The dust of party primaries has blown and cleared.
We now know the candidates who have been given the mandate to vie for the presidency by the major parties.

I do not hold Dele Momudu , one of the flagbearers, highly.

This is a man who has made fame and fortune by promoting the excesses of people who have held our country in captivity. His ovation magazine had celebrated people who should have been condemned  for their role in destroying Nigeria.

Much as I respect Prof . Pat Utomi  and in my opinion one of the best candidates in the race, I do not think he has aligned himself with the right party to make any appreciable impact.

Just yesterday, President Jonathan Goodluck clinched the PDP ticket, which made a television show, but behind the scene the primary was stained by illegalities and monetary inducement at an unprecedented level, the PDP tradition. The multitudes of politicians on parade last night are clearly the people that have held us back for many years. The sight of these men and women was nauseating and upsetting  to say the least.

Jonathan may be a good and humble man, but there is absolutely no way he can achieve something meaningful under the PDP umbrella.  He has made so much compromises which will stifle any good intention.

May Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, please stand up.

Before you start casting aspersion on my person, I have not met and have not spoken to Mallam Ribadu. What I know about him comes from what I have heard about him, read about him and seen in his various interview. Personally I am inspired by his honesty , humility and passion to create a new Nigeria.

His background is well known and he has a lot of things going for him.

Among other things his stewardship in the Police force and EFCC will be a valuable experience for the top job.

The emergence of Mallam Ribadu as the ACN presidential flagbearer should be a clarion call for all well meaning Nigerians home and abroad to join forces to take back our schools, hospitals, roads, public amenities and indeed our nation from these oppressors, murderers and irresponsible party, PDP.

The alternative is grave, sit down do nothing and let PDP have another four years of misery, decay and destruction.

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