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Ogonis Are Poised To Resist $hell and Jonathan's Government By Any Means Necessary

December 21, 2010

The attention of the Ogoni Children Cultural and Fundamental Council (OCAFAC-USA) has been drawn to $hell and the Nigerian genocidal government's attempts to force into Ogoni oilfields.

The attention of the Ogoni Children Cultural and Fundamental Council (OCAFAC-USA) has been drawn to $hell and the Nigerian genocidal government's attempts to force into Ogoni oilfields.

OCAFAC vehemently frowns at this threatening and oppressive behavior coming from these agents of death.  They launch this threat every time Ogonis and their friends around the world are preparing to celebrate Jan. 4 (Ogoni Day). They do same before Nov. 10, when we are preparing to commemorate Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 others murder anniversary. Ogonis are poised to resist them!

We are not only appalled by the irresponsible behavior of these duo. Rather, we are also shocked that after the Ogoni Nine and about six thousand children, women and men were murdered in cold blood in what appears to be a  global conspiratorial action for our oil to continue flowing, the government (whose constitutional responsibility is to protect the Ogoni people and others, and act in manners consistent with international protocols on their economic well-being, self determination) has refused bluntly to look into the complaints or rightful demands of the people. All they think with their international supporters is oil and how to kill for it to flow unhindered.

International non-state organizations such as United Nations, European Union and the African Union have done nothing to pressure Nigeria to do anything respectful and tangible aimed at resolving the conflict. The United States government whose interest the oil Nigeria is killing our people for serves most has tightened its lips, just like former Pres. Bill Clinton played the so-called diplomatic sanction thing in 1995. This and other inaction permitted the hanging of the Ogoni Nine. Why? because of America's oil needs, yet it will place a moratorium on the Gulf oil business to protect the environment.

Ogoni is bleeding! Where  then is the justice; where is the United Nations; the United States and so forth? Where is the signal that peace will ever reign in the world when injustice pervades the globe such that governments connive in the oppression of weaker people, especially those of Africa or the black skinned people?

Because of what we know, Nigeria and $hell should begin digging larger graves and mass prisons because Ogoni will resist their greed and disrespect for our land and people. Ogonis all over the world are thrown into hurts each time these evil geniuses spit fire like dragons and anacondas. We are, however prepared to protect our homeland by any means available and necessary.

Ogonis are Americans too! We are paying taxes, and what affects our people at home affects us. We have sleepless nights at such times as this. Ogonis are demanding equal protection and support from the American government as applied to Israel. We are human beings too and so protected by the Equal Protection Act.

Finally, the so-called Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and its baby NPDC should steer clear from Ogoni oilfields until the 20 years provisions of the Ogoni Bill of Rights for which Saro-Wiwa and others were murdered have been satisfactorily met, and the Nine slain leaders retried or exonerated because they had committed no crimes but killed by the $hell and the Nigerian government.

OCAFAC is already working with MOSOP, Ogoni Solidarity Forum and other grassroots groups to mobilizing the people for a massive showdown should any attempt to forcefully steal Ogoni oil is made real. Ogoni has lost almost everything and so this is not the time to quit. We must stand up and defend our land. It's our life and so no one, not the government can lay claim to it. We demand respect from Nigeria, $hell, the company's shareholders and governments which patronize/invest in the blood oil in Ogoni/Niger delta.

To the Dutch Parliamentarian Sharon Gesthuizen, who is reported to be heading to Niger Delta to investigate the activities of Shell (an Anglo Dutch company), "in a bid to get balanced and unbiased reports on the current situation in the region.," OCAFAC demands that you please recall your greedy and deadly company $hell to Holland so it can do what it is doing to the Ogoni children at home for us to see how you would like it. The British government and all others of Europe, the time has come for you to unite and recall $hell home. For how long must Africans die for your exploitation to flourish and build your country-side?

Ogoni and Niger delta have had enough threats, deaths all for Europe and America to drink blood oil. We thought the BP recklessness in the Gulf of Mexico would change the way Euro-America deal with oil matters in Africa. Sadly, the greed has increased even when these deadly measures and outright disobedience to proper procedure are not accepted in either Europe or America. Now, where is the equality or justice when double standard is fragrantly permitted in the black continent? Injustice anywhere remains a threat to justice everywhere, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. rightly declared. No justice, no peace!

Ogoni children, youths, women and men demand equality and justice now as the people prepares for a massive showdown with $hell and the Nigerian government headed by a Niger deltan, Dr. Jonathan Goodluck who is not different from the cabal of the so-called majority ethnic groups which have raped and ruined Ogoni/Niger delta for the last 50 backward years.


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