The good thing about the hacking community is its willingness to stand by the little guy and dish out a most deserving justice to the bully that torments him.  The attacks on some online companies who were against Wikileaks, is a case in point.

Let's use the same method to tackle our arrogant politicians who think they're invincible. We may not have the sophistication of computer hackers, but most of us can use Facebook and leave comments on web pages; so let's start with Sule Lamido, the governor of Jigawa State.

Why Sule Lamido?

Daily Trust reported today that Sule Lamido has taken a certain Mukhtari Ibrahim Aminu to court for insulting him on Facebook.  The guy was arrested 10 days ago and kept in police custody since.

And he's certain to spend more days in their filthy custody because "[i]n his ruling, the presiding judge, Magistrate Mustapha Saád fixed February 7 for ruling on the bail application filed before the court by the counsel to the accused person, Barrister Adamu Abubakar."

Thus the little guy will spend another six days just to hear the outcome of his bail application.

But even if the court rules that the guy should be released, the state is not likely to comply.  The same thing happened in Bauchi State recently; you can read the story here (

When the court granted an accused bail for allegedly displaying another politician’s poster over Yuguda’s poster, the Bauchi State attorney general flatly refused.  When asked why, he said, “We didn't sign because we are not satisfied with the ruling”

When I asked my wife – who is a lawyer - if the action of the commissioner of justice was justified she said, “no, because bail is at the discretion of the court.”

Let's tell our leaders that they can't continue to emasculate us, steal our money and still prevent us from expressing our minds - even if that expression means saying negative things about them.

Or are we not entitled to say negative things about our leaders? Have you been to our hospitals lately?
I was in Nigeria in 2010 and the situation was so bad that the people that were brought to the hospital were in such a state that you know they will die before they see the few and overworked doctors.  And this was in Abuja.  The situation is worse in other states.

In my conversation with a lawmaker from a state assembly, I was told that they once summoned their state governor (of a North Central state) to explain his failure to account for N11billion appropriated for health care and water supply.  But instead of the governor appearing at the house, each member received a deposit of N20million. And that was the end of it! The governor pocketed the entire allocation minus the bribe offered the lawmakers.  What about the
people?  They continue to live in hell.

The situation in this North Central state is not dissimilar to what obtains in other states - including Lamido's Jigawa.

And what we get for this cold-bloodedness is an arrest for daring to vent our anger on Facebook?

Further, as if the attorney general/the state commissioner of justice doesn't have a better work to do, he wants to take over the case from the police. Here's how Trust reported it:

 "In another development, the state Commissioner for Justice Barrister Tijjani Inuwa Dutse has applied to take over the case from the police. Standing before the court for the Attorney General, Barrister Muhammad Lamin told the court that the Justice Commissioner was empowered by section 211 of the Nigerian Constitution to take over any case from anybody and or stop it entirely."

Dear compatriots, here's what to do:
Please go to Sule Lamido's Facebook page here
( and show your
displeasure by posting on his wall, sending a message or whatever you
deem appropriate. Here's what I wrote "Sule, you're a disgrace to Aminu Kano and the talakawa (masses). Additionally, may God punish you if you govern your people unjustly; and please release Mukhtari Ibrahim Aminu! "

He can arrest me when I visit Nigeria or they can come and arrest me where I live.
Ibraheem Dooba can be reached on [email protected]


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