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2011: IGP Ringim Should Be Closely And Properly Monitored

April 1, 2011

With the news that made today’s media headline to the effect that IGP Hafiz Ringim shocked governors by suddenly reassigning the State Police Commissioners two days to start of the 2011 elections, should be properly scrutinized.

With the news that made today’s media headline to the effect that IGP Hafiz Ringim shocked governors by suddenly reassigning the State Police Commissioners two days to start of the 2011 elections, should be properly scrutinized.

This is because one would like to have explanation as to why he singled out one particular Commissioner of Police (Felix Iyanna to Akwa Ibom) before now and a day to the mayhem in Ikot Ekpene and Uyo? Knowing that he had the reassignments close to his chest, why did he allow the Iyanna’s to be special and not at this time with others? This need serious looking into otherwise it could be assumed that what happened in Akwa Ibom was pre-meditated and with Police support and strategy; more so when it is being alleged that Iyanna is related to Akpabio’s wife and that the posting was specially requested by her and the alleged de facto Security Adviser to Governor Akpabio, recently retired DIG Udom Ekpeudom.  Who should investigate the Police for this fraud?

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Whatever made President Jonathan to appoint the present Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, is beginning to come in the open. It is a fact that Ringim was the Police Commissioner in Bayelsa State when the case against the former Governor Alamesiagha lasted when Jonathan was the deputy governor. It was the same Ringim that was used by Obasanjo and Jonathan to hand-cuff Alamesiagha who was whisked to Abuja. The situation gave room for Jonathan to ‘luckily’ become the Bayelsan governor without any election. That was the beginning of fraternity between the duo of Jonathan and Ringim. He was reported in the media recently where he was campaigning openly for President Jonathan; whereas that supposed not to be. May be he does not know this.

Unfortunately, wherever Ringim served, peace never reigned. It was under his watchful eyes as the AIG in charge of south-east zone that kidnapping heightened in that zone; Abia state specifically, where his office was located, became worse. It was under him that the journalists who were returning from Uyo were kidnapped in Abia and he fell short of ideas until the kidnappers, on their own, released the journalists after many days in captivity. Instead of showing Ringim the way out of the Police force, President Jonathan who felt it would more comfortable to work with ‘the devil he knows’ for the 2011 elections, rewarded him with the retirement of the former IGP Onovo. Ringim was promoted from his Abia-station as AIG straight to IG, over and above some of his superiors who were made to sign undertakings, enabling them to work under him till today.  

Just because Jonathan/Sambo Campaign office in Uyo was torched during the mayhem that was started by PDP in Ikot Ekpene, the IGP Ringim was sent to work again with Governor Godswill Akpabio to trump up laughable treason charges against the Akwa Ibom ACN gubernatorial candidate in 2011 election, Senator James Akpan Udoedehe. To the consternation of many, as the Abuja Judge granted Udoedehe bail, IGP who could not bear such court pronouncement allowed an ordinary policeman to slap a former Senator of the Federal Republic and former Minister, in the Court room, while he was trying to perfect his bail papers; and whisked him off to an unknown destination. That assault should be challenged by Senator Udoedehe. This administration is worse than the military era, as said by Senator Jubril Aminu.

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These actions are condemnable and had shown that the PDP, President Jonathan and Governor Akpabio are all jittery about the rising profile of another party, ACN, particularly in Akwa Ibom and thereby got themselves in things that are against the rule of law that they all swore to uphold. Even the information coming out from Akwa Ibom seems to indicate that the mayhem was premeditated and that the burning of the cars/tricycles and Jonathan’s Uyo campaign office were actually carried out by those PDP supporters in attempt to set up the ACN governorship candidate. Whether they will finally succeed in this evil plan is yet to be seen, as Allah (God) would always bring His wish to pass.

Alhaji Mutum Bello,
Bello Close,
Bukuru, Jos.

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