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2011 Presidential Election: The Golden Opportunity As Against The Golden Opportunism Of Last October 1st

April 14, 2011

In less than 48 hours, citizens will have the golden opportunity to save Nigeria for Nigerians if they truly liberate their minds from all forms of primordial sentiments.

In less than 48 hours, citizens will have the golden opportunity to save Nigeria for Nigerians if they truly liberate their minds from all forms of primordial sentiments.

It is an opportunity beckoning on us to save Nigeria for Nigerians; to spare president Goodluck Jonathan the stress of running a government in suffocation by virtue of the likelihood of his being held captive by a cabal; and to lay the foundation for the Nigeria of our dreams and that of our primogenitors. If the message is not lucid enough, what I am saying is that we need to rescue Nigeria from the plague, the locust, the evil, the traitor called the PDP. It is not about president Goodluck Jonathan, though it is unfortunate that he was not pro-active enough to have exited from the party sooner after he had gotten the power especially going by the intrigues that characterized the power transfer including the yet to be decoded military presence at the airport on the night the late president Yar’Adua was flown back from Saudi Arabia.

It has been twelve years of government and governance at the centre where charlatans claim dominion over decent men and women, it has been three intervals when impostors had crooked their ways back to position of power, it has been three solid graduation periods where failures have been awarded excellence. It has been two cycles less two years of Joseph of the Book’s metaphor of Famine without the first cycle of plenty chronicled in the same dream. It has been close to 4380 days when those who had been reaping from where they did not sow have continued to ride roughshod over good people with good intentions. Alas! Enough is enough, Nigeria and Nigerians must try an alternative and the alternative is definitely going to be better.
It is better not to attempt to ruin the already poor nutritional value meals of Nigerians by quantifying and cataloging the revenues that was accrued between the period in question but the injudiciousness of its spending abound in the parlous state of the infrastructure, hospitals, housing, unemployment, social strives and noticeable poverty that permeate the nooks and crannies of the country.

The first emperor of the despoliation and plundering of the Nigerian common-wealth has continued to expend arrogance of impunity and infinitesimal of his equally culpable group has continued to praise him to high heavens; he is the first bad product of PDP and he has continued to be influential in the corridors of power. Another who just had his ego deflated through people’s power in the Southwest federal constituency election is another terrible fiasco in the PDP. Regardless of his non- sacrifice for democracy and unmindful of his generation’s yearnings, he had acted in the past as a good fan of military brutality when he arrogantly threatened the opposition with soldiers whom men of valour and conviction fought to a standstill to relinquish  political power to the civilians.
There is also a master rigger who can fix any electoral heist provided his party is the beneficiary. Yet there are some prodigal sons from the Southwest who were going about to desecrate on the cherished value of ‘Omoluabi’ a non negotiable strength of the people from the region until the Almighty short-circuited them. In a nutshell, PDP is a plague, a ‘Bermuda triangle’ that not only consumes innocent political flights and ships but often make it impossible to locate their wreckage. If GEJ is a good person, then it is unfortunate he happened to be in a wrong party such that even if he is given the mandate, the in-inherent perfidy within the party shall rubbish him politically, hence the need to also preserve the good name of Jonathan as the leader who succeeded where the ‘Pharaoh’ of Otta had failed, by way of supervising credible elections even at the risk of him losing the presidential election.

Nigerians both young and old, poverty knows no tribe, hunger is not a brother or sister of any religion, lack of shelter and clothing is not the desirability of any region. Every human being deserve self- esteem and ought to enjoy some basic rights as citizens. Every child has a right to qualitative education, good food and good health, every woman deserves dignity, every Nigerian deserves to live and co- habit in any part of the country without fear of molestations, every religion must respect the rights and freedom of others. PDP has been a terrible disappointment and a great betrayer of trust, Every reader is therefore enjoined to persuade your next door neighbour to vote out a party that is the common enemy of all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, gender or creed. Let us all resolve to save this country through this golden opportunity coming on the 16th of April 2011.

General Muhammadu Buhari is very passionate about making Nigeria a great country. He has had a symbiotic relationship with Nigeria; the country has offered him a lot and he has given his all to Nigeria too. As a patriot, it is natural for him to get emotional about the country and his speech as military head of state bears eloquent testimony about his conviction on the Nigeria project when he said “This generation of Nigerians and indeed future generations, have no country other than Nigeria. We shall remain here and salvage it together." Buhari’s tears is altruistic. Nigeria, with people of integrity, can harness her potentials naturally granted by God.

 Ribadu is also burning with a desire to lift the country to  greater heights, to harness her potentials for the common good of the greatest number as against the interest of a privileged few as has been practice in the PDP. A vote for either of them is a probono publico; a government headed either of them will definitely be a radical departure from the rot being presently promoted by the PDP. Both are complemented by good platform, and if president Goodluck Jonathan is said to be a good character, the platform of his aspiration is a great hindrance.




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