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Aso Rock Hospital And Jeddah Enterprises

March 3, 2010
We created another unverified problem just to resolve a pending problem. Ohima Oliha. Before I go into this essay let me quickly say that a year ago my good friend David Eboh wrote a piece on The Politics of Healthcare In Nigeria: A Game of Lottery? It was mistakenly credited with my name, I did not write it and I am sure it was an administrator’s error.
However these days as much as I would have loved to sit down and watch the Mexican soap called salud psíquica de Yardy meaning...I do not know but there is sick in that phrase and Yar’adua too?

Like in the mistake in Eboh’s essay, Nigeria is making a plethora of mistakes in her skewed journey and to imagine, this is how we will celebrate a golden jubilee.

As of today, Yardy has been a Jeddah and back, Obasanjo was in Germany for his medical check up, Bafarawa did not show up in court for a date with EFCC because he was in London attending to his health, Ogbulafor, went to India to check out his eyes, IBB’s wife died in a USA hospital, I‘ll try Cotonou for my cough, the list is endless, even as Resident doctors are on a warning strike in some states.

Many of us have watched as events unfold at all levels of our national life. Some of us have marvelled at the comics that parade themselves as leaders.  The likes of Dora have hoofed and puffed but very little in terms of signs that this madness is anywhere close to an end.

Infact she has been banned alongside other Ministers from talking to the public or having any meeting....Na wa o!

From one comical act to another, at the National Assembly first to protect their interest they did the usual government magic of the more you look the less you see. The very essence of the drama of the ‘acting president’ premeditated on self-sustenance as far as we are concerned.

When and if the coup does occur the first victims would be them so therefore the need to protect their allowances, salaries, and their status as criminals. They came up with the doctrine of necessity and at least that should serve us for now. And so there is no NEED to discuss the president’s health under any guise.

As the drama of a sick president has been on...some basic issues continue to torment us, the power situation has moved from worse to worst with the nation generating barely 3000MGW and states getting less than 100MGW. The much talked about foreign reserve is getting depleted every day.

Till date as I write this, no one exactly knows what is the matter with the ‘former’ president apart from he has something called picapica whatever associated with the heart , he has no kidney, he just got a new one and now he has chest infection and is in intensive and extensive care. We did not see him but he is fine, Turai turns back x, y, and z.
The story changes every week, a 140 million Nigeria and its ghost president, for sure if there is any definite infection around the villa these days it is AIDS...Acquired Integrity Deficiency Syndrome, with Jonathan barely able to really ‘act’ and instructions streaming from various sources we seem to break every record and the impunity continues.

The governors already played checkmate...telling Jonathan, “Your goodluck has limit and dateline, no luck for 2011 unless we all die”.

He came in like a thief in the night and then his cousin and family spokesperson tells Al- Jezeera that “When I met him, he was able to eat by himself, talk, and walk. If this man eats, walk and smiles...and probably plays golf too, why is it that he cannot talk to Jonathan. And strangely he cannot see his mother or the other way round his mother cannot see him.

Yet he is drinking tea with his cousin, this cousin that only speaks with Al-Jezeera, are we sure the said cousin did not drink shepe or burukutu before that interview?

There is no exact figure regarding how much of our money went into the business called Jeddah Enterprises, a fast moving business in which several millions disappeared.

Nobody has questioned the House of Representatives team that went-a-jeddah with ‘our’ money, Ogbulafor and his men went too, after wasting time and resources and yet could not see Yardy; the PDP Chairman went to India to have his eye checked with money that we now know was advanced to him by Turai.

The Federal Executive Council  drafted and sent its own six member ministerial team to Jeddah and while it was there, it did not see the Saudi Monarch, and it was still deceiving itself that it would see Yardy, when the man had been chased out of the kingdom.

Now that we have succeeded in making the possibly legal illegal by illegalizing the legal we are at a time in our history where we are again as usual on the road of self-destruct. The only saving grace being that we never press the last red button.

We have seen the likes of Lamido, Rufai, Ribadu and lately Danjuma all spoofed as possible vice presidential candidates. And then Danjuma after his 1 billion dollars Oil well story gets a pat in the back and then a government appointment by the man with goodluck and patience.

The likes of Bukola Saraki, and Isa Yuguda who relocated their desk to Jeddah and with annex in Abuja now run the show telling Nigerians where the next president must come from, like gods that they are, after all the PDP would govern us for 60 years.

We have continued with the right terms for wrong engagement and right engagement with wrong terms.

A friend even asked me the other day if the word cabal was a new English word coined by Nigerians, as he noticed that every paper he turned to had that word in relation to the whole crisis and that he was afraid of going into his own kitchen for fear of the cabal in the cabinet.

Another even answered when asked “how your health...Ol boy I dey jare, thank God I am not in an ambulance”. Has anyone bother to reflect on the digitally enhanced pictures of our president?

Why can someone not see the man that is getting better, why was the lights of an international airport be turned off to receive a president, why was a acting president not aware that his boss was due in the country, why was a Nigerian president smuggled into his own country, why was he rushed home under the notion he had or was recovering and yet addresses the nation through wife and cousin?

Who spoke with Segun Adeniyi the first day and asked vice president to continue and then corrected the error next day to acting president, who briefs the man in intensive care or therapy, who told the Brigade guard commander that Yardy was due that night?

In America, even doctors’ advised Obama to quit smoking, McCain gave Americans some 250 page report of his health, in Nigeria we do not even know the name of the Doctors that treated the man in Jeddah?

Why can’t Jonathan be president if he does well in the next few answer to that is, he is not likely to do any better? However even if he did, PDP say so, and why...because Nigerians can do nothing?

EU has spoken, so also US and UK too, even ECOWAS spoke by replacing Yardy with Jonathan, soon Niger and Chad may be advising us on how to do the right thing.

Many of us believe that we are so concerned with the current situation not because we do care, but because the system is suffering the brunt. If at least three of the seven point agenda was moving well who would care but pray for Mr. President.

Truth is that the scorecard of Yar’adua and Jonathan is 0 over 7, that of Goodluck is 0 over 7, that of PDP a complete 100% failure. Nigeria deserves better, instead every day we jump on a bus with no destination. Will this end...will most of us unrepentant believers that good will come out of Nigeria ever smile?


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