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Dele Alake On ACN

January 13, 2011

Dele Alake on Ekiti ACN primaries, says it is fraudulent and violent, but ME comments that it did not start overnite. It has always been like that and if we don't make noise now, it will forever be and NO CHANGE WILL COME

Dele Alake on Ekiti ACN primaries, says it is fraudulent and violent, but ME comments that it did not start overnite. It has always been like that and if we don't make noise now, it will forever be and NO CHANGE WILL COME

It has always been like that for the party. You know it and I know it but I guess it comes down to your door now, you cry foul. May be when it gets to the turn of everyone, the truth will be told. Should we wait for our turn? What of if it does not get to us at all? WE ALL NEED TO MAKE THE NOISE NOW. Ever since AD got factionalized and a faction of it has been metamorphosizing into ADC-AC-ACN, things have never changed. It's like a Leopard that would never change its color no matter how it rains on the spots. From a microscopic perspective, ACN seems to be worse than the ruling PDP. The only difference between the two is that one has the POWER and the other is crying for the same POWER, and they might never get it if things are done the same barbaric way of settling et al. The people are birds of the same feathers.
Come to think of it, if you think PDP as a party is full of fraudsters and gangsters, then find another worse word to describe ACN then. How do you expect a party of the so-called progressives that are retrogressive in nature to always absorb people they disagree with into their midst and to flag their banner in a contest against their former contemporaries? How can ACN publicly say they are waiting for whoever loses out in PDP Presidential Primaries to be the flagbearer of its party? Is the party trying to say there is no credible people among them that can lead them out of the quagmire that PDP has created? It is a shame to even give a thought to this, because the people are all hirelings seeking for relevance where their bread will be buttered. If ACN is a party of ideology, then anyone coming to join them must be scrutinized to conform to their id eals. Even the so-called PDP taht we love to hate said it emphatically in 2003 that anyone who deflected into their parties from another will not be given ticket to certain offices. ME think that a party should have policies and that is what one should expect from a credible party. In fact, OBJ once said publicly then that any non-performing governor in any state would not be returned even if they qualify for second term. That the party followed its pronuncement or not is NOT the important thing here but that is how a party should control its candidate. One could say they mean well, and a credible and progressive party will follow suit by doing well.
It is very incredible that ACN will always accuse PDP as a ruling party that could not do one thing or the other, yet they can never guarantee internal democracy amongst themselves. WHY should ACN always play the bids of the ruling party? They did this in 2003, 2007 and they are doing the same now in 2011. The leadership of ACN has no agenda just like the leadership of PDP has no program for the nation, because they always look for soft land to pinch their tent. Alh Lai Mohammed, the Publicity Secretary of the party that is nailing Atiku today was his yes sir few years ago when the latter was throwing stones into the house that made him. They supported his evil antics against OBJ, but now that he divorced the party, he's seen as one without future. When he was the financier, he's a good person regardless of his antecedents. What a shame?
One would have thought that the ever changing name ACN of twelve years of opposition would have positioned itself to forge ahead and take advantage of the bickering, the backstabbing and the mudslinging in PDP to wrestle power from the ruling party, but they are no different. Every four years, they are the party seeking the hands of other parties in MERGER, ALLIANCE and come what may. You can never run home with their ideas because they are established on sand. What a people we have in that country, that once you become a politician, regardless of your certificates, accolades, religious/traditional titles, degrees, and/or sterling background, you lack integrity and credibility? Some of these people once did well as civil servants, or even private managers/administrators, but once they see public cake being presented, they loose their morales.
In 2007, I was at Agura Hotel in Abuja when the faction of the AD that became ADC overnite changed into AC. Everything was done by proclamations. It caused a lot of stir amongst the so-called PDP authentics and ADC to agree on the issue. That was the era where some people were card carrying member of AC, yet fighting for positions in Koleosho AD to destabilize the Akinfenwa-led AD. Chief Adefarati was on top of that struggle in Ondo state when the man died of natural causes. What else will kill someone in Nigeria if not A BRIEF ILLNESS or A NATURAL CAUSE? Late Chief Rufus Giwa of the former LBN lost his life too in the name of all these AD/ADC/AC melodrama. You will think the party will learn its lesson and position itself, instead, it is the old grand style of godfatherism and "baba say" stuffs. Due to AC undemocratic style of choosing its candidates, a lot of people we try to put in hyenas mouth today got discouraged and disappointed and they fled to other parties in 2003 and 2007.
I witnessed some of these stuffs myself. They are not just hearsay or something for the inetrnets, because you cannot tell me that a party is progressive when the nomination form to several elective offices were on sale at 3:00am when the primary starts at 10am. Yet, at 10am, no election was allowed because the positions had been seeded to party warlords. The question I asked then was that why do they allow the sales of form on that same morning without screening or scrutiny when in fact they know certain individuals to be compensated? So, people fled the part just as it will happen in the general election, not as if they wanted to but the monsters in AC now ACN would not allow an ordinary person to test their popularity. What option do they have and how long MUST we fool oursleves?
The Mimiko of today was once a strong member of AD who the party then sidelined as it happened to the young man in Ogun PDP, YEMI OKE because they would not allow him to go into primary with late chief Adefarati amongst others. The young man was forced to take side with Agagu in PDP until he decided to declare his interest in Labor party. At the time, anyone but Agagu will win the election of Ondo state, but not for AC to give the ticket to the Agbesuas and others. Instead, the Sola Iji who was the state party chair and who conducted the election submitted his name as the deputy governor nominee to gangster Adegoroye who was in debt from his first attempt in 2003. How can they win an election? Today, ACN is courting the same Mimiko to come back to ACN, because of some slush funds from Lagos State treasury stacked somewhere by Tinubu to fight cases in court. Should the leadershi p of the party not be ashamed of itself?
How come the same people at the helm of affairs in the party have no exit plan as they want the country to follow? Being a party leader as in Tinubu does not mean that he has all the answers. We knew what happened in Lagos year in, year out. I bet you, if Williams was never killed in 2007, AC would have lost that state to PDP regardless of their rigging mojo. If AC was such a credible party as it wants the public to know, it would be hard for anyone who is a commissioner in one state to want to rule another state as Tinubu did in 2007 where all his aides were picked to be the governors of the LOOBO states. There is no democracy!
I used to be a card carrying member of AC, not ACN ooo, but after spending an ample time at home in 2007 to attend both PDP primaries and then AC, I just concluded that there is no point wasting time to actually identify with any of these people outside the country. It is better for anyone who is trying to run for an office from the diaspora to join the party that is on the ground in their own state. They are all the same, except that individuals would prove who they are regardless of party affiliations. I know in the western world that seem to hand over this democracy thing to us, you can tell of someone ideas based on the party they belong except for one or few personal beliefs. In our own dear country, you cannot say the same of the respective party manifestoes. They are all opportunists taking advantage of common people in the name of being leaders, when in fact they are ac tually dealers.  Majority of the people we parade today ought to have retired. Their ideas are archaic and obsolete. As much as we need the past to forge ahead, we cannot continue to celebrate the past in our present to have a promising tomorrow. All THE PAST GAVE US WAS AN EXPERIENCE TO LOOK INTO THE NEW HORIZON. My generation is crying, who would listen?
Some of them cannot even operate a common GPS. It's all about money. If you program their itinerary in the wrong direction, they cannot for themeslves operate unless there's a technician. How do you want folks like that who are no more in tune with modern education/technology to grapple with what goes on in the world? THEY could only campaign every four years in a community where almost four towns, not villages are at the expense of one physician on rotational basis. The same road these indivduals used in the 1900s are still the same road they campaign to fix in 2011 and we honor their words. The one-way road that passed thru my village in Akoko was a trunk A road that link the capital city of Akure both in the old and present Ondo state to the North enroute Kabba and Lokoja in the old Kwara, now Kogi state. The road is still consider such today, yet we have always belong to the party of the progressives, and the road has shrinked in size  to a walkway due to erosion. My town had produced Minister at the federal level, we have justices in the supreme court and we have other people well placed in the position of authority like in the military, yet change has far eluded us because of folks we placed our future in their hands and they mortgaged it as ACN is doing in the era of the ruling PDP.
Villages are not navigable due to gully erosion, and the only time you know they exist is during campaigns and elections. We read several other issues on the pages of our dailies that would be done when people come to office which they never attempted, yet we consider them to be our leaders. The only time the reactionaries attempted to take over the state thru Akin Omoboriowo, it was mayhelm in that state, until power was returned to the so-called progressives. Ever since the transition of Late Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin, we have always been ruled by progressives in Ondo State, but we have nothing to show for it just because the so-called progressives are actually retrogressive in their nature.
I bet you everybody will hail the administration of Michael Akhigbe when he took over power in the era of Buhari/Idiagbon compared to these jegudujera progressive politicans. The people that were ruling the country  when I was in diaper are still the same category of people vying for office today when I already  retire from a job and seeking retraining for another. Does that not say something to us as a people? It is time for us as a people to look inward and speak the truth to ourselves. I believe in the power of prayer and my single prayer this time around is for God to help deliver us from spiritual ignorance so that we can have a clear mind to see what is in the physical and be ready to fight our ills in every level of government........


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