These are trying and interesting times in Nigeria especially for the ruling northern Nigerian elite who have lost power for good and forever.

This is why some of us despite being northerners have been calling for a sovereign national conference.

When I read some statements, especially the one credited to Mallam Adamu Ciroma asking Dr Goodluck Jonathan to resign because of the Abuja bombing by terrorists, I instantly came to the conclusion that it is true that the average Nigerian elite assume that the Nigerian commoners have amnesia.

Adamu Ciroma's principal Mr. Ibrahim Babangida has murdered more Nigerians than any other person in history comparable only to the innocents killed during the civil war.

Please check General Babangida's legacy under “Nigeria' years of the locust" on the Internet.

It was estimated that between 500,000 to 1 million people were killed all over Nigeria as a result of the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election.

Some outright killing by the security agencies. Some in rioting while others in road traffic accidents.

All the blood of the innocent killed in the June 12 election annulment riot plus that of Chief MKO Abiola and Alhaja Kudirat Abiola are all on Babangida's head.

Ibrahim Babangida has the singular dishonor of presiding over the killing of the finest military officer Nigeria has ever produced. At one go he wasted General Mamman Vatsa and 16 senior military officers most exceptional fighter pilots. They were all from the middle belt and the south. In 1990, Babangida again murdered 41 officers and soldiers, some retired. The youngest was 21 years an Igbo Army Officer by the name of 2nd Lieutenant Nicholas Ude. All of them were still from the middle belt and Southern Nigeria.

In September 1992, Ibrahim Babangida still had the singular dishonor of murdering in one swoop 212 middle level military officers when he killed then in the Ejigbo Air force plane crash in Lagos. We are not mentioning the assassination of people like Dele Giwa or Vice Admiral Muftau Elegbede yet.

Therefore for Mallam Adamu Ciroma a geriatric politician to have forgotten that his principal Ibrahim Babangida is the number one mass murderer in Nigeria speaks of how clever by half he is. If people who are old like him who are supposed to be elders can lie without decorum. What will they teach children?

It is obvious to us now why Nigeria has been ran aground in the past 50 years. Adamu Ciroma for example was CBN governor, minister of finance and many other government appointments. Of course his principal was a military tyrant for eight wasted years and hence they ran Nigeria aground.

Sovereign national conference will move Nigeria forward. There we shall discuss true federalism, fiscal federalism and state police.

In our north, we will bring back our ground nuts pyramids.

The Northern Nigeria youths must challenge these expired politicians who ate their yesterday, ate our today and they still want to eat our children's tomorrow. “We no gree who.”



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