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Guinea on the Edge: Dozens Killed by Security Forces

September 28, 2009

Sadly Once Again it appears that West Africa is once again home to Political Acts of Violence. Once Again this year it just happens to be Guinea.

 It has been a year since the Bloodless Coup took place in the West African Country. Since the Coup has taken place there has been a Power Struggle between Capt. Camara the Coup Leader and current Head of State and His Rivals for Power. It just so happens that Guinea is a top supplier of Bauxtite as well.

So what triggered the Violence? Over this past weekend an estimated 50,000 people attended an Opposition Rally. This rally was organized after reports indicated that Capt. Camara was going back on his Pledge not to Run for President in the upcoming Presidential Elections. Although it has not been revealed publicly there are reports that privately Capt Camara has told Diplomats that He does plan on seeking a Presidential Term.

The Aftermath according to initial reports has been brutal. At least 58 people killed. Hundreds more wounded and at least two major opposition figures arrested. There are reports that the Junta is not allowing the Opposition access to the Media Outlets in Guniea and the Military is reportedly manning several checkpoints around the Captiol City of Conkarey.

 Another Key Factor to look at is the Mining Sector. There have been several High Profile Disputes between the current leadership and the two main entities that conduct operations in Guinea. At this time there is now word if either one (UC RUSAL or Rio Tinto) will cease operations in the country. The Problems in the Mining Sector will be a Major hit on the Guinean Economy.

There are two other regional problems that the next Government will have to address in Conkary. First is the problems with the Drug Trade. The region has been used as a point to transship Narcotics from South America to Europe. Africa has the fewest number of Police Officers per capita than anyplace else in the World. Human Trafficking is another Major Problem in the region as well. So those factors along with a weak Economy and Political Instability are major areas of concern.

Sadly it appears that Guinea is sliding back into a violent track. There is a General Fear that if Capt Camara runs for President that it could be a catalyst for more serious violence. Several Countries have condemned the violence. But will it neighbors intervene? That could be an early question for 2010.

   The Author has moved Confused Eagle to He still comments on US Policy towards Africa

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