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Nigerian Men Of God Don’t Do Enough

November 23, 2010

My definition of Men of God is anyone preaching salvation from the pulpit. I may be forced to include the Imams...

My definition of Men of God is anyone preaching salvation from the pulpit. I may be forced to include the Imams...

Some people say preachers should not be political, where they get that education, I don’t know. The Bible, they seem to refer describes how Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, Elisha an many others stood in the middle of the politics of thier nations during thier time. In fact, the scripture as a whole has very clear political underline because the bible is a recorded history of a people. Can you separate people from history or history from politics? Some people call politics the dirty game played by dirty people but they forget that the dirty players end up shaping the constitution that shapes the ‘clean’ people. Who fools who? By the way what stops you, Mr. Preacher and ‘clean’ people from joining PDP, ACN, ANPP.Labor Parties, or better still form your own party, present candidates, go to the pools and play it clean, you ‘clean’ people. In the bible college, my Professor will always remind me that politics, if not checked has the capacity to, officially, stop the reading of the Bible, then I couldn’t understand, but now I know better. ‘Clean’ People, why stand by the side and poke your mouth that politics is dirty when indeed some of you stink as dead fish. Woe to you who condemn in the open and dine with ‘dirty’ people in the secrete. It will not be well with you. A thief shouting that he caught a liar...fraudster on the pulpit and fraudster on the internet are they different? You know the answer. Who is that that condemns Chris Okotie for vying for the presidency...who is that that shouts at Tunde Bakare for voicing what God told dare you say God never told him? Till Saul died Samuel was there, till David died Nathan was there, till Ahab and co were destroyed Elisha remained...why should Bakare not talk and why should Okotie go and hide...for them to have stood up they have not hidden from the Star of thier Father, they have refused to eat with Esau and dine with Jacob. Moses, the High Priest, was the King, who is that that said men of God should be apolitical. Remain in limbo and your Bible one day will be taking from you by a gang of rascal in the Parliament. Declare your stand and let ears hear it, voice your views let minds think it, and act your intentions let eyes see...wake from limbo oh Men of God!

Still on men of God. Where were you that armed robbers have taken over Nigeria; wake up from slumber and see that rogues have invaded Aso Rock. Men of stinking past now rule over the Chosen, evil machineries in the parliament now churn-out laws for the Chosen to obey. They say till the last spouse of any past leader dies, the leader will be paid full salaries...even those with 10 wives...the 13 year old wife will have to die before Yerimah stops receiving salaries...what do you call this, Egypt of Babylon, where are the voices of the Men of Word, Giants of the Pulpit where have you been as iniquity has taken over the land. Have you not slept enough, Men of God? Criminals have taken over, the people are dried of tears; where have you left your conscience (if you have any) that the people are smoked like fish.

Nigeria, like a virgin-daughter of Jacob is devoured and Levi and his brother are trembling. God forbid! Where is your sword when the Schechemites have defiled Dinah? Wicked men on the pulpit preaching for thier stomach; gathering the wealth of sorrow. May God strike you dumb as you have sold your tongue for a mussel of porridge. Like the sons of Belial, you have refused to condemn iniquity, you have eaten the porridge of corruption and have connived with the Amalakites to rape the Chosen, your days shall be evil and your nights pain.

Where are the fatherless bastard politicians who have turned Nigeria to Sodom and the boundaries Gomorrah, believing you are safe on the tree top, the God of Noah has visited your generations. The billions you stole from Nigeria have become caterpillars and cankerworms and shall feed on your un-repented and corruption-loving families. Because you have stolen from the Chosen, you shall perish like Judas and buried like Herod. Who told you that you can train your children with what you stole from the Chosen, no no no, your children shall be a reward to you as Eli and your sorrow shall be like of Moab for you have gathered the wealth of sorrow.
Every criminal in power attend a church or mosque, what have you, sons of Belial, said to them, you wolves on the pulpit. Don’t worry, the pulpit shall collapse on your destinies and the time is now. What are you waiting for, you ‘Men of God’, arise and condemn impunity, stand and discard banditry in government. May the God of Elijah strike if you decline.
Criminals in power have become beasts and turned Nigerians to animals, animals that cant wait at Stop Signs to obey right-of-way... to people with appetite to people hungry to people hated in the people that make efforts to steal, again, where are the ‘Men of God’. They have turned Niger Delta to weeping Island while they party in Abuja and womanize in Dubai. Hostage taking, militancy and restiveness descended and the youth welcome it. Now the Army said they rescued hostages when they only went to Boni on invitation to ‘receive’ hostages, what a lazy bunch wasting the resources of the Chosen on alcohol and women. Today you are exposed and the God of Amos has terminated you, in the Creeks you shall drown and with the fishes of the rivers you shall sleep.

They have turned the schools to poultry farms and sent thier wards to private schools with wealth of sorrow...foolish men of foolish era, your pain shall be in your children; how can you when the Chosen are not. The churches have open schools, we taught they will be better, but they have joined the band wagon to milk the weak and innocent. The Christian universities have impoverished the people and shall become well of anguish for the owners. What is the difference between the Christian schools and the orthodox schools, all are not cheap, all are for the criminals in power who have robbed the Chosen, so the criminals, the church and her schools have robbed the Chosen and the sword of God has arrived. You brought darkness when light was asked for because you quickly kill the asthmatic PHCN/NEPA...your life shall be darkness, worry no more for your tomorrow is known...darkness. Separate yourselves from this banditry and you shall live, you ‘Men of God’ or perish with your forbidden meal.

Where are the contractors? Hide no more, for you are exposed, where you are you shall end, as you have taken the cloak of blood, digging traps on the roads when you supposed to build roads, you shall be soaked in your blood, weep no more for your end is known...darkness!
Where are the ‘great’ Men of God that buy jets and mansions when the flock is thirsty...where are they that collapse the banks and hope of the Chosen...where are they that take-over the wife of another, hide no more...where are they that preach tithe only...offering only...where did you keep salvation, death and resurrection, you have hidden enough, the wind has blown and the canopy of your hypocrisy and pretence is exposed. Run no more for the grave welcomes you. As you have perverted the gift of your tongue and lips, like never before, sour of Job shall visit you and the agony of Eli shall welcome you for before, you were chosen, but now you are leprous (1 Sam 2: 30). You shall not escape nor run. Are you not the one gallivanting around when the house is on fire...are you not the one romancing Delilah when your Sampson is in prison. Indeed you are. When Sampson rises you shall perish with Delilah.

Again the vultures have gathered...election 2011, to rule the Chosen, only one shall remain and three shall meet the dust. There is wailing but heaven is shot. The state-rogues, two of you shall you carcasses be wasted in the wilderness of the journey for the blood of the infants purses you. You call yourself the largest party, behold the fiery thunder approaches, in bits you shall remain and shame shall be your clothe. You have turned the people to beasts and generations to animals. In your gathering darkness romances evil and lion eat leopard. Who shall save who and how can it happen, you asked, like before God is punishing the Hidden.

You ‘great’ Men of God, your cry is louder, start early, for your pain shall be greater. You have dined with Ahab and wined with Jezebel. While my people cry, said the Lord, you have taken refuge in bread and embraced strong drink. What is wrong with Nigerian Pastors and Preachers that they keep quiet when evil envelope good, corruption overtake honesty and madness covers sanity? Wine no more with Nebuchadnezzar, dine no more with Manasseh, open your mouth and speak and let the weak have hope.

The church has the power, people and influence, speak and condemn the rogues and criminals ruling over the Chosen. Our Fathers in the Lord must speak louder for your method is sapping the hope of the Chosen. You have done well, accepted, but your well is not good enough. Arise and do more, you have been offered passion and our obedience has wiped your shoes. Now you must arise. Rise Oyedepo. Rise Muoka. Rise Adeboye. Rise Olukoya. Rise Kumuyi. Rise Joshua. Rise Idahosa. Rise PFN. Rise CAN. Rise Oyakilohme. Rise Catholic and Anglican Bishops. Rise Men and Women of the pulpit, for you have the mantle. Keep it up Bakare. Keep it up Mbaka. You have to. The blood of the innocent on Ore Road is crying for vengeance. The cries of parents are reaching heaven as schools are destroyed, the sorrow of the Pensioners are thick as skin; rise you Fathers in the Lord, the innocent and helpless are stumbling, seeking your hand to hold to knock at the door of the Most High. Arise!
Written By:
Rev Ayobanna Ikeanumba- D.Th
The Ascension Church


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