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Forget reappointment, Lagos AC tells Iwu.

September 8, 2009

The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has described the reported lobbying of the INEC chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu to tenure extension as a huge joke and a direct insult on the intelligence of Nigerians. The party says that Iwu’s ambition is informed by the curious decision of the Yar’Adua presidency to retain him in office after the reckless manner he manipulated the 2007 shambolic elections to favour the PDP.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC says that the mere thought that Iwu and his corrupt cohorts entertain the thought that they would be allowed to visit the country to another macabre show in 2011 is a direct affront on the intelligence of Nigerians, which must not be allowed to happen. The party insists that Iwu should be removed and prosecuted for sundry electoral crimes and a new leadership be infused to give hopes for any credible election in 2011.

“We can only say that Iwu is emboldened by the criminal resolve of the PDP to retain him after the shameful parody of 2007 because they still hope to have him manipulate future elections for the party. We believe that in their short-sighted predilection to corrupt electoral heists, the PDP and Iwu believe that Nigerians have forgotten the harrowing and universally-acclaimed shameless manner they rigged and manipulated the 2007 elections to favour the PDP. That they have engaged in a symbiotic reaping o0f dirty booty from that nefarious act is emboldening them to think that Nigerians are daft and would tolerate further infliction of such grand scam with time.

“With 2011 elections approaching and as the PDP, with the presidency and INEC engaging in elaborate schemes to frustrate a credible poll in 2011, we want to warn them that Nigerians are not sleeping and are ready to do anything to ensure that a credible election must be held in 2011. As they grow determined to ignore the demand that the purveyor of the worst electoral conduct in human history be removed and tried for his deliberate acts of electoral fraud, we want to warn them of the danger of taking Nigeria for granted for their selfish interests.

“Lagos AC wants to warn that on no condition should Iwu and the present INEC leadership be encouraged to think that Nigerians will tolerate them further to continue to inflict unimaginable electoral fraud on the country, as they have shown repeatedly. They have shown repeatedly that they are irreformable and are mere members of the PDP, with the mandate to do the dirty electoral biddings of the PDP, as we saw in Ekiti State just the other day. The present INEC leadership under Iwu has gone beyond redemption and nothing can make them change.

“Lagos AC wants to warn the PDP to stop fiddling with the interests of Nigerians for their narrow interests. We see their present determined effort to frustrate electoral reforms in this country as a route to Kenya and Zimbabwe and they should be warned of the dangers in that. We see their resolve to ensure that Iwu remained in office after the horrible manner he manipulated the 2007 elections as a way to play games and mock the general demand for electoral reform. We want to let them know, if they pretend they don’t, that any further day Iwu spends in office further send a signal that the PDP is desirous of another electoral fraud in 2011.

“We want to put them on notice that Nigerians are plainly tired of their continued greedy penchant tp rob them of their votes and would resist any further attempt with everything they have got. We warn them that 2011 may be the decisive year for Nigerians to either continue practicing a fraudulent electoral process or deal decisively with the notorious rigging machinery that has prevented from having free and fair polls especially since the PDP came to power in 1999.

“Once again, we restate the demand that Iwu must go and the earlier he goes and allows Nigeria to pick the pieces of its badly mangled electoral process, the better for all Nigerians.”
Joe Igbokwe.
Publicity Secretary,
Lagos AC.


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