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Bonuses and Allowances: A political scheme to Designed defraud Nigerian People

July 22, 2009

Nigerian Political leaders are in government to defraud Nigerian people. They have  perfected a system unique to any political system of government in the world. Nigeria is the only country in the world where politicians both federal and state levels, ministers and government employees receive Allowances and Bonuses from a jobs they are suppose to demonstrate their selfless devotion to society. Nigeria spend about 40% of national revenue on Allowances and Bonuses to elected and unelected federal and state officials. Nigeria one of the world most poorest countries yet politicians and other government officials make more money than American (The richest country in the world) government officials who are doing the same work. I have being living and working in the United Stated for almost 30 years, 20 of those years were spent working for a combination of federal, State and county governments. American government federal, state or local governments do not pay Allowances or Bonuses to public employees. 

Here in America governemnt do not provide houses to any politician except Presidents and  (SOME) State Governors. In America some State (Example State of California the richest state in America) do not have official governor residents, that means the governor have to buy or rent his own house with his own money. The only money politicians or other government employees  receive from the government are their salaries.

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Bonuses and Allowances are programs designed  to reward individuals  who work for private companies for their hard work and their efford in building the organization to profitability. Politicians and other public employees are not suppose to receive financial or material rewards because public services are not set to  make profits. The idea that politicians and other government workers receive Allowances and bonuces will sound strange to a typical  American, Europen,  Asian  or other well established democracies because they do associate those words with public services.

The highest concenstration of criminals in Nigeria are in the National Assembly and government ministries. Unless Nigerians stop calling these criminals politicians Nigeria will never develop and respected around the world.

Nigeria has never been lucky with most of our leaders. It is no longer news that we have very weak, incompetent, ineffective, corrupt, wicked, selfish, ruthless, visisionless politicians in Nigeria. We honor, celebrite and even name streets and Universities after former leaders such as Babanjida, Obasanjo, Gowan, Buhari and Abacha yet they created these problems we face today. There is no respected world leader that will ever shake hands with these people yet in Nigeria they are treated like heroes Mrs minister that is your rebranding policy. Nigeria has some of the world brightest and respected people in the world who attended some of best Universities in the world many of them live and work in Europe and America, but ashame to even admit being a Nigerian because of what is happening in the Nigeria. Nigeria currently have the worst president in the world today, who is intellectually challenged, weak, slow, incompetent, ineffective and visionless yet surrounded by people who keep telling him that Nigerians think he is great and love him. President Yar'Adua is controlled by Northern politicians, the Emirs, traditional rulers and Sultans who generally believe  that oil revenue belong to them, that means the Niger Delta problem, a relatively  easy problem will never be resolved. How else could the president came up with Amnesty policy that does not recognize the cause of the militancy which was  unfair share of oil revenue with people whose land and property has being distroyed to build Lagos. Abuja and many parts of the country.

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 Nigerians know what is wrong with us. Even theoretically, we all seem to have the solutions. Why then is it impossible to apply our know how to finding lasting answers to many of questions begging for attentions. Nigerians are so use to "Suffering and Smiling at the same time that we can hardly tell the difference?.

We Nigerians have learned to suffer in Silence, how else can National Assembly Constitutional Reviews  (88 members) decide to share N1 Billion Naira (N11.3 Million Each) budgeted to be used to review and amend the constitution, not a single Nigerian has ever spoken out against these criminals. These Senators and Representatives should know that they are not to receive additional fund for the work they are already receiving salary, this is highway robbery. Being a member of constitutional review is part of your job as Senators and members of House of representative which you are already receiving salary.  There is not a single thing we Nigerian can point out that is working the way it suppose to work. Every thing from Post Office, to electricity, Roads, Security/Police Force, military, political system, the media to name but few do not work the way they are meant to work.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U S A
E-mail [email protected]
E-Mail [email protected]


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