Does anyone still think of Jonathan Goodluck as the substantial president of Nigeria after he knelt worshipping the graven image pastor Enoch Adeboye? Nigeria is full of idol people whom Jonathan must appease else he’s a fall man. One such graven image is the Frankenstein evil in Otta.

Jonathan Goodluck isn’t divinely made by sky-God nor is he self-made man. His accession to the throne was a daredevil act of ‘do or die’PDP democracy championed by ex-president OBJ. And as coequal to destruction of Nigeria, pastor Adeboye is rebranding one of the cabal products, now that it’s election era. Aside from lovely and pro-masses Pastor Tunde Bakare, pastor Adeboye and other corrupt, private airplane addicted pastors work hand-in-hand with Nigerian politicians to destroy Nigeria. The end result is churns of desperate citizens looking for meanings to their battered lives: it takes a dazed citizenry to embrace religion. In peacetime and plenty, or countries where society is run by human orderliness, the churches and other places of worship are empty. Pastors and politicians love lost and love found in Nigeria are two sided: each cabal cult promotes the other so as to have easy ride in raping our togetherness -as a nation of questionable devotees and complacent do-nothings.

The sightseeing of pastor Adeboye super-powering over kneeling president of Nigeria was more an eyesore than a seesaw. This is equivalent of an Israeli tourist visiting Germany and the very first thing he saw was photo of Adolf Hitler painted as an angel kneeling down before Aryan pastor appeasing Aryan God. And to make matters worse, the Israeli knockabout tourist was told that the picture of Hitler was etched there by his many rightwing supporters who sing ‘Heil Hitler’ in German language and English ‘hail Hitler.’ The tourist had to cut his visit short and ran back having found out what annoying praises Hitler rightwing fanatical poured on German internet blogospheres on daily basis supporting a criminal lowlife.

Mr. Ed Miliband, the new leader of Labour party in Britain said few months ago in a BBC interview that he doesn’t believe in God.  I shouted wow! What a lot of gut feelings and a good sense of purpose. I thought God delusional leaders as Jonathan, corruption-heavy pastors and innocent citizens who can’t separate State from religion must hear this shining and pacesetting 21st century politician from the UK. More noteworthy as a result of this, is that Ed Miliband family are originally Israelis with British citizenship.  In light of the foregoing, you’d want to indict Nigerians who adopted the Israelites God and are acting more true-to-type than the real owners of the deity.

Nigeria is booming brimful with sacred cows. In normal conventional or democratic setting devoid of cult practices as Christianity is, the picture could’ve told a better story if pastor Adeboye were to be kneeling before president Jonathan Goodluck. Jonathan seemed not to understand the fearful power of statecraft he wields. Kowtowing for anyone in living colour, before the spectacle of public glare is goof of office beyond redemption. The president has chucked protocol away to the pigs in ‘portoportor' trashcan. Nigerians are seriously shamefaced and even more scornful that; we’ve been made laughing stock in international arena by misdoings of Jonathan and their PDP party.

Let this be the last time the president kneels down before anything that stands on two feet. He has enough time packing to render houseboy services for Adeboye when he becomes private citizen in the aftermath of handing over power.

Next time, he should save us the heartbreak and shame of a lowly cheap president, attending to the say-so of all shades of commands from citizens, foreigners and foreign Gods with no resistance. Jonathan would hand Nigeria over free of charge to his plenty idols in attempt to pay indebtedness for making him ruler. This and more, are reasons he should never return to the presidency whatsoever. His idols and graven images would be running things to their whims and caprices while Jonathan do sidekick playing second fiddle. If Nigerians don’t vote Jonathan out however, the Gods are not to be blamed as they’d watch Nigeria crumble to the bottom as they've hopelessly done since our independence.

Jonathan is more a toy president than a bona fide one. You could order him to your backyard or anywhere and command him to go naked and show a little something, you could tell him to keel down before you with his eyes closed and mouth opened agape, you might tell him to clean your toilet with his tongue. The choice of chores or absurdities he does at your say-so is yours for the choosing. And in the end of rigmarole, just tell him that he’s undergoing the ritual of God of Israel.

Ima Niboro under many pseudo and his cheering crowd psychology people would sing amen in loud amity and profess to the world that their principal has been divined by that single act of coercively persuading a sitting president into a devotee slave to dictates of seriously commercialised foreign God of Israel.

The president has been unique in the negative, showcasing self before posterity. Pettiness and buffoonery has been elevated to core, and taken to centre stage with cheerleaders cheering clear-cut fooleries. It wouldn’t be long before pastor Adeboye aid Jonathan to perform the miracle of walking on water. Delusion and hallucination have been their alcohol of choice as they drink them in to their mental disorder, believing the flimsiest impossibility once it’s a foreign and imported God practices.

It’ll take Modesty to deliver this president from underperforming behaviour for the rest of months he has to govern Nigeria. Judging by his desperate strives to be the next president; he might surpass himself and end up in a hole as Saddam Hussein or The Hague like Charles Taylor. There’s every need the president pump the break – he’s making his way too easy. It takes a thin line between sociocentric tendencies and rouge leadership. Jonathan Goodluck is the type who’d press the nuclear button, endangering humankind before he realises the damage has been done.  And to all leaders, I say, err on the side of caution!

President Jonathan, corrupt politicians and sleazy pastors who egg dirty politicians on, to be the Devil and suffer Nigerians hard, need to check themselves before they wreck themselves, as they sing in hip-hop music.

Happy Christmas and merry New Year to you all, all in advance!

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union
[email protected]

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