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Threat To Life Of Prince Akpan Ikim In Akwa Ibom State: A Petition Against Messrs Don Etim, Uyoh Nathaniel Alias Alhaji Or Baba One And Godswill Friday Nkamiang Alias Iniobong Or Placids

January 14, 2011

Dear Sir: We act as solicitors to Mr. Prince Akpan Ikim hereinafter called our client on whose instructions we write in respect of the above subject matter.

Dear Sir: We act as solicitors to Mr. Prince Akpan Ikim hereinafter called our client on whose instructions we write in respect of the above subject matter.

It is our client’s brief that we bring to your notice the following;
That the persons of Messrs Don Etim the current Commissioner of Works Akwa Ibom State, Uyoh Nathaniel alias Alhaji or Baba one and Godswill Friday Nkamiang alias Iniobong or placids and others in their gang are bent on eliminating our client. Reasons; simply that he stands against their nefarious activities in the state being a retired State Security Service Personnel. More so, he has refused to be bought over; i.e., his refusal to work and associate with the trio mentioned above in carrying out their nefarious acts of hitting up the system by blackmailing innocent persons as kidnappers under a platform called PEACE HOUSE, which is a conglomeration of the K.K.K Cult members, armed robbers and kidnappers and in return get financial rewards from the Governor of Akwa-Ibom State Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio for a job well done, there by milking the State of funds meant for other purposes.

 Uyoh Nathaniel and Godswill Friday Nkamiang were at one time, paraded by the then commissioner of Police, Mr Mike Zuokumor at the police headquarters Ikot Akpan Abia Akwa-Ibom State command for masterminding and kidnapping one Mr Sassive Khali a Lebanese Engineer with Stemco Construction Company based in Ikot Ekpene L.G.A. in Akwa-Ibom State and published in one of the weekly newspaper (see Weekly Insight newspaper of Wednesday 25th June Tuesday - 1st July 2008, at page 12. Titled IKOT-EKPENE KIDNAP SAGA, KIDNAPPERS IN POLICE NET.)

It is amazing to note with dismay that it was Mr. Don Etim that facilitated the release of these celebrated kidnappers using his position in Government. As if that was not enough, after their release, same Mr. Don Etim, recruited them to ”work” for him using PEACE HOUSE as a cover while funding them with state funds and also giving them as it were, Police security. But instead of repenting of their crime, they heaped the blame on our client as being instrumental to and one who gave the information that led to their arrest by the Police. (See Tell Magazine of April 6 2009 Titled DESPERATE MEASURES, page 38). Meanwhile, as at then, our client was a State Security Service personnel attached to the Akwa-Ibom State Government as a Detail to Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio.

The first unsuccessful plot by the trio named above was the framing up of our client that he is a cultist, who engages in kidnapping activities. Our client was subsequently arraigned together with one Hero Ezegwogwu (who gave information about their involvement in the kidnap of the stemco expatriate) on the 8th March 2010 at Magistrate Court 7 Port Harcourt presided over by senior Magistrate Alatuwo E. Fubara Esq.

 Our client was unjustly reminded at the Port Harcourt Federal Prison, for nearly two months and was subsequently granted bail by Hon. Justice E. Teetito of Rivers State High Court 9 sitting at Port Harcourt Judicial Division. One may ask, why arraigning our client in Port Harcourt? The answer is simple, to take him out of the State since he has indicated his interest to vie for the State House of Assembly slot in Oruk-Anam L.G.A. of Akwa Ibom State. It is pertinent to note that since after his release, no information/charge has been filed against our client by the Police.

Our client also informed us that some time in the month of September 2010 some policemen from Force C.I.D. Abuja led by Supol Omotayo came and invited him for interrogation concerning a petition to which our client’s name was not even included. That on getting to the Police HQ. Uyo, he met the same Mr. Don Etim who said that the Governor was not happy with our client because of our client’s refusal to work with the trio named above in the Peace House and that their intelligence report reveals that our client was in touch with some militants in Port Harcourt and Warri and that our client’s refusal to join the Peace House clearly shows that he is fighting the Governor. Our client replied that, he has a good reputation to maintain and that he could not be persuaded to do dirty jobs through Peace House. This did not go down well with Mr. Don Etim.

Our client further informed us that ever since there has been series of threat to his life in several ways and forms the recent being that, involving two men, Messrs Utip Dickson and Mbiata Okon who were coached by the afore named trio, to claim that they work for our client to implicate our client in the crime of kidnapping. But they refused and based on their refusal Utip Dickson died while still in the custody of the Police, while Mbiata Okon was granted bail. It was same Mbiata Okon that later came to inform our client in the presence of one Hon. Kingsley Frank about the plan of the trio named above to nail our Client by all means and at all cost and as at today the plan is still on to nail our client to a crime, hence this Petition/S.O.S.

The antecedent of these people is a well known fact in the State Please see the Friday 19 November, 2010 edition of the Nation Newspaper, particularly at page 54. Our client having refused to work with them, they decided to recruit other persons like MR. Akpan Sunday, who also refused their offers and the result of his refusal is what informed the publication on the Nation Newspaper aforesaid. As the Commissioner for Works in the State, Mr. Don Etim has enough cash at his disposal and has infiltrated some Police hierarchy in the State who now does his biddings. The Akwa Ibom Police can not exonerate themselves, and can not say they are not aware of these notorious people in the State who drives around, some times with State Government plate numbers like, AK 389 C01 and others. 

We fear that, Our client may be framed up or killed as the case may be hence this Petition, to put all the relevant security agencies on notice and more importantly to invite the trio for questioning so as to avoid another unresolved case of “political murder” now prevalent in the state unchecked.

Take Notice, that if Our Client is murdered mysteriously, the trio mentioned above should be held responsible. A stitch in time saves nine.

The Inspector General of Police,
Louis Edet House,
Area II,

1)    Assistant Inspector General of Police (Zone 6)
2)    Executive Governor Akwa-Ibom State
3)    State Director of Security Akwa-Ibom State
4)    Commissioner of Police Akwa Ibom State
5)    Sahara Reporters
6)    Tell Magazine
Let us save our beloved nation, let us support Nuhu.


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