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Acute Nerve Damage: Babangida Has One Leg Left, And Daughter Slumps At Declaration

September 16, 2010

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Nigeria’s former self-appointed president who wants to be popularly-elected president, yesterday in Abuja made a formal proclamation of his ambition.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, Nigeria’s former self-appointed president who wants to be popularly-elected president, yesterday in Abuja made a formal proclamation of his ambition.

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But at the Eagle Square venue, observers noted he could only stand on one leg throughout his speech.  Medical sources have confirmed to Saharareporters that his left leg may be cancerous and might need to be amputated in order to suppress the spread of cancerous cells and the pain associated with it.

It would be recalled that in early in 1987, nearly two years after assuming power, Babangida spent weeks in the American Hospital in Paris, France, obtaining treatment for a condition known as radiculopathy, a disease of the spinal nerve roots and spinal nerves. According to, radiculopathy “is characterized by pain which seems to radiate from the spine to extend outward to cause symptoms away from the source of the spinal nerve root irritation.”

Babangida’s pain was said to be in one leg. it also affects the functioning of his left hand.  Despite the surgery he had at that time, as well as treatment since then in some of the world’s best hospitals, the condition seems to have worsened, as Nigerians saw yesterday.  Some of his aides also attest to the fact that the former general, who had to be forced of power in 1993 after annulling Nigeria's freest election in history, spends most of his time in a clinic in Abuja where he undergoes regular pain management, for a condition that has completely destroyed the nerves in the affected leg.  One worry for his supporters is that they may face a Yar'Adua-like situation as the damaged leg might kill Babangida in a few years.

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Several sources told Saharareporters that it is a well-known fact that Babangida, who turned 69 on August 27, is an invalid. Perhaps to make a point about his fragile health, the man regarded as one of Nigeria's most corrupt ex-dictator kept shouting that he only wants one term of four years in office. But that claim has been dismissed as one of his usual antics to fool some of the new recruits like former Senate president Ken Nnamani, who was seen in the company of IBB yesterday as he made his declaration amidst a coterie of discredited politicians and a rented crowd.
Also at the event yesterday, a tragedy almost befell the Babangida family as Aisha, his first daughter and wife of Zamfara State governor, slumped and nearly died as her father read his speech to the rented crowd.

It is not clear what ails Aisha, but sources told Saharareporters that she had been forced to the event by her husband.  She fainted shortly after she arrived at the venue in a black SUV.

Last year, the matriarch of the Babangida family, Miriam, also made a public appearance at the wedding of Governor Isah Yuguda to Yar'Adua's daughter, but the Babangida family hid from the public the fact that she had reached the terminal stage of ovarian cancer until Saharareporters broke the story of her hospitalization in Los Angeles.
Even then, the Babangida family vigorously denied our story, particularly using the Lagos-based Vanguard newspaper, which claimed they spoke to Miriam and that she was coming home by Christmas of 2009.  Myriam died in Los Angeles a day after Christmas in 2009, but Vanguard did not apologize to Nigerians.

A roll call of so-called "prominent Nigerians" who were rented to appear at Babangida declaration yesterday:

*Governor Aliyu Shinkafi, Zamfara State: Mr. Shinkafi is married to Aisha, Babangida's daughter.  It is Aisha's second marriage

*Governor Murtala Nyako, Adamawa State: Super-corrupt retired naval general.  Set up farms in Adamawa with funds stolen during Babangida's era

*Governor Babangida Aliyu, Niger State: The Governor of Niger State is lightly-regarded; he is likely not in true support of Babangida's ambition.

*Peter Odili, former Governor Rivers State: The most corrupt ex-governor of Rivers State has been touted as IBB's running mate. It will be the consolidation of corruption.

*Hon. Ghali Umar Na’Abba, former Speaker, House of Representatives: Considered to be "really broke,” a reporter who interviewed him recently in Kano said he couldn't afford diesel for his generators. He was fanning himself with is boubou (Babanriga).

*Former Governor Abdulkadir Kure, Niger State: The former governor was accused of corruption and stealing but Babangida intervened to save him. Described as a hustler, he is always in Abuja looking for contracts in federal ministries.

*Former Senate President, Ken Nnamani: The former Senate president is broke, according to his aides.  Needs fresh lifeline.

*Former Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Adamu: Faces corruption charges at the Federal High Court In Lafia. EFCC charges state that he stole over N5 billion from Nassarawa State.

*Former Health Minister, Professor ABC Nwosu: Described as "very very broke" and totally irrelevant, politically. He lives in Enugu.

*Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, “Any Government In Power”: Last heard defending Umaru Yar’Adua’s refusal to hand over power.

*General Mohammed Magoro: Politically irrelevant. He is from Kaduna

*Alhaji Mohammed Abacha, son of former dictator Sanni Abacha accused of unprecedented looting, political manipulation, and the murder of opposition figures.

*Kazeem Afegbua- IBB's spokesperson, once seconded to Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole, he was fired by Oshiomhole for insubordination. Lives off “settlement” that IBB offers compromised journalists, his asking price is 20% of all bribes given.

*Abdulkadir Dantata: Politically irrelevant

*Gabriel Umoden- No constituency known in politics

*Alhaji S. Bakare (Oluwalogbon) - The biggest supplier of automobiles [Oluwalogbon Motors Chairman] is broke. Last year, it was revealed that Chief Bakare owed N800 million to Metropolitan Bank of Nigeria. Loan remains unpaid.

*Chief Kenny Martins- The ultra-corrupt chairman of the Police Equipment fund (PEF) fame faces trial for stealing, money laundering and dishonesty over his handling of police equipment funds.

*Chief Mrs. Remi Adiukwu-Bakare: Lagos-based politician is politically irrelevant even in her neighborhood, Remi Adiukwu cannot win a ward election.

*Hon. Awwal Tukur: Politically irrelevant

*Senator Zainabe Kure-Broke Senator

*Senator Nuhu Aliyu: Former police officer and eccentric Senator who makes bogus unsubstantiated "security" claims on the floor of the Nigerian Senate.

*Senator Awesu Kuta-Kuta: Politically irrelevant

*General Saliu Ibrahim, former Chief of Army Staff- Former Chief of Army Staff was IBB boy. He is last known occupation is 'farming.'

*Senator Kanti Bello: No viable political constituency but plenty of viable hunger for financial bailout

*Professor Sam Oyovbaire: Has always been an IBB lackey.

*Hon. Abdul Ningi: No political identity

*Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Chief Obinna Uzor: Politically irrelevant

*Chief Francis Ayegbeni: Politically irrelevant

*Representatives of the Yoruba Council of Elder: Politically irrelevant; does not even exist in Yorubaland

*Representatives of the South-South Youth Assembly: Remants of Raymond Dokpesi's “Odili For President” nonentities

*Dr. Mrs Gambo Zuweira: Politically irrelevant

*Hazim Gbolaranmi, Former Dep. Gov whose claim to fame is being nominated by Adedibu to become the deputy governor to Alao Akala.

*Magaret Udom: No political identity

*AVM Hamza Abdullahi: No political identity

*Deputy Gov of Kwara State: Represented Gov. Bukola Saraki, who is gunning for IBB's Chief of Staff position.

*Chief Alex Akinyele: Political liability, Ondo chief noted for sleeping with his son's wife; has made a career of kissing Babangida's behind.

*Mike Nwaukoni- Politically irrelevant

*Amb Leo Okogu: No Political identity

*Sunny Okogwu: Thelousy businessman and comedian best known as Maryam Babangida’s brother.

*Dr. Abiye Sekibo- An acolyte of Peter Odili known to be involved in arming cult gangs in the Niger delta region. Through him, Babangida allegedly passed N600 million to  dreaded cult gangs in Port Harcourt to help in assassination of opponents and intimidation of voters in the Niger Delta region.

*Apollos Amadi: No political identity

*Murtala Aliyu: No political identity

*Dr. Bello Gusau: No Political identity

*Alhaji Sada Ilu: Politically irrelevant

*Shettima Mustapha: Politically irrelevant

*Alhaji Umar Abba Gana-Person of unknown and undefined pedigree.

*Sen Jibril Aminu: Former Minister of Education under Babangida who along with IBB ruined the Nigerian education system; involved in the Siemens Bribery Scam

*Sen. Sylvester Anyanwu: Politically irrelevant

*Chief Regal Ofomba: Politically irrelevant

*Dr. Tony Eze: No political identity

*Prince Arthur Eze (represented)- Known for running several failed businesses including the defunct Triax Airlines.

*Francis Ogboru: No political presence

*Alhaji Abbey Ibrahim: No political identity

*Keneth Kobani- A leading Ogoniman who help Sanni Abacha campaigned for the extra-judicial murder of environmentalist, Ken Saro -Wiwa and eight Ogoni activists.

*Hon. Bawa Buari, former Chief Whip, House of Reps-No plitical relevance.

*Alhaji Hassan Jalo: Politically irrelevant

*Alhaji Danjuma Hammed: Politically irrelevant

*Munir Jafar, former MD, NMA-Politically irrelevant

*Clem Ohameze: Politically irrelevant

*Dr. Junaid Mohammed

*Former Minister Musa Gwadabe: Politically irrelevant

*Alhaji Hamed Hassan: Politically irrelevant

*Hon. Shehu Sani

*Hon. Wadada: Politically irrelevant

*Hon. Mercy Almona-Isei: Politically irrelevant

*Hon. Linda Ikpeazu-Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria and currently House of Representatives member is noted for high profile prostitution in political circles in Abuja.

*Princess Adama Dania: Politically absent
*Professor Mrs. Chinwe Obaji, former Minister: No political presence

*Alhaji Bello Bagudu

*Alhaji Umaru Ndanusa: No political presence

*Sen. Dangana Ndayako

*Sambo Dasuki: Politically irrelevant, father was dethroned by Abacha.

*Dr. Kunle Olajide: No political presence

*Colonel Bello Fadile: Former coup plotter, pardoned by Obasanjo in 1999, a lawyer since his return to civilian life, Bello has mostly managed as "election consultant" to Maurice Iwu, the disgraced INEC chairman.

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