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End of the road for enemies of Nigeria

February 28, 2010
All things considered, it is now crystal clear that some criminal elements in the corridor of power in a nation of 150 million people made nonsense of the exalted office of the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and consequently ridiculed the person of the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces since November 23, 2009 simply because of the naked greed for power and money. While these elements were busy manipulating the system with thousands of lies and lies that made little meaning to discernable Nigerians with their left hands, they were busy using their right hands to loot our common patrimony with ignominy.
Their actions and deeds seriously endangered our hard-earned democracy and shook the fragile foundation of the things that held us together as a nation and in the interest of our dear country these people should be fished out and punished. The criminal and dangerous politics these elements played with President Yar’Adua’s health shocked me to the marrows and believe you me, it exposed to us the kind of people we have in the corridors of power. Apart from the huge resources deployed around President Yar’Adua and his associates since November 23 2009, the amount of money that has been looted from the national till will frighten all us when fully disclosed.
I have seen desperations to cling to power in Nigeria before but this one stunned me. We need to fish out these faceless elements so that Nigerians will know their enemies. The Presidency, Governors, the FEC, the National Assembly, PDP, our former Heads of States in one way or the other aided and abated these shameful developments that monumentally and mercilessly raped our integrity, honour, decency, pride and sensibilities. As I write this I know that the game is up but my worries are; what happens to the offenders? Will they just go scot-free? Can’t we identify them and fish them out? Don’t Nigerians deserve to know their enemies? Shall we allow this impunity to continue? What kind of example are we laying for our children? I believe that actions should carry consequences.
Those security operatives that deployed soldiers at Abuja Airport and beyond without the authorization from the Acting President Jonathan Goodluck failed to respect constituted authority and they should be retired with ignominy. Those highly placed individuals in the corridors of power who told a million lies to sustain the deceit for more than 100 days need to be identified and shown the way out.
Known political offenders and economic offenders like election riggers, and treasury looters have been walking our streets as free men and women and we have not even cared to bring them to book. That is why evil men and women are getting bolder in Nigeria. Impunity is a serious crime, and we must see it as such and get practical in arresting the scourge. This cabal is feeding on the deteriorating health of the President and this is unacceptable. Greed has destroyed their hearts that they are rubbishing our president without knowing it.
They are dancing on the President’s predicament without remorse. Now, Acting President Goodluck Jonathan must get practical. He should be decisive and firm. He needs to prove to Nigerians that he can be trusted. He now has power and he should use it to address the power problem, ensure free and fair elections in 2011, take the Niger Delta Amnesty deal to a logical conclusion, and rebuild our educational system.
AP Jonathan should take full charge of governance. This dangerous power game is over now, all things considered. It is just a matter of time and Jonathan will be the substantive President, but we must remember that power goes with responsibility.
Joe Igbokwe

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