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The Macabre Dance Of Death In The PDP: Consequences For Nigeria

September 14, 2010

The drama in PDP and by extension the whole of Nigeria gets more complex by the day, and the majorities are just helpless on lookers. We are daily assaulted by threats and subtle threat from the babangida and Atiku camps supposedly on behalf of the North, the people whom, from all indications never benefited anything from these two people while they ruled and looted Nigeria.

The drama in PDP and by extension the whole of Nigeria gets more complex by the day, and the majorities are just helpless on lookers. We are daily assaulted by threats and subtle threat from the babangida and Atiku camps supposedly on behalf of the North, the people whom, from all indications never benefited anything from these two people while they ruled and looted Nigeria.

Rather, they care for only themselves and their cronies. Atiku managed to build a private university from where he rakes in millions of dollars annually, yet he failed to build schools in his state a state ranked as one of the worst in our education index. Atiku, if we all note has cleverly side stepped presenting us with a blue print of how he will improve the lot of the masses if we by any tragic twist of fate we allow him to rule us again. Yet he just wants to be president of Nigeria. A delusional sense of manifest destiny, Atiku has no plans for Nigeria except to rule. He will never be president of Nigeria.  He ran out of the USA to avoid prosecution for the Siemens scandal, yet he wants to rule Nigeria. He is unable to account for his stupendous wealth, yet he wants to rule Nigeria. He has been unable to account for PDF money, yet he wants to rule Nigeria. . Same thing for babangida. He has no manifesto; he has no blue prints for Nigeria. Of course that can wait or may be even irrelevant as far as he is concerned. All that is important to this fellow is to rule by any means and all means possible. He too will never, ever rule Nigeria; He built a private university, stole, maimed and killed all his opponents and perceived opponents.  Sent all his children to fancy schools in Switzerland on taxpayers’ account. Were he to be an honest man, his salary in ten life times will not be enough to send his kids to school even in Ghana. But since he had the keys to the treasury, he stole, and looted to his heart’s content. But because are very forgiving people with short memory, we chose to let him escape with his loot while we mouthed leave him to God. But because this man has no fear of God or man, because he feels we are unwise to his thieving ways, he has returned like a bad coin. Before anything else, one can safely ask this simple question   what is wrong with his children going to schools in Nigeria? After all most of us did and so many are still attending schools in Nigeria. The best and brightest amongst us   schooled in Nigeria. You do not need a fancy school and private jets to drop you off in school to be successful. Most of us, like Pius Adesanmi, Wole Soyinka, Okey Ndibe, Barth Nnaji, all our brilliant doctors and nurses went to school in Nigeria. But because this man did not labour for his money like our parents, he did not have any reservations about sending his kids to school in Switzerland. After all, taxpayers were indirectly footing the bill.   Because this man ruined education in Nigeria, pauperized academic staff, he needed to send his kids out for more quality education. And that is the man who wants to rule Nigeria. It will never happen. He crowned it with the final assault by annulling the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria. It is no use rehashing the events of June 12, 1993. It is however; note worthy that these two people are back in our lives like the bogeymen they are.
They have further fouled the air in the political space with their strident argument on zoning. Who does not know that they are more interested in fulfilling their dream of manifest destiny than in the well being of Nigeria? One other thing is that they forget that the miserable arrangement on zoning is strictly a PDP affair and not binding on the majority of Nigerians Just when we thought IBB was joking about coming back to power, it has been reported that IBB has picked Dr Peter odili as his running mate. Where in this world do you pick a running mate without winning the nomination? Only in Nigeria. But come to think of it, of what electoral value or of what benefit is Peter odili to any one.  It shows how shallow this IBB fellow is. He has no clue. Odili? The same man who ran away from Rivers state on account of his unprecedented looting of his state’s resources?   Rather than face the courts to clear his name, he, thanks to his wife’s influence in the useless judiciary of Nigeria got a perpetual injunction from prosecution. He has walked free ever since, living large off the back of the suffering masses in Rivers state. We are therefore not surprised that IBB found good company in a fellow rapacious thief. After all, he too got a perpetual injunction from being probed for the 12.8 billion dollar windfall that accrued to us after Gulf war 1. Besides, were we to do a comparative analysis of these two crooks; they seem to have a lot in common. IBB killed Dele Giwa, Mamman vatsa, MKO and any one he felt umcomfortable with. Odili has fingers pointing at him for the unsolved murder of Chiefs f Harry Marshall and Dikibo.  No wonder they find comfort in each other’s company.
Now, let us see who else wants to soil the water more to benefit IBB. We have heard about Governor Bukola Saraki. Bukola never won any election. The vote-rigging machine of the PDP stole it for him. Besides, his rap sheet on the looting and destruction of Societe Generale Bank in arm long. Yet he walked free because Obasanjo wanted it so. He pauperized all the innocent depositors in his family’s bank and never paid back a penny. Still he became the governor of Kwara state. He is unable to point to anything he has done for that state in 8 years except to steal the little they have. As if that is not bad enough, he and his father are scheming to install his sister Gbemisola as the next governor of Kwara state. We hope the people of Kwara state will throw away the shackles of slavery thrown round them by the Sarakis. We hope they will change the grammar of politics from dynasty to democracy. Bukola knows well he is of no electoral value, but he wants to seen as a representative of the North. The Sarakis are not Hausa Fulani, no matter the delusion of statehood by them. They are not historically from Mali, a story the Patriarch weaved to get into the good books of the Hausa Fulani oligarchy in the North. Rather, they are Yorubas from Abeokuta. Indeed, if the older Saraki himself admitted that the Saduauna would not give him scholarship under the old Northern region to study medicine in England, then where is the relationship with the country of Mali. You cannot be more delusional than this.
And then we have the Okija Lord and master, Orji Uzor kalu. Do this people have any appreciation for history? Have they heard about the Bolshevik revolution, the tragic end of Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and the disgraceful end of Jean Bedel Bokassa of the Central Africa Republic? That hour is nigh for all these people pauperizing Nigeria. Orji Kalu whose lover died in mysterious circumstances recently is carrying on as if the lady was worth nothing. Yet he built an estate to vain glorify his daughter with the monies of Abia people. I am surprised no one thought of doing a rectal autopsy for this innocent lady. Let me tell you what might have happened to the lady. She was probably sodomized by Uzor kalu. In the anal area, we have what we call the VAGAL NERVE. It is connected to the brain whereby it control part of the command structure for bowel movement. In circumstances where this pervert messes with the vagal nerve through forceful entry, then there might be a disjointed signal to the brain, which will trigger atrial fibrillation, and in the event that there is no immediate and urgent intervention, death will follow rapidly. I wonder if the family and friends of the lady will want to reopen the case. Orji Kalu needs to be in only one place and that is a jailhouse. But in Nigeria, he too wants to be president.
It is nothing about Jonathan whom I see as one of the band of robbers, it is the fact that we need a change of leadership. We need innovative leadership, those who will inspire us to achieve greatness. If IBB and Atiku are the best the North could throw up, then they do not deserve to be leaders and we will resist them with every ounce of our breath, Those who have ears, let them hear, it will not be easy, it will not be a walk in the park, but we will not allow these thieves back into our lives.

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