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Presidency: Saraki, Oshiomhole and James Ibori intensify war against Goodluck Jonathan

December 3, 2009

Image removed.A strong movement to prevent Yar’Adua’s vice, Goodluck Jonathan, from taking over as president as long as Yar’Adua remains “alive,” has recruited the Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, into it ranks.  As his reward," the former labour leader has been promised the presidency of Nigeria in 2014.

The ambitious and shadowy group has as its arrowhead, Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State, who is also the leader of the “Governor’s Forum.”  It has strong ties with his father's (Olusola Saraki) Northern Union, and is behind the efforts to force Jonathan to resign from office.The junior Saraki nurses an ambition to run for president, but is cleverly showing enormous solidarity with the Yar’adua family as a staunch loyalist.

The intensity of the war has degenerated to such a level that the National Assembly has tacitly agreed that Ya’Adua can remain in Saudi Arabia or any foreign country of his choice for as long as he wishes without losing his job.

Saraki was the first to lead Nigerian governors of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to endorse Yar’Adua for a phantom “second term”. But sources close to Hajia Turai Yar’Adua told Saharareporters that Umaru Yar’Adua and his wife always knew that Governor Saraki was dishonest about his second term support.  They said Turai's allies knew that Saraki knew only too well that on health grounds, Yar’Adua wouldn’t make a second term. “He had always positioned himself to reap from a false loyalty to Mallam,” said our source.

Saraki was the first state governor last week to abandon his state and go on a wild junket in search of Yar’Adua in Saudi Arabia.  He never met with the sick leader,  but returned to Nigeria and was quoted in some newpspaper as claiming that he met with Yar’Adua in Jeddah. No evidence of such meeting was provided by the governor.  Sources say that if he had it, it would have made elevated his status within the PDP leadership, and he would have ruthlessly wielded a higher influence within the party.

While Saraki was in Jeddah, his partner in conspiracy nod future running mate, James Ibori, coordinated with a few politicians in Dubai to mount resistance against Jonathan’s plot to take over power. Ibori returned to Nigeria early today in time for tomorrow's long-awaited ruling by Justice Mercel Awokulehin of the Federal High Court , Asaba in the corruption case against the former Delta State governor.  Ibori reportedly traveled to Asaba assuring his followers that the 170-count case against him would be over by tomorrow afternoon.

While they plotted against Jonathan, they also put in place a "Plan B,” in case Yar’Adua dies in hospital. They endorsed the governor of Bauchi State, Isah Yuguda, as their “nominee” for Vice President.  Another group of governors, led by Godwin Suswan of Benue State, has endorsed Mohammed Goje as their candidate.

Meanwhile, the Obasanjo group, which includes the governors of Jigawa, Adamawa, Cross River, Osun, Ekiti, Niger and Akwa Ibom states, have endorsed the governor of Jigawa, Sule Lamido, to take over as Jonathan’s VP.