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Photos: SGF Ahmed Yayale attends Anti-Yar'adua Save Nigeria Group Rally

March 9, 2010
{joomplu:1579}{joomplu:1577}{joomplu:1578}Thousands of activists staged a second anti-Yar'adua rally in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria with a surprise visit from the Secretary to the Federal government, Ahmed Yayale. It would be the first time a high profile government official would be attending a protest rally organized by the SNG to force ailing Yar'adua to fully relinquish power to his his deputy, Goodluck Jonathan.
 {joomplu:1576}{joomplu:1575}{joomplu:1574}Ahmed Yayale receives SNG letter to Goodluck Jonathan, text of letter below:
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan GCON
The Acting President
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Presidential Villa
Abuja                                                   10 March, 2010

Your Excellency,

Petition from Save Nigeria Group (SNG)

We, the Save Nigeria Group (SNG), a coalition of pro-democracy and human rights organizations and patriotic Nigerians who desire the entrenchment of a truly democratic and accountable governance hereby petition you on certain developments that can truncate democracy and security in Nigeria. We believe in Nigeria and are determined to fight to save the country from the control of groups and individuals that profit from the failure of the Nigerian system.
2.    For more than 100 days, Nigerians have not seen or heard from President Umaru Musa Yar’adua since he was evacuated to Saudi Arabia for treatment. For the 3 months he reportedly stayed in an intensive care unit of a Saudi hospital, several of his aides continued to claim that the President was getting better. Some claimed he had started intense physical exercises. It is now more than two weeks since he was brought back to Nigeria in the dead of the night. We have not still heard from or seen President Yar’adua.
3.    The refusal of President Yar’adua to resign from office on account of his deteriorating ill-health and failure to transmit a letter of vacation on time as required by the Constitution has resulted in a severe but avoidable constitutional crisis. This crisis has compounded other political challenges caused by an electoral system that is designed to aid electoral malpractices. This dysfunctional electoral system threatens democracy and good governance in Nigeria.
4.    In other to save Nigeria from real and present dangers, the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) demands:
    •    An end to the invisible Presidency of Yar’adua by activating Section 144 of the Constitution so that presidential powers will be fully accountable;

    •    The dissolution of the present Executive Council of the Federation which has largely collaborated with presidential aides to foist this crisis on the nation; and

    •    Quick and thorough implementation of the Uwais Report on electoral reform starting with the immediate removal of Professor Maurice Iwu as Chairman and the reconstitution of the INEC with persons of impeccable integrity and competence.
5.    We will continue to mobilize Nigerians to engage in public action, including protests, sit-at-homes and strike actions until these demands are fully implemented in the interest of peace, security and genuine democracy in Nigeria. 
6.    Please accept our highest esteem and support.


Pastor Tunde Bakare

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