More than ever before, there are ominous  signs in the land. Signs of an impending catastrophe, a type that bear the DNA of the PDP. 

The incredible wave of violence we are witnessing as we approach the April 2011 elections, the intolerance of the  opposition by the ruling thugs in the PDP, and the complete break down of social life in the country is a source of serious concern. Except for members of the ruling party who live on illicit funds and illegal wealth, not many people can say they are living lives above the medieval  period. Yet the PDP is scheming to return to our collective lives by do or die politics. It will not happen. Over the last several months, the PDP has displayed unprecedented intolerance for opposing views. They have done everything illegal, irresponsible, and  evil to frustrate the opposition. They have not concealed the fact that they believe in do or die politics. The only means by which they can supposedly win any election any way. They have refused the opposition a fair playing ground. The CPC was  harassed from Niger state to Ibadan in Oyo state. The face bleaching governor of Oyo state did not hide his fear of the CPC when he locked the gates of Mapo hall against the party,  yet he wants to return as chief servant in a state where he rules by fear and intimidation. From Gombe to Yola, from Nassarawa to Borno, the CPC, just like other opposition parties were harassed.

As if that is not bad enough, the irresponsible Goebelles in the PDP, Mike Omeri took low life journalism to a new low. He exhibited the traits of the Information minister under Saddam Hussein. Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf was one who saw no evil, spoke no evil and heard no evil, even while American troops were knocking down the gates of Baghdad. Mike Omeri's diatribe did not deserve a response from higher moral lattititude. Nigerians in their hundreds put this clown in its place and that was enough to rattle the PDP to fire or redeploy this man . The reaction of Nigerians to this irresponsible act is a sign of what awaits the PDP if they attempt to steal the collective will of the people in the next elections.

In the last few years, we have witnessed successful elections  in several African countries. Ghana, Senegal and in the last few weeks, Benin Republic with a population lesser than that of Lagos state, yet no one witnessed the type of mayhem we are witnessing in Nigeria. These countries do not have the misfortune of having a PDP within their political space
. Otherwise, how does one explain the celebration of criminality as in the welcome party and thanksgiving party for Bode George. Even the President,  who under normal circumstances should be a man above board was irresponsible enough to be represented by the sphinx faced minister of defense. One thing is clear, the PDP is a party in the throes of death. THEY WILL BE DEFEATED SOUNDLY IN THE APRIL ELECTIONS. THEY HAVE NO PRAYER. We, Nigerians are tired of their excesses. If the PDP is allowed to smuggle its way into power by any means, then we will need to ''crash this democracy". Nigeria is a country that is so blessed and so cursed. THE PARADOX IS ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE CURSE OF THE PDP.

I have grown used to living on the generator. Nigeria is the only country known to man that its citizens live on generators  for power supply. Yet, we were told that USD 16 billion was expended on power supply. A phantom board of inquiry was set up. Former governor Olusegun Agagu and Governor Imoke were indicted. But because we are living at the mercy of the piranhas in the PDP, these people walked free and we are still living in darkness. How about the refineries in Nigeria. I have reliably  learnt that the 4 refineries in Nigeria perform at less than 10% capacity. Yet, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent for TURN AROUND MAINTENANCE. There is nothing to show for it. Rather, these refineries , with a combined capacity for '"445,000 barrels/day can only produce a measly 80, 575 metric tonnes/day". The short fall is completed through importation of oil . One does not need a crystal ball to know such contracts are awarded to PDP party members. Something to compensate the boys. Same thing for the power sector. Why allow normal power supply when contracts can be given to generator importers in the PDP.

Due to global political instability, crude prices have sky rocketed to as high as USD 111/barrel. Nigeria is swamped with excess oil revenue, yet we have nothing to show for it. The excess is used by the PDP  for presidential and all sorts of campaign. A clear case of illegality by a party of illegal human beings. The Excess crude account is reported to have been depleted from about USD 30 billion during the Yardua presidency to less than USD100 million . No one has been able to account for the monies. We are being eaten alive by carnivores in the

The wave of insecurity in Nigeria is unprecedented. Not at  any time in the history of Nigeria has life become so short and brutish. Never have we witnessed the type of palpable fear and insecurity as we are witnessing in these times. Jos is a killing field, yet this clueless govt and party in power is yet to make any arrests.  No one has been adequately punished for murder. Maiduguri, Port Harcourt,  Suleija, Akure, Delta state Calabar, and the most recent in Uyo and Ikot Ekpene.  No where is safe, no one is safe. Yet the PDP wants to rig its way into power.

One thing is clear, the PDP is afraid of even its own shadow. The PDP has tacitly accepted that it is unpopular, it is a useless party filled with thugs, apologies to the American Embassy cable on Wikileaks. They can now see the hand writing on the wall that its demise is imminent. When they are soundly defeated in April elections, the party will witness unprecedented acrimony and an implosion. We will then lay it to rest finally and permanently. These reactionaries have survived for too long. They metamorphosed from the NNDP to the NPN and now they are known as the PDP. This is their final outing. We must bury this party of thugs and reactionaries once and for all.

The PDP is prepared to rig the elections next month. We will resist them by all means and any means possible. We will not go to court for any useless election petition cases. We have no belief or respect for the courts. It is filled with their cronies. It is filled with men and women with no integrity or honor. We have had enough of judicial retrogressive policies. Rather, we, the people will take our destiny in our hands. We will utilize people power, we will throw away the shackles of internal slavery once and for all. We are throwing the dice in April. We are playing for broke. We will bury the carcass of the PDP once and for all by first defeating them soundly and roundly at the polls. Anything to the contrary will cascade into  PEOPLE POWER. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THE PDP IS IN THE THROES OF DEATH AND NO AMOUNT OF VIOLENCE, INTOLERANCE OR HARASSMENT OF THE OPPOSITION, ESPECIALLY OF THE CPC WILL MAKE US FLINCH OR BLINK. It is now an eye ball to eye ball contest, and the PDP will blink first.

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