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Our Redeemer Will Soon Come

May 14, 2009
Our Redeemer Will Soon Come They said it is no more fashionable No one wants it any more The west would hear none of it The whole world detest it I laugh and shook my head in wonder How can my people be so dumb? How could they be so fickle minded? When a nonentity Who barely can read the writings on a bread wrapper When a fool who told his teacher to go to hell Earns =N=300,000 a month And collect mouth watering allowances to boot Dictates and call the shots Determines our future And dare us make a noise Then our redeemer lurks around the corner When a political party bereft of ideology Swear to rule us till eternity When law breakers turn lawmakers Say our collective wish amount to nothing When the Maurice of this world Say we waste our time Voting a party of our choice When thugs euphemistically called senators And governors not fit to rule their household Say Ekiti people are fools to express their preference Then we unwittingly hasten our redeemer to come. Heh! You kinky senators Heh! You Randy governors Remember Jerry Rawlings What he did to those thieving politicians Those kleptomaniacs That stole and looted their treasury Without shame and remorse They stashes their collective heritage And mortgage their future For pot of porridge onboard and abroad Remember, remember, remember Take heed now and listen well The shadow man lurks around the corner I slept yesterday and dreamt Though I am neither a prophet nor a seer I look into the future trembled in fear A Jerry Rawlings lurks around the corner I saw disaster awaiting treasury looters If only our bald-headed fools can listen If only they can take a moment to consider Though we voted them not into power Though we want them not for our leaders I wish them not the kind of evil I foresee The terrible fate I see in my vision I wish not even for my enemy When the son of the poor is hungry And his stomach rumbles and tumbles in the night Then the son of a rich man must sleep with open eyes When a graduate rides okada for a living And a professor begs his students for fuel money When factory remains under lock and key Because NEPA is on permanent holiday When oil our main source of income Becomes a scarce commodity in our land When girls of marriage age Peddles their wares openly ‘Cause marriageable men had no money When evil men becomes our rulers When men of no consequence collect =N=100 million per quarter And lords it over all of us Then our redeemer is around the corner To save us the agony of dying before our time.

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