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Jonathan’s Agenda Tears Nigerians in Malaysia Apart

December 11, 2010

The last is yet to be heard of the plans of President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to use the Executive Bill which empowers ambassadors to vote as Party delegates as a means of boosting his chances of emergence as PDP presidential flag bearer.

The last is yet to be heard of the plans of President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to use the Executive Bill which empowers ambassadors to vote as Party delegates as a means of boosting his chances of emergence as PDP presidential flag bearer.


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Although this bill is considered technically dead, recent developments in Malaysia indicate that the idea is being re-packaged to serve the same purpose.

According to a reliable inside source within the Jonathan’s camp, it is said that memos have been issued to all Nigerian missions abroad to systematically buy over the leadership of different Nigerian Diaspora communities.

Specific mention as the source confirmed was made of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) as one of the bodies whose leadership must be either bought over or completely hijacked. These memos, as our sources further confirmed were being coordinated by both the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Nigerian National Volunteer Services (NNVS).

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Findings suggest that Nigerian missions abroad are finding it difficult to achieve this agenda particularly in America and Europe where they have been encountering insurmountable obstacles from the progressive layers.
However, same story cannot be said of Asia, where, particularly in Malaysia, it is said that Ambassador Peter J.E Anegbeh, together with the South-South community in Malaysia, has almost succeeded in taking over the Malaysian Chapter of NIDO.

According to findings, it was said that Ambassador Anegbeh who has retired from active service since June 2010 and yet still occupying the position of Nigeria High Commissioner to Malaysia, made several attempts to lure the outgoing leadership of NIDOMalaysia to allow him handpick their successors. This move, as gathered from the protest memo sent by the “recalcitrant” NIDOMY leadership” to the NNVS was objected by all registered members of the Organization.

Realizing that it might be difficult to take over the whole leadership, it was said that, another memo was sent from Abuja, instructing the Nigeria High Commission in Malaysia (NHCM) to negotiate for a sharing formula of 50-50.
When contacted for explanation on this 50-50 arrangement, one of the opinion/community leaders in Malaysia said that it meant 50% of the incoming leadership of NIDOMY will be handpicked by the Presidency and the remaining by the NIDOMY stakeholders.

It was on the strength of the 50-50 arrangement that Madam F. O. A. Marinho, Minister (Economic, Education and Students’ Welfare) issued a memo, part of which reads, “… The Mission is considering the list forwarded by the Presidency …and shall convey its decisions to everyone during the meeting slated for Saturday 20th November, 2010 by 12 noon at the Chancery as directed by the High Commissioner.” Again, this, according to another protest memo issued by the leadership of NIDOMY was rejected and declared unconstitutional.

Notwithstanding the uncooperative and uncompromising position of NIDOMY leadership, Mr. Anegbeh, the Nigeria High Commission to Malaysia went ahead to dissolve the leadership of NIDOMY, quashed the ongoing NIDOMY transition process, and unilaterally set up  a Care Taker Committee (CTC), which has the outlook of a full-fledged Executive body.

In reaction to this, it was gathered that the NIDOMY leadership issued series of release which exposed the hidden agenda of the High Commission and detailed the involvement of Abuja in this mess.

Investigate reports also show that the registered members of this body are prepared for a showdown with the staff of the Commission. One of the members said that “the action might though affect the image of theNigerian Government in Malaysia; it is worth the price for challenging illegality”.
Based on the effect of the releases issued by NIDOMY leadership, it was gathered that Mr. Anegbeh decided to have a change of tactics, by setting up an Electoral Committee (EC) that is to conduct elections into various post in NIDOMY. He appointed one of his staff, Mr. A.O Idowu as the Chairman of the EC. When contacted on their reaction to this development, the leadership and membership of NIDOMY dismissed me it as another ploy to re-launch the hidden agenda of Mr. Anegbeh and his Abuja cohorts.

Frantic effort to reach Mr. Anegbeh for comments was futile; however, a reliable inside source revealed that Abuja is happy with Mr. Anegbeh. It was even said that plans are in top gear, to reward Mr. Anegbeh by facilitating his re-appointment of the substantive Nigerian High Commissioner to Malaysia.
Although some individuals within the Foreign Ministry are cautioning Mr. H Odein Ajumogobia, the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs not to lay a bad precedence by facilitating the appointment a retired diplomat as a substantive High Commissioner, it is said that the First lady, Dame Goodluck Jonathan is mounting pressure on Ajumogobia to forge ahead with the appointment.
Dame Goodluck who held meetings with Anegbeh and the supporters of Jonathan Goodluck during her visit to Malaysia between 10 and 13 October 2010 was impressed by Mr. Anegbeh’s commitment to his husband Presidential aspiration.

Dame was reported to have pledged her support for Anegbeh in getting him rewarded generously for his loyalty. Dame, according to one of the persons who was in this meeting was said to have declared that by encouraging Anegbeh, other diplomats will work harder to deliver as instructed.
The mood among Nigerians in Malaysia is said to be a tense one and it may be difficult to predict which of the sides would overpower the other.
John Olawepo, can be reached through [email protected]

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