the PDP had been defeated. So what happened last night was a culmination of a dirty and winding plot to forcefully steal the mandate of the Ekiti people. The dying purring of Mrs. Adebayo’s conscience, which was brutally murdered the moment she confirmed what we knew the PDP was planning to do in Ekiti, only interrupted it. For this, I still hail the woman because given her grounding, orientation and upbringing, one would have doubted if she was capable of such short-lived act of heroism. We would have expected so much from the poor woman if we expect her to stand down the brutal and animalistic heat of a desperate PDP. We would have expected much from that woman if we thought she would survive the brutal anger of the PDP and we would have been stretching the woman’s qualities too far if we expect she would stand firm as the PDP felt thoroughly embarrassed that the woman revealed their dirty secrets through her resignation letter.

 But we must understand that the woman we saw ferried into Ekiti to do the dirty bidding of the PDP was a mere captive. With her conscience violently murdered by the bloody goons that hold the country hostage, it is not difficult to discern that the woman was forced to devour her vomit the moment she was presented with the grim picture of what awaits her should she go ahead and talk of a useless conscience in a country held hostage by a PDP, whose members had been stripped of the last trace of conscience long ago. In Mrs. Adebayo’s meeting with both Iwu and Yar’Adua, it was obvious that she was told in clear and fearful terms that she had no option than to include the fake results from Ido Osi, the rejection of which triggered the ugly impasse that had reduced the entire process into a laughing stock to the observing public. It was obvious that Mrs. Adebayo was thoroughly excoriated about her lily-livered show of saintliness by an Iwu that was dubiously announcing the sham results even when he was naively insisting that it was only the REC who should announce results. She must have been thrown the forged results on the face and told pointblank that she had no option than to announce that.

In her meeting with Yar’Adua, who, while fooling the nation that he was impartial in the orchestrated logjam, was busy holding series of meetings with the principalities that contrived the Ekiti impasse on how best to ensure that the PDP gets away with the latest daylight robbery, she must have been told in clear terms to go and do what was thrown on her by Iwu. We must remember that it was Yar’Adua whose first visit to Ekiti State was to go and sell Oni and revel on how he is to have a six-year first term mandate-in obvious celebration of the farcical manner the 2007 sham polls was corrupted. He was to send his deputy to represent him in another of such hollow shows two weeks later in a desperate effort to conscript Ekiti for the PDP. Though he hides under a serpentine and feline cover, he is as deadly and as desperate as any other PDP man and was clearly involved in the layers of intrigues that were perpetrated in Ekiti.

 In both meetings with Iwu and Yar’Adua, it was obvious that Mrs. Adebayo was told the foolhardiness of her stand and told to go to hell with her ‘yeye’ conscience as the PDP doesn’t believe in such stuff. She would have been reminded of the morbid fate of Chief Bola Ige and how his accused murderer is now a distinguished senator with license to rent and deploy murderous hoodlums anywhere his services are needed. She must have been reminded that the conscience she talked about in her letter are mere phrases academics and religionists employ to confuse issues and that the only reality was to attend to the bestial craving of the PDP or risk what comes from any sturdy defence of her conscience. She must have been frightened, threatened, blackmailed and cajoled unless she re-follows her conscience, which had by then been battled to inaction and left for dead. For her safety, she must have been placed under house arrest, not necessarily for her safety but to ensure she doesn’t go outside the watchful radar and start another career in stillborn activism as she did after she was forced to run from Ekiti. Once satisfied that Mrs. Adebayo was vegetable, she must have been sent forth, like a marionette, with cachets of armed goons to go and complete the dirty work for the PDP. She simply had no choice! Yar’Adua spiced this deadly commission with the hypocritical charge to Mrs. Adebayo to go and announce the results according to her conscience, even when he knew that the woman’s conscience had long been killed and buried in a shallow grave in his Aso Rock.

It was obvious that Mrs. Adebayo could not do much because she was not grounded in the daunting task of defending one’s conscience and doesn’t have what it takes to do so. If she were, she would have concluded the announcement of the authentic results and then damned whatever consequences may follow. She would have borne whatever affliction the clay footed gods decree against her instead of setting her conscience to go before her. It was waylaid by brute vampires of power and dealt a fatal blow. The result was that the Mrs. Adebayo that was ferreted by armed goons to complete a dirty business in Ekiti was not the Mrs. Adebayo that made a momentary heroine of herself by protesting the forcing in of fake results to an exercise that was conclusive. That one is long dead and in her stage was a soulless foil that was prodded by the butts of the beast’s guns to do things that would certainly condemn her conscience to the piths of hell were her conscience to survive the brutal fangs of the PDP, which was unleashed on her the moment she decided to go public with the reasons for her resignation.

 From a strange quarter, I am suing Nigerians to spare Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo of their justifiable anger and bile. I urge Nigerians to pity this poor woman rather than descend hard on her for her shameful volte-face. I urge Nigerians to intensify the fight to rescue their land from bloody vampires and vermin who have seized it and are desecrating it so impudently. As at now, it is becoming clear that any means would be deemed fair to rescue Nigeria from these criminals that habitate the PDP. For now, let Mrs. Adebayo be let alone to continue a violent fight with the spirit of her murdered conscience because it will torment her for the rest of her life-and that is if she still survives PDP’s desperate follow-up attempts to bury the sordid revelations thrown up by her resignation letter. Having told us that the woman was sick, would it be strange if they also tell us tomorrow that she died from her strange illness, which the professor of rigging told the nation of last week? Because if she survives the present rule of locusts, we shall have another Humphrey Nwosu tomorrow, treating us with salacious, but belated, stories of what happened in Ekiti on Saturday, April 25, 2009.



Peter Claver Oparah.


E-mail: [email protected]

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