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Reflections: A Collection Of Diverse Articles With Rare Perspectives

April 4, 2010
Image removed.REFLECTIONS, published by Apocalypse Nigeria, is a collection of various articles written on diverse topics ranging from politics, leadership and governance to sport, medicine and healthcare by the author, Adepoju Paul Olusegun, who is one of Nigeria's most talented writers of this time.

Within the short period of 3 years since he started to exhibit his writing skill, the indefatigable author has touched virtually every imaginable topic that affects the lives of everyday Nigerians, giving deep insight and often offering well researched solutions to some of the problems and in the process, speaks for the voiceless Nigerians.
He is unassuming in his style of writing and boldly addresses issues unequivocally. His practical approach may not be unconnected with his medical science background informing deep analysis with scientific precision yet with some added humour. It is apt to call him a fearless writer.
REFLECTIONS is a reflection of our society and a summary of events in the last few years. Events are rewound to connect with the past, and fast-forwarded to project to the future. The diversity of the issues discussed in the book makes it a readers’ delight as it connects to every sphere of our lives and surely a reader can identify and connect to a point of interest.
 REFLECTIONS is divided into 8 broad sections namely Politics, leadership and governance; Entertainment, tourism and journalism; Life, people and places; Peace, conflict and terrorism; Sports; Medicine and healthcare; Christianity and The future: Issues, insights and youthful hopes. Each section is made up of topics that extensively discuss the subject matter.
Politics, leadership and governance
We share Paul's aversion to leadership style in Nigeria. He is righteously angry. Nigeria must definitely be a popular case study in management studies, and our condition is truly appalling; almost unbelievable. Management training classes in Harvard, Yale and all over the world will roll in mirth when examples of management decisions in Nigeria are cited.
In reality, Nigeria has no leadership in place for now. The country is like an occupied country, only that an occupied country will be made to work for the conquerors who provides minimum infrastructure. In Nigeria however, infrastructures are left to decay because the money from crude oil sales is enough to go round the usurpers.
Paul, like every Nigerian, wants to see Aso rock, but the usurpers will naturally want to live in huge hidden fortresses, and are not ready to listen. In Nigeria the only people government listens to are the people that can stop the flow of crude oil, the militants of the Niger Delta.

Entertainment, Tourism and Journalism
Paul was unequivocal in putting down Nollywood for low quality. He is even afraid that watching Nollywood films might bring down one's IQ!
However, quality comes with time, and quality and quantity do not often go together. It’s an open secret that Nollywood has volume. The industry (Nollywood) is grossing more dollars (forex) than the Niger Delta oil trade, if not for pirate activities. However, no matter the quality, Nollywood is one of Nigeria's gifts to the world. And billions are annually raked in.
We still have a lot to offer the world, from our home brewed beers to the natural beauty of places like the Obudu cattle ranch.
As Paul noted, the press has a pivotal role to play in bringing order to the society. The Nigerian Press is ever ready for the task, and the political class can be sure of one thing- the nation will never rest under the vice grip of any one or group for any long time, not when the Nigerian press is still kicking. This has been proved over and over again. If the daily turnover of government is 100 million dollars, that of the press may be up to 5 million dollars with little bukata to go with it. The opposition will always be virile.

Life, People and Places
We share the view of Paul's Pastor that women are the stronger sex. Women are structurally and internally more complete/adequate than men, and science has proven that women are an improvement on men.
On page 146 Paul stressed that 'Creation is something that starts with ideation....' This can not be truer. It is also biblical. God created the world by talk while He articulated himself.
Adepoju Paul is a popular online acquaintance. He is a most forward looking and promising youth, reading his write ups will lead one easily to the conclusion that youths do not come better. If Nigeria nay the world is passing into the hands of youth like these, then the world as a whole can look forward to a 'swell' time.
As a medical laboratory scientist, he has depth, as we can see from his writings. As a public commentator, he is a rare gem. He has confessed he is having a tough time deciding which path to follow. Any path he chooses, we are sure to benefit. The writer will shine through the scientist and vice versa.
The author offers balanced view on most topics discussed in the book through critical analysis of contrasting views before drawing an inference.
Conclusively, Adepoju Paul Olusegun is an inspiring author whose love for Nigeria is thoroughly demonstrated in this maiden book of his. REFLECTIONS is an appreciated contribution to the growth of our nation hence we recommend this e-book for everyone who believes in this project called NIGERIA. Little wonder Nasir El-Rufai accepted to write the foreword.

The book is available for free download at

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