While discussing or debunking what Pres. Jonathan calls some persons virulent attacks on his person on facebook, he reportedly wrote, "As I said, the only difference we need to make in Nigeria is between good and bad not North and South."

Unfortunately Dr. Jonathan, 300 different ethnic nations/nationalities (who don't speak the same language or have same culture) forced to illegally form Nigeria, North and South, Majority and Minority, Rich and Poor, Corrupt politicians Oppressing Niger deltans and others; the greed for Ogoni/Niger delta oil are the  differences/reality of Nigeria.

You know this and should appreciate and be honest with it even as you strive to preach your sermon of good and bad that is in the right direction if sincere about it. You've to be honest (or you'll fail should credible elections take place) because credibility and the delivery of promised manifesto or plans matters and not just to sway people with elections sweet-talks or rhetoric that isn't practiced by its preacher. Reality check shows there is no one Nigeria but crude oil drilled from the veins and at the expense of the owners-Niger Deltans.

 The so-called ten percent oil fund for oil producing communities introduced by late Yar'Adua is reported to have been watered-down by you. According to Sahara Reporters, it would be about $600m annually and no longer in billion (s). By the way, ten and 13 percent of what; proceeds from the fruits or crops in my backyard; the oil under my ancestor's graves?

This is injustice Jonathan! Niger delta demands full control of its resources as was the case with cocoa, groundnut, palm produce and others-when the so-called majority ethnic groups were the producers. They still produce these things made possible by their soil today, but the rule of 50 percent derivation don't apply to them anymore.

Why oil alone? You've to address this injustice Jonathan if you're serious! You mentioned your record, what have you done or achieved  since you became vice, acting and now president but failed amnesty to claim Niger delta struggle isn't just?

Finally, the Nigerian situation is like black and white struggle in America. The more people are in denial the deeper it becomes. If we're honest and talk about it, resolving such problems will become handy even if it will not completely go away. At least people would have the awareness that we've one humanity or race which is the "human race" and not North, South, black or white, majority or minority, etc.

Acknowledging the different groups and respecting them, their wishes and values, equality and justice at all levels will help the aforementioned awareness and sustainability.

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