The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has alerted Nigerians of massive efforts to print election ballots for the purpose of rigging next Saturday’s presidential elections, for which 12 people are now under arrest. 

  This follows the discovery by the police that over one million ballots had been printed at Tulip Press, an Abuja printer.  The men are in police custody at Utako Police Station, Abuja, and the DPO, Mallam Usman Umar, has confirmed that the case has been transferred to the Force Headquarters.

In a statement issued this evening, signed by Rotimi Fashakin, the National Publicity Secretary of the CPC, the Congress said two men, Akinlolu Akinto and Habila Stephen, were first caught with 100,000 ballot papers loaded into a van.  In the ensuing police investigation, the other one million ballots were discovered. 

The CPC noted the allegation that TULIP Press was responsible for the fake ballot papers that have been found in Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara and other parts of North West. 

“In another potential ‘show stopper’ for the presidential elections, our impeccable sources pointed that a lorry load of ballot papers had been removed from INEC stores to the Aso rock villa, ostensibly as samples for the view of Candidate Goodluck Jonathan,” the Congress said.  “When INEC was confronted with this allegation, the veracity of which was confirmed we were told the matter is still under investigation!”

It said it recognizes that Saturday’s presidential election “is a ‘do or die’ for some because they have a lot to explain to the Nigerian people, should they lose,” for which no effort is being spared to ensure victory.
The CPC then appealed to its supporters to be even more determined to be prepared to give the final push for the espousal of a new Nation.

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