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Re: Federal government on Ekiti State

May 6, 2009

Image removed.Nigerians must have been astounded to learn that the federal government had expressed regret over the brazen electoral fraud in Ekiti State . The so called regret is not in anyway different from the deceit sold to Nigerians over the weekend when the Ekiti Resident Electoral Commissioner was purportedly advised by the President to release genuine results of the rerun election according to her conscience. The advice was officially orchestrated to absolve the President of culpability in the heinous subversion of the democratic process by a government that is rebranding Nigeria.

In view of the fact that Mrs Ayoka Adebayo eventually announced the fake results earlier rejected by her President Yaradua must go beyond playing the Pontius Pilate before a nation traumatized by the unprecedented electoral robbery. Asking Nigerians to take solace in the discredited electoral reform is an official admission of the fraud  that was foisted on the people of Ekiti State.

The Federal government should realize by now that Nigerians are aware of the lack of commitment of Yar’adua administration to genuine electoral reforms and rule of law. A government that has deployed armed gendarmes to guide a stolen mandate cannot turn round to express regrets over its dubious endorsement of grave electoral malfeasance. In the circumstances the Federal Government is advised to express its regrets to the marines.

While commending the Ekiti people for their historic resistance against injustice in all its ramifications we call on all democratic and progressive forces in the country to forge an organic alliance and mobilize Nigerians to take their political destiny in their own hands.






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