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The PDP's Blame Game: Reasons Why It Will Be Defeated In The April Polls

March 11, 2011

As we count down to the  April polls , one thing is certain, the PDP is exhibiting its utter desperation, a desperation  borne out of its hopelessness as well as the specter of its impending doom and defeat .

As we count down to the  April polls , one thing is certain, the PDP is exhibiting its utter desperation, a desperation  borne out of its hopelessness as well as the specter of its impending doom and defeat .

It does not matter how much blame game they want to play, It does not matter how contemptuous they are  of Nigerians they are,  one thing is certain, the PDP is uncomfortable in its own skin.  The PDP is desperate and its antics are beginning to grate the  rest of us.
Now, let us see why  the PDP is in the throes of death and defeat. It no longer has the the template for rigging in Nigeria. Wikileaks outed them.  No longer do we have the grandmaster of the do or die politics in government. They exhausted the patientce of Nigerians secondary to the Yardua debacle. They have managed to plunder Nigeria's external reserves to an abysmal USD 3 billion. Is there any reason in this life why in spite of the increase in oil sales, we are witnessing a fall in our external reserves? But, then ask the PDP. A party of looters. Under the PDP, the stock exchange tanked out. Under the PDP, the banking industry self immolated. Poor customers were ripped off. Our health sector is a joke, yet these looters run to foreign hospitals for the silliest ailments. Their children are in schools overseas, from Ghana to Malaysia, from London to Australia. They have enough public funds stashed away to give their children good education while the children of the majority are in dreary schools in Nigeria. While children are still taught under trees in Bauchi state, the PDP governor of that state reportedly had a 300 million naira wedding to a juvenile and the fourth wife to boot. How about Murtala Nyako, the juvenile loving governor of Adamawa state? His state roads are amongst  the worst in Nigeria, yet he wants to come back in 2011. He refused the opposition a level playing ground, he refused to grant them the space to do their thing. He will be defeated and defeated soundly by the CPC candidate in April Maternal death is 550 per 100,00 births in Nigeria, but the wife of the PDP sponsored  Speaker runs to Ghana for labor and delivery. How about our power sector?  16 billion dollars and counting, we can only be compared to a medieval country because of our hopeless power sector.
In the National Assembly, the PDP constitute the majority. A majority that has managed to appropriate more than 45% of the budget to itself. Yet, they have refused to pay the proposed minimum wage of 18,000 naira. only!  The Speaker is emeshed in several scandals. The Peugeot scandal was swept under the carpet. It was there,  we witnessed the show of shame by  legislooters who engaged in a smack down. How about the imposition of Patricia Etteh, the former hairdresser who could not write her name backwards until she timed herself out. The PDP imposed on us a set of legislooters who were aptly described for who they are by one of their own as a bunch of 419 guys. He could not have said it better.
While Nigeria was on the edge of a cataclysm, Yardua was imposed on us. Buhari's mandate was stolen from him in 2007. The PDP bought its victory not only at the presidential level but at several state houses. That was until some of them, from Edo to Osun, from Ekiti to Anambra were thrown out. But then, they were still not sorry. Rather than admitting that they are a party of rogues, they took us through the impunity, the thriller suspense of the Yardua crisis. That was until they had their fill of our budget. No one has been called out for the votes that were misappropriated at that time. In the world of the PDP, that will be unnecessary
In 2007, the PDP rode  rough shod over us in the political terrain. In Ondo South for example, they had concluded voting by 0600 hours. In other words we did not have any elections. ballot boxes were snatched at gun point by PDP thugs, the entire Niger Delta part of ondo state was completely militarized. They seized all the boats that were rented by the opposition for travels to the riverine areas. No one could check them. It was a do or die affair. The MEND boys were at their beck and call.  They used the stuff ballot boxes.  Opposition members who did not go under ground were clamped into jail. I was one of them. I was locked up in Akure police station for a couple of days. I was released as mysteriously as I was detained. It took the intervention of Chief Solomon Lar and the the United States Dept of State to effect my release. I had a better deal than Labor party members. They were chained and dehumanized like coup plotters. That was how the PDP secured its pyrric victory in  Ondo state. That was of course after Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali had voted for the PDP!
But, this is 2011 and Nigerians have had it with these rapacious thieves masquerading as politicians. Besides the fact that things have fallen apart in the PDP and the center can no longer hold, the PDP has gone through a seismic change. It has imploded, and the fall out is its leaking umbrella.The opposition as represented by the CPC  is determined to check mate the PDP. We have had it with their excesses. We want to take our destinies in our hands. We are going to vote out the PDP. They are seeing the hand writing on the wall. It is over for the PDP.Their rented crowds at their rallies will not translate to electoral victory. The PDP  is not a political party. It is a party of locusts and piranhas. We will not allow them to occupy our lives for another 4 years. Enough is enough.
They are free to attack opposition party offices. They are free to shoot at opponents as evidenced by the near miss of  of General Onoja  in Benue South. They are free to vandalize their own offices and attempt to blame the opposition for it. The bottom point is that it is over for the PDP. Nigerians are willing to make that sacrifice for once. We will vote and defend our votes. No one is going to shift ground for the PDP. We are very concerned about our future. We are alarmed at the state of the nation. A nation that cannot even secure the lives of the rich talk less of the poor.
The PDP is equally free to malign General Buhari and CPC all they want. We are not that concerned about their campaign of calumny. All we are focused on, all we are determined to do is to defeat the PDP in April. From Calabar to Gombe, from Owerri to Sokoto, from Warri to Kano, Nigerians are willing to play for broke and join hands with Buhari Bakare team to form the next government. The PDP has no prayer in the April polls. No amount of smear campaign, no hysteria, no trash talking will help the PDP. It will be defeated and defeated soundly in April. POSITIVE CHANGE IS IMMINENT IN NIGERIA.

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