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VIDEO: Nigerians Should Kill Me For Annulling June 12 Elections: Arrogant, Stupid Babangida Tells CNN

September 23, 2010

His campaign flagging at home, IBB takes bluster and bully tactics to CNN

In what may be described as the most bizarre, revealing, arrogant and stupid interview former military dictator Babangida ever gave, he told CNN's Christian Purefoy yesterday that his annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections was "in the interest" of Nigerians.

In what is equivalent to killing a man in his own interest, IBB repeated his often mouthed deceit that he had had "information" that made him annul the election, known to be the freest and fairest in Nigeria's history. The CNN reporter, clearly contemptuous of Babangida's lies, reminded him that his self-serving excuses created more instability for Nigeria as the annulment produced General Sanni Abacha, one of Nigeria's most corrupt and brutal dictators.

An uncomfortable Babangida, who had to rent crowds last week to convey the false impression of some popular support for his presidential bid, waffled through the rest of the interview.

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