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Goodluck Jonathan is a security risk-Yar’adua moves against his VP

August 1, 2009

Image removed.Southern Nigeria students’ congress 23th resolution-Rising from the 23rd Sitting of the Southern Nigeria Students Congress (SNSC) held on 29th July, 2009 at Delta State University, Anwai Campus, the Executive Council of SNSC observed that:

1.    The state of security of the Nigerian Nation is no longer palatable, highly lamentable and nothing to write home about;
2.    The increase in the destructive demonstration of the militants, the incessant kidnapping incidents, the reigning cases of broad day-light robberies and the most recent attacks in the north are becoming unbearable;
3.    The face-off between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities has eaten deep into the future of all Nigerian Students.

In lieu of these, the Southern Nigeria Students Congress wish to inform all Nigerians within and without the country that:
1.    Nigerian Students shall no longer fold their hands to watch all these unfolding ill-fated “drama”;
2.    The People’s Democratic Party said in 2007 that Goodluck  Jonathan’s choice as Vice-President is to douse the agitations of our beloved brothers from the Niger-Delta;
3.    The activities of militants have increased almost beyond control in recent times;
4.    The cases of kidnapping and robberies in South-East and South-West as  well as the northern attacks are as a result of increased tolerance of the militants by the Federal Government;
5.    The indication that Goodluck Jonathan is a founding member of Movement for the Emancipation of Niger-Delta is now clear and glaring;
6.    The call by MEND for the Goodluck Jonathan to resign was a plot to “fool” Nigerians;
7.    The MEND and other militants have been authoritatively advised by Goodluck Jonathan to extend destruction to other parts of the nation if they wish to get more attention from the Federal Government;
8.    The position of Goodluck Jonathan is a serious security threat to the unity of Nigeria and general welfare of its citizens;
9.    We shall commence the publishing of materials/documents in our possession to support these facts and further expose the ill of the Federal Government;
10.    It is time for Northern Students Vanguard, National Association of South –East Students, Federation of Students of the North, Arewa Students Union amongst others to rise, organise and take up the challenge.

Therefore, in expression of our rights as enshrined in Section 14 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in our belief that the security and welfare of the citizens is the primary purpose of the Nigerian Government, and in our stand to stop, eliminate and oppose any attempt to alter the welfare of Nigerian Students especially those from the Southern Nigeria, we thus declare that:
1.    The Vice-President, Goodluck Jonathan is a security risk to Nigeria and should resign with immediate effect for having failed on his primary duty to maintain peace in Niger-Delta Region, for releasing confidential information on plans of the Federal Executive Council to militants, and for being a founding and active member of MEND;
2.    The Vice-President, Goodluck Jonathan should face a probe and come out clean if his 2015 presidential ambition will be considered by us from the south;
3.    The Federal Government should sort out issues with ASUU to  call off the strike within the next 30 days;
4.    The Zoned Conventions of the Southern Nigeria Students Congress shall be held to mobilise Nigerian Students for necessary actions;

Greatest Nigerian Students, it is time for our own strike, it is time for our actions, it is time to ask for more...
We must stand and stop any element that call us “the future leaders” because yesterday is meant for the children, tomorrow for the adult and today for youths, for us, for all Nigerian Students...

We are the Today’s Leaders... It is our time!

Aluta continua!!!

Comrade Adewusi Temitope        Comrade Ifeanyi Aniagoh        Comrade Walter A. Walter
South-West Zone            South-East Zone            South-South Zone
0702 303 3725            0803 739 15

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