Following the publication of this incident on Thisday Newspaper of  Wednesday August 11, 2010.  The underlisted government officials stepped into the matter :

 1. Mr Kayode Opeifa - Senior Assistant on Transport

2. Mr Shola Giwa - Senior Assistant on LASTMA

3. Mr Tunde Edu - General Manager LASTMA

As at the close business on Tuesday August 10, I had already decided to proceed  with meeting the terms of the fine (N50,000 and Psychiatric Evaluation) and follow-up with a formal petition to the governnment,  I had also gone ahead to complete firm arrangements for this to happen first thing on Wednesday August 12. The government officials intervened shortly after the  payment had been completed.

Since the incident, I have driven past the same location and the offending tree has been trimmed.  Attached a photos of the intersection showing the traffic sign on the day of  the incident and as of  August 16.

One of my drivers for publicizing this incident was to ensure that the sign at that intersection becomes visible. This has been temporarily achieved. However, I do think that I have been made to unjustly pay a fine and go through an unwarranted psychiatric evaluation. This ordeal could have been averted if this particular traffic  sign was visible.

A second driver was to ensure the institution of proper complaints resolution process within LASTMA so that complaints such as this, are resolved within 48hrs of the incident.

Thirdly, to encourage the government to undertake an audit of traffic signage within the metropolis and ensure that they meet the standards of a mega-city.

Specifically, I woulld like to thank Mr. Patrick Adenusi (Coordinator Safety Alliance) and Ndubuisi Okonji (President Association for Better Environmnet) for taking the lead to ensure that my complaints got to the attention of appropriate government officials.

I also will like express my appreciation to Chief Anthony Idigbe (SAN) and Basit Adekunle Olawoyin, both of Punuka  Attorneys & Solicitors for their unparalleled support throughout this incident.

Hopefully, I should be picking up my car  later this afternoon knowing that we have a goverment that is attentive to the needs of her citizens.


Warm regards,

Ike Ozoh




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