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Bribery Claims: Global Information Systems Interference In The Politics Of Nigeria

Madam Secretary of State: May I present my compliments to you and  I have the honor to refer you to the attempt by the Global Information Systems Inc to insert itself into the politics of Nigeria. As you are aware, Nigeria is billed to go for a general election in April of 2011.

Madam Secretary of State: May I present my compliments to you and  I have the honor to refer you to the attempt by the Global Information Systems Inc to insert itself into the politics of Nigeria. As you are aware, Nigeria is billed to go for a general election in April of 2011.

It is also not news to say that there is a lot of tension and intrigue in the country particularly within the ruling party. This is not limited to whatever binds those people together; it has extended to issues of threat and counter threat. Indeed, Nigeria may be facing uncertain times in the next year.
It is for these and a sundry reason that the article sponsored by the company, Global Information Systems in the International Herald Tribune of Wednesday, 27 October, 2010 was unwelcome.  The article titled MASSIVE CORRUPTION USING STATE FUNDS REPORTED IN NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL RACE  is seen as not only irresponsible, but also  meddlesome into  the internal affairs of Nigeria. Granted that the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech for all Americans, it however does not encourage or guarantee the interference in the domestic politics of a sovereign nation. Nigeria, by all means is a sovereign  nation.
Madam Secretary am a Nigerian American. I say without any equivocation that the article under reference has done more damage to America’s foreign policies. It will also color the prism by which an average Nigerian views America whichever way the election goes. It is not relevant at this moment to talk about individual candidates, but I can assure you that an average Nigerian is embittered by the rot in that country. As the country therefore  move  towards an election in 2011, Nigerians want  only  good governance and probity. It is the rot in that country that has sharpened the North South divide. It is more pronounced than ever at this period in time .It is therefore just unfortunate that an American Think tank has chosen the irresponsible attitude of inserting itself into the local politics of Nigeria.  This recklessness can be described as the White man's burden in Africa.
It is not enough to hide behind the First amendment to sow the seeds of  chaos in Nigeria. Indeed the situation in Nigeria is fluid at best at this period, and with the reckless act of overt endorsement of a candidate, this right wing Think tank has only achieved one thing and that is to awaken the silent beast of ethnic divide in Nigerians. This article will only make more people dig into their ethnic enclaves and hope for the worst. It has only simply exhumed in an average Nigerian their primordial ethnic ghosts
The history of right wing politics is not unknown to us. From Nicaragua to the Congo, from Chile to Egypt, the history of these right wing think tanks is soaked in blood. The blood of the majority who are usually caught in the cross fire ignited by their false and evil analysis One can only surmise that  the Global Information systems is guilty of falsifying intelligence report to achieve its own  purpose. One of which of course is arms sale to the combatants in a war situation. Nigeria is a country struggling with a lot of domestic ills. Its history of corruption and poor governance is not unknown to you. What we do not want is a slide into a civil war situation. The article under reference is all about setting Nigeria ablaze. I am sure you appreciate the domino effect that another civil war will create in the West Africa sub region.  If Nigeria goes down, the West Africa sub region will go down with it. I am sure you appreciate the night mare of refugee over flow into countries like Ghana and indeed all countries in the West Africa sub region. When millions of Nigerians flee to neighboring countries as a result of the meddlesomeness of entities like Global security Inc, it is America that will be blamed. An average African is not going to be convinced the corporation did not front for the government of the United States. Nigeria is a country of more than 200 million people. It is country where the population of some states is larger than the population of Ghana combined. Madam secretary, please picture the scenario of refugee crisis from Nigeria in the West Africa sub region.
No one should pretend not to know the consequences of a civil war in Nigeria. Besides the refugee crisis, the economy of the United States will also be affected by the crisis. Oil prices will shoot up and the consumers in America will be affected. That is besides the possibility of Al Queda getting a foot hold in that region. Indeed, America will be caught in a web of Armageddon created by right wing opportunists like Global Security systems Inc. The crisis that will follow the meddlesomeness of this think tank will make Rwanda look like a child’s play. I implore you madam Secretary to disassociate your government and people from this irresponsible act and also condemn in strong terms the reckless adventure of an American corporation into the murky waters of Nigerian  politics.  The time to do so is now. Tomorrow may just be too late.
It is my hope therefore, madam secretary that you will speak up to distance the Government of America from the evil and opportunistic stand of Global Information systems. Of course you know, Madam Secretary that an average Nigerian who is not savvy about International politics will assume that the United States government has endorsed a candidate for the 2011 elections.  I am aware that there is a provision in the United States laws which forbid interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Though the policy of the United States is to recognize nations and not regimes,( at least that was what your Ambassador in Lagos told us in the foreign ministry at the peak of the Chadian civil war) it will be best if Nigerians are allowed to pick their own leader by any means rather than attempting to rail road a candidate in to office on behalf of their favored candidate.
. Nigeria is a sovereign nation and not beholden to any foreign think tank no matter how many egg heads they parade.  We are not also interested in the cloak and dagger activities of these think tanks either.
Madam Secretary, please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.
Folake Oritsejetemenu Olanrewaju.
28October, 2010.
The Secretary of State
Senator Hilary Clinton
United States department of State
2201, C Street NW
Washington, DC. 20005.
Ambassador Johny Carson
Deputy Secretary of State
Bureau of African Affairs
United States department of State
Washington, DC.

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