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Pres. Jonathan, You're A Hypocrite!

November 21, 2010

Pres. Goodluck Jonathan, while renaming the Ibadan Liberty Stadium to Chief Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, you claimed to have recognized and honored the hard work of Nigeria's hero's past irrespective of where they come from. Well, with all due respect, Pres. Jonathan you're a low grade hypocrite.

Pres. Goodluck Jonathan, while renaming the Ibadan Liberty Stadium to Chief Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, you claimed to have recognized and honored the hard work of Nigeria's hero's past irrespective of where they come from. Well, with all due respect, Pres. Jonathan you're a low grade hypocrite.

If you haven't and can't publicly celebrate, recognize and honor Ken Saro-Wiwa whose struggle and death engender your elevation, or to say the least brought about the state (BAYELSA) you're deputy governor, later governor and vice president, acting, and currently president, what recognition of what without consideration to persons and ethnicity are you talking about?

You comment and act is tantamount to hypocrisy. You haven't outgrown the old river-rine/upland dichotomy in Rivers State before BAYELSA was created, nor have you transcended ethnic, sectional and thuggery/blood politics synonymous No doubt you're listening to the same corrupt and discredited demagogues who have tried to blackmail Saro-Wiwa and Ogoni, but can't stop the dream.Ogoni has brought a consciousness never imagined to Niger delta, Nigeria and by extension Africa and the world.

This happen because of Saro-Wiwa, one of the greatest you're ignoring and belittling like your block-headed predecessors. I can understand you position as someone ruling a state he called to question that killed him. The petty genocidic empire must be protected or save at all cost even though in falsehood, right?

You'll will fail not minding that you're the first so-called minority Niger delta president of Nigeria. You're still treated as unequal, the same ill Saro-Wiwa fought and died that you may see daylight. Are you surprised why the National Assembly has refused you assent the so-called amended constitution?

Do you need someone to tell you the structuring of the apex law making body ( though inept and corrupt like the presidency and all other institutions) is lopsided or epileptic and needs change if the nation must survive? This means restructuring Nigeria. Is this not the same fight Saro-Wiwa championed and sacrificed himself; was he not the man whose effort at Bonny during the civil war (1967-'70) saved Nigeria alongside the works of others?

Despite your clampdown on Saro-Wiwa's person and importance to Nigeria's democracy, which has refused to democratize, but stays a democrazy, didn't you see that the world holds Saro-Wiwa in the most honorable and revered manner as never experienced in the history of the black world? Does this not tell Nigeria his struggle is just?

Who can halt the achievements of this great man whose barbaric, and unforgivable death for the first time in the history of illegal Nigeria forced the nation out of the Commonwealth? Its re-admittance was based solely on a proclamation of this shame known as democracy today.

No other person, than Saro-Wiwa has singlehandedly fought a nonviolent-intellectual fight in Africa especially for minorities and celebrated worldwide beyond the shores of his killer. If you can be honest Jonathan, for less than one second why can't this great man in Saro-Wiwa who inspire freedom and human rights, environmental safety and protection like never before deserve both exoneration of all frivolous charges by which he's stately and corporately murdered and a national recognition and honor?

Can't you see that the questions (conundrum) he raised and for which he's killed still chase Nigeria, and shall remain so ad infinitum? Or is it surprising that Nigeria is a nation formed on forced premise-nation formed by force by Britain that had no precolonial sovereignty and only a Sovereign National Conference that will bring about the renegotiation can save it?

 What sign of the time don't you and others see? Have you forgotten the former Soviet Union with about 120 ethnic groups, which failed when reality struck? Nigeria has about 300 forced peoples, and so at the appropriate time, nothing can save it...not Jonathan!

If we can't live together in honesty, fairness and utmost respect for the different nations in Nigeria, then we can dissolve in peace and if it takes war there shall be no option. People have learned from their previous mistakes even though greed that caused the civil war still pervades the polity. Remedy, is allowing independent nationalities such as Ogoni, Ijaw, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Zango Kataff and many others to decide for themselves how they want to operate for their good. Fundamental freedom to exercise all rights to live and life is the key!

Stealing Niger delta resources to care for most other people who contribute nothing to the coffers can't solve the problem. It isn't an antidote/palliative-just postponing the deadly days because Nigeria is sitting on a timed bomb.

Finally, why can't Saro-Wiwa deserve a national holiday enacted for Nov. 10th, the day he's murdered by Nigeria/$hell's 's greed for Ogoni/Niger delta oil? Well, although you'd redirect Nigeria for good (can't save it from the truth) if honest/fair, hardworking, imaginative (innovative and apply collaborative leadership) and stay away from the same old crooks who have privatized Nigeria, the same way Saro-Wiwa's message couldn't be stopped is the same way his glory will colorfully spread globally.

You can't continue to use the same old lootocrats, corrupt thugs who calls themselves politicians or you doing the same old thing; using the same language, message and expect a different result. Therefore, in this same token Saro-Wiwa's message couldn't be stopped shall Ogoni self-determination's (economic and environmental, social justice which he died) bid be actualized at any cost. "We all stand before history," Saro-Wiwa said.

Ben Ikari.


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