Col. Abubakar Umar was unmasked as government contractor during late president Yaradua’s misrule. Immediately his late sister was appointed minister in that government, Umar pretended deaf and dumb to ugly shenanigans of that inglorious regime. If the fee is right, Umar will play ball!

Beforehand, and during the dastardly rampaging regime of president Obasanjo, Umar was himself a beehive of activity. Criticising every coming-out and going-in of OBJ. And gullible Nigerians this writer included thought we’ve found our main-man social critic who’d put his fingers into fire if that’d move Nigeria forward. But, immediately his countryman Yaradua appointed his sister as officeholder, he became as cold as ice to the ills of that ill-fated government.  And now that the man has come out from self-hibernation and talking like a PDP clone, Nigerians should watch their backs.

By this public announcement on Sahara Reporters, Umar, probably has started acting in his capacity as the next information minister in their wishful thinking of another PDP government. Jonathan has doled out our heritage both in-kind and cash to people like Umar to support his candidacy. So don’t be surprised when you see Umar and other compromised cheats turning insanity into good purpose. Umar by his deception seems to be imitating some of their Gods who once turn stone into bread and now turns elected president into anointed president with omnipotent nonsense. If God superimposes leaders in civil rule, it means all efforts by Nigerians to vote for and change their leaders are a waste of time, money and resources. That’s how dull a twenty-first century colonel of the Nigerian army can be.

Only if the colonel would look himself in the mirror with a clear mind, it’d be clear that people like him who short change and dis-engineer Nigerians socially are the detractors who’ll not let us move forward. The Frankenstein that has stifled Nigeria is in him and those he’s now pitching his tent with. So they should stop looking for the ‘detractors’ because in the end, it’s their gang who’d rig the elections and pretend it to be landslide. And before long, Nigeria will slide into war zone to their amazements.

And now listen to Umar talk: “Yet, as people of faith who believe in the divine laws of life, the presidential and other candidates in these elections would be the first to affirm that God gives power to which He wants and at the time He wants. And while God would always anoint the leader, it is the people who will cast the votes to elect them.”

Democracy is government by humans and for humans, God has no deal in choosing leaders – otherwise, how else could one explain that God anointed Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, OBJ, Abacha, and co. God must be very stupid if he also appoints idiots and dictators. What tells Umar that God would not anoint a Hitler for Nigerians if given the leeway?

Somebody must tell Col. Abubakar Umar with serious consequence that, Nigeria is practicing democracy and not theocracy.  Democracy is a government run by people for the people with a human person as president and constitutional head. And theocracy is a government where God or deity is head of state.

The likes of Mr. Umar are too often very apt in using the God factor and argument to raping Nigerians from behind their backs each time they’re hell bent in having their dodgy legroom. And this his appeal for Nigerians to accept verdict of presidential election played straight to the PDP gallery.

His panegyric statement that God anoints leaders in democracy shows how pliable and God delusional he is.  Such statement could’ve sent him to the psychiatric hospital for medication if he were in Germany or Switzerland. You wonder if it was psychedelic substance that’d make someone put up such Dutch courage as appeal to Nigerians to accept election that is being rigged.  In fact, Umar and his co-persons who use the God line to confuse and deceive Nigerians belong to backward society and not the new Nigeria in the making where fifteen year old children already have nine credits in their school certificate and handful of them are already in the university at age 15. The revolution is building up from plenty angle and the Umars in Nigeria are fast asleep and taking side with any government in power.

Mr. Umar was some kind of currency then. Highly appreciated and sought after by Nigerians who thought of him as dynamic and progressive-minded a pro-masses fighter. But time has uncovered him as an establishment big man who’s out there to promote the system even if it hurts badly. Otherwise, how could a clearheaded and sane person come out at this time telling Nigerians to accept any election whether corrupted or not. Is it that he’s not aware that revolution is ripe since politicians are unready to change their wicked ways? Umar and his ilk should be worried that army might takeover government should monkey business happens with this particular election.

When Nigeria’s founding Fathers and Mothers chose democracy for the country, their vision was to abort future Taleban country. They knew the kind of dictatorship inherent in the theocratic country as Saudi Arabia. Throughout human histories, all countries ruled by God have been hotbed and beehive of human catastrophe. And that trend hasn’t changed since the upheaval that trailed the old theocracies of Israel and old Arabia.

To accept that PDP won the presidential election means that, it must undergo scientific approval not pre-scientific blessing from any weird sky-God. Areas where Jonathan won should be subjected to forensic finger print clearance and let’s see how he’d won. By so doing, we’d put Umar’s God to shame and educated him that science and technology plus common sense are the new God in the universe.

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union
rig2011e[email protected]



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