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MEND says attacks would continue

October 6, 2009

Image removed.The Federal Government of Nigeria today through its minister for information and communications declared the amnesty offer to militants and supposed disarmament exercise a success.

This is obviously another feeble attempt at re-branding Nigeria; an attempt to force a glaring untruth down the throats of the international community.
The Nigerian government estimated a surrender of at least 10,000 weapons at the inception of this exercise. According to the government, an excess of 10,000 militants surrendered. Most of those who participated in this fraud were rented by the government in the hope that real militants would be persuaded to emerge.
Despite the fact that most of the weapons "recovered" were purchased for this purpose, the government does not have up to two thousand of the several thousand weapons in the delta to show for this shameless charade.

Indeed a few weapons were surrendered by commanders who decided to discontinue their participation in our struggle.
Oil companies are warned as always to disregard this propaganda by the Nigerian government. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) will resume with attacks against the oil industry at the expiration of our ceasefire. MEND considers this next phase of our struggle as the most critical as we intend to end 50 years of slavery of the people of the Niger Delta by the Nigerian government, a few individuals and the western oil companies once and for all.
In this next phase, we will burn down all attacked installations and no longer limit our attacks to the destruction of  pipelines.
MEND will have no representation at the  Friday, October 9, 2009 meeting the government plans with so called stake holders. The government in trying to further insult the people of the Niger Delta has selected to "dialogue" with a class of individuals it can very easily manage.
This government has gone ahead negotiating to sell off more lands of the people of the Delta without deeming its people fit to be consulted. We warn all those interested in buying off our land, they will not go unpunished.
We will fight for our land with the last drop of our blood regardless of how many people the government of Nigeria and the oil companies are successful in bribing.

Jomo Gbomo

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