Many articles and comments have been written on the prospect of free and fair elections as Nigeria approaches 2011 general elections. Nigerians continue to be divided along many rivers of uncertainty (depending) on which side of the divide you belong, the one issue we can’t help but unite on is Nigeria’s progress. Let me use this article to critically examine the posture, the spoken words, the hearsays and the political play-outs of the man who has the power of incumbency at his grip. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

In profiling GEJ through his actions, inactions, body-language and spoken words, I unveiled a man in Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda colours (the evil genius). Like IBB is known to be constantly displaying his wickedness with a smile, same goes for GEJ. It is no surprise that both men have three letters ascribed to their identity (GEJ and IBB) and have corruption tinted in their blood. IBB was the man who walked the walk for coup plotters when he was yet to muster the Dutch courage to impose himself on Nigerians by way of coup. GEJ although did not come via the coup route, however he has since studied and mastered the workings of the evil genius himself. Space and time may not permit me to ‘wikiped’ all of GEJ’s deceits, however I will begin the process and finish whenever my head ache.Goodluck Jonathan


Recall during the unfortunate period of Yar’Adua’s comatose administration, Goodluck Jonathan who as the then Vice President was usually dispatched to states where PDP sought to reclaim their usually rigged mandates, for the purpose of this article I will limit this to Ekiti State. GEJ as fondly called has one mission he must accomplish in those states....... RIG THE ELECTION. It will amount to collective dementia if we forget he performed the mission with so much vigour and utmost satisfaction. Today the appeal court ruled him and his alter-ego out of order by pronouncing Kayode Fayemi of ACN the legitimate Governor.

Again for avoidance of any doubts, it will/maybe fair to assume that he (GEJ) had no control of himself when he presided as the Vee Pee. However there is a distinct line to be drawn between a man whose party assigned to carry out a mission against his wishes and a man who saw no qualms in the mission assigned to. GEJ has this mask he parades himself in, (Divinity) he pronounces his emergency as an act of God and therefore hide under the clouds of divinity to perpetrate his fraudulent antics and incompetence.


The GEJ that we knew to display meekness in the days of Turai is now a different GEJ. The present GEJ having drunk the blood of the devil in Aso Rock neglected the people that fought, prayed and assembled for him during his days in Turai’s den. He now behaves in the manner of OBJ and other men and women (Methuselah's of public looting) who wine and dine with the devil himself. The plights of the people no longer matter (usually never an issue with the devil). Those who genuinely saw him as a departure from the old profligates have since started a new prayer point for God to remove this burden from our nation. Remember IBB and Nigerians?


GEJ upon ascension stated that the economy was going to improve under his watch, the reverse is the case. We now have huge deficits hanging over our heads. If only the Finance ministry and Central Bank would open the books, the tears of people will enrich the depleting Lake Chad basin. We must not forget that GEJ met almost $7billion in excess crude account which on assumption of office was halved. Further damage was done to it within his 4months in power resulting to complete vamoose.

The money left in our foreign reserved experienced Jonathan’s hand of touch, today our foreign pride is diminishing. While we were grateful to OBJ and his economic team for paying off our foreign debts, we are now back to years of rising foreign debts. The last time I checked, GEJ went to seek $3.5billion he disguised as funds for ‘critical infrastructures’ as if we don’t know the funds are for his going-nowhere campaign. Our local debts profile is on the rise, while Jonathan’s men are having a laughing party because their accounts get fatter at the dawn of each day. Remember IBB and his IMF loan and economic woes.


Recall that Nigeria celebrated her 50 miserable yrs in bondage 2months ago, whilst it is visibly clear that apart from the practical fact that we have not degenerated to the likes of Somalia and Congo, but in theory we are in same classification as they are (in midst of our plenty) nothing else was worthy of celebration. GEJ voted #17billion naira to celebrate with his chosen few. Cataloguing the values those billions of money would have added to our lives - if it had been spent on something more meaningful and for common good, would be a mind-torture capable of leading one to insanity.

Just about the time we were recovering from that unjustified wastage of scares funds, GEJ ordered the purchase of three jets to be added to his collections of air-toys at a whooping #21billion. You may want to ask how long has GEJ been in power, well the answer is at that time he had only spent 5months. (May -Sept). GEJ has his mind focussed on electing himself as the president of Nigeria come 2011 than any other thing. He camouflages his selfish desire with his divinity mask. Remember IBB and his policies and politics.


GEJ met around 3,200MW of distributed electricity. Today the only electric that we see are generated by Nigerians by way of generators. GEJ appointed himself the Minister of Power under the pretence he was going to tackle the power issue. Huge capitals were voted for power sector under his watch, today those monies are diverted into electing Goodluck Jonathan Mission, leaving Nigerians to presently midwife 1800MW of distributed electricity.

GEJ promised to end money and do-or-die politics of the old, he demonstrated his masked desire by appointing Prof. JEGA who was sold to the people as a credible man. I wonder when radicalism became credibility. Many know Prof. Jega to be a ‘radican’ but the credible Prof. Jega is going to be put to credibility test. Until then please let us appropriate the right word in describing Prof Jega. Going by the new INEC timetable, the credibility in Jega is a doubtful quest, I would rather position myself to (What You See Is What You Get). Remember IB and June 12.


Day by day and night by night, the true colours of GEJ get clearer. At a meeting with the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) he threatened to make the governors sleep anywhere else than their bed. At the end of the meeting he offered $50k as an inducement for their support. Should GEJ have done the right thing after his elevation to President of the republic, would he need to be inducing anyone? GEJ appears a desperate man who has a contract with the devil that he must rule Nigeria in order to be delivered of his lameness. With him to persecute the rigging are his bosom friends and godfather Obasanjo who now laughs at everyone. GEJ’s growing intolerance for other contestants running against him shows a man with the devil’s mind. Note that Atiku is also a member of the devil’s caucus.

There have been sponsored lawsuits from different groups and individuals challenging the electoral commission and the electoral acts, some of which may be traced to GEJ, just like IBB did in during his phantom electoral process using ABN as a pass.

Concluding this, we must not forget that GEJ has never contested any election in Nigeria, however he has sponsored, monitored and supervised several election riggings since 1999. With such a CV, we must not allow GEJ to fool us about free and fair election. He will definitely will rig the election and damn the consequences. Don’t forget he was sent by some strange god to be president, and part of his mission is to rig at all cost. Like IBB annulled the 1993 election to remain in power, GEJ will rig the 2011 election in order to remain in power. He must be given the same panadol we gave IBB, VOTE HIM OUT.


Carl Kash is a self-appointed speaker of SaharaReporters People's Parliament.


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