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UPDATED: "Boko Haram", Mohammed Yusuf being interrogated before his execution-VIDEO and Translation

August 2, 2009

Image removed.This video shows Nigerian security agents interrogating Mohammed Yusuf, the leader of the "Boko Haram" uprising in Maiduguri, Borno State. A subdued and cooperative Yusuf answered questions asked by the security agents before he was summarily executed by the Nigerian police while in their custody. This contradicts statements made by the Nigerian police that he died in a "shoot out".


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Transcript of Mohammed Yusuf (MY) interrogation by Nigerian security agents (NPF) that captured him-- Translation from Hausa.

NPF:  Yesterday we went to your house; we saw a lot of animals, students and stuff you guys are putting together.  What are you going to do with all these stuff?

MY:  To defend our self.

NPF:  Is there no authority to defend you?

MY:  I don’t know what I did for this arrest?

NPF:  You are a Muslim person.

MY:  I don’t know why you are disturbing us?

NPF:  You said Boko Haram (Western education is sin) who made the pants you are wearing?

MY:  My pants are cotton and cotton is made by God.

NPF:  God in the Quran’s chapter said ‘Ikra’ – or seek knowledge?

MY:  Is not same with Islamic knowledge. There certain western knowledge that is bad.

NPF:  We saw Computer and many things in your house are they not made from knowledge?

MY:  These are technology different from Western schooling.

NPF:  You are eating good food, driving a nice car, and wearing nice clothes.

MY:  Is not like that.  People have different means and abilities.  Some have in their hand while others don’t.

NPF:  Why did you leave your compound?

MY:  Because you came to attack me.

NPF:  You send others to fight and you left?

MY:  All my people have left too.

NPF:  What about the people that come to fighting?

MY:  My people have left.

NPF:  Where are your followers now?

MY:  Bauchi, Gombe. Adamawa, Taraba and police have already attacked them before Maiduguri.

NPF:  What happened to cut on your arms?

MY:  I fell.

NPF:  Where is your headquarters or branch offices.

MY:  You have attacked my headquarters; my branches are in Gwange ward, Bulumkutu, etc.

NPF:  Who is helping you, do you have soldiers, organizers and if you are not here who is second in command?

MY:  Abubakar Shekau.

NPF:  Where is your GSM Cell phone?

MY:  I don’t know.

NPF:  You run away with many people, where are they now?

MY:  I don’t know.

NPF:  Are you getting any help from Niger Republic?

MY:  No, no one is helping us – Insha Allahu Warahamatullah, Insha Allahu Warahamatullah.

NPF:  Do you have a farm in Benishiek?

MY:  Yes.

NPF:  You made many died fighting, who do not know what they are fighting for, what is your opinion on their death?

MY:  It is on the conscience of the killers of my people.

NPF:  What about your Children that were killed?

MY:  My children are killed?  Again it is on the conscience of the killers.

NPF:  Where are you from?

MY:  From Yobe State.

NPF:  Where from Yobe?

MY?  From Jakusko.

NPF:  Where is your mom from?

MY:  From Gashua.

NPF:  Have you travelled overseas?

MY:  Yes.  Only to Pilgrimage or Haji.

NPF:  When?

MY:  2000 to 2003.

Discussion in English follows… Gentlemen (referring to the pressmen) leave now!


Another civilian believed to be Mohammed Yusuf's in-law shot todeath by police. Many of his biological children were also murdered by the police.

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