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Exposing The Reno Omokris Of Our Time

April 25, 2011

In our society today, the number of treacherous people has quadrupled since a dozen years ago.  The likes of Reno Omokri and others in his team are legitimizing treachery and profiting from confusion and chaos.

In our society today, the number of treacherous people has quadrupled since a dozen years ago.  The likes of Reno Omokri and others in his team are legitimizing treachery and profiting from confusion and chaos.

The 2011 Nigerian presidential election was supposed to be the freest and fairest Nigerians could have gotten. But what was experienced was neither free nor fair. The election rigging this time was performed at a level only the likes of Reno Omokri with ‘dangerously brilliant,’ minds as Pius Adesanmi puts it could muster.

The snatching of boxes was not that widely visible but the snatching, augmentation of votes at the collation center, defense and promotion of the supposed to be free and fair presidential election is visible. We have seen different Reno Omokris defending and promoting the victory of Goodluck Jonathan on facebook and on numerous listservs. The action of other omokris can be forgivable because they don’t know what they are doing. But the actions and activities of Reno Omokri the self styled vp Africa, Joe Trippi and Associates; founder, Build up Nigeria; facebook assistant, Goodluck Jonathan page and de facto apologist of the PDP, and his San Francisco self-serving gang is appalling.

In 1993, when MKO Abiola won the annulled elections, the common Nigerian on the street was hopeful that change was coming. After all, MKO Abiola’s victory was derived from the participation of patriotic Nigerians from all spectra of the Nigerian society. His campaign slogan was hope for all and he was truly a man of the people. The likes of Reno Omokri were not needed to showcase the transparency, freeness and fairness of MKOs victory. It was crystal clear for all to see.

However, in 2011, the likes of Reno Omokri and other political hangers-on who are feeding fat on the cluelessness and somberness of Goodluck Jonathan are fighting tooth and nail to give Nigerians and the international community the impression that the 2011 presidential election was free and fair. And that Goodluck Jonathan deserved victory and needed to be commended for making the elections free and fair. Also, Reno Omokri is selling the idea that the success of the presidential election was a reflection of what social media and the Nigerian youths worked for. These ideas Reno is forcing down our throats and the international press are in fact far from the truth.

Having read Tony Emetulu and Pius Adesanmi’s articles that touched on the nefarious activities of Reno Omokri a little, I am more convinced that the earlier the activities of Reno Omokri is censured and halted the better for Nigeria and Africa’s democratic movement. Also having read Reno’s responses so far, I clearly see how unrepentant and crafty he is. He has dodged all the questions posed to him so far and has brought up new topics entirely out of context of the issues being discussed.

The truth must be told straight and clear. It is the Reno Omokris of Africa that have hampered Africa’s growth and development since post colonialism. From one of Reno’s responses I see he fancies the idea of being ‘dangerously brilliant’ in the good sense of it. He twists and turns his essay to one concerning development of true federalism in Nigeria. It baffles me that Reno Omokri instead of coming out straight uses his responses to deflate the issues Messer Emetulu and Adesanmi emphasized on. In fact, in a never say die way Reno used his response to continue the bidding of his paymasters by creating space to bash General Buhari. This is simply the height of Reno Omokri’s craftiness.

Not speaking for General Buhari or the CPC, I believe Buhari’s contribution to national development speaks for itself and far outweighs what Goodluck Jonathan, Reno’s paymaster can bring to the table. Reno suggests that Mr. Buhari is on the bad side of history because Buhari was not part of those that struggled for MKO Abiola’s mandate to be respected. He made no mention of Buhari’s many contributions to our national growth and development. And he did not try to sell any of Goodluck Jonathan’s phony credentials to us because he knows we now know better.

For just the twelve year period President Goodluck Jonathan has been in the public scene, many accusations and allegations of his corrupt practices have been publicized. In fact, the allegations of corruption also include his umblerrah wife. From Reno’s response to Emetulu, it is very clear that he likes documents—Oluwole documents. The likes of Reno will ask for documentation and court declared convictions to prove that President Jonathan is corrupt, clueless, somber and colorless. He easily forgets that Chief Ibori and Alameseigha, both of whom are President Goodluck Jonathan’s mentors also asked for documental proof of their corruption when accused in 2004 to rubbish the authenticity of the accusations.  Today, Alams is an ex-con and Chief Ibori is about to join his wife, Nkoyo, in a London jail.

Talking about Goodluck Jonathan’s democracy, rights or people advocacy credentials he has none to show. Everyone would think that Goodluck Jonathan was a Niger Delta activist, member of MOSOP-like organization, top-notch environmentalist, a sterling lecturer, activist lecturer, successful entrepreneur, reformer, dependable administrator or man of the people, in the light Reno tries to portray him through his Buildup Nigeria page and other outlets. But the plain truth is that he is none of these. President Goodluck Jonathan has always been a dull and uninspiring person. Goodluck Jonathan is simply put the new figurehead of corruption infested PDP. And Reno Omokri and his likes must accept this truth.

If President Goodluck Jonathan wants the full support of Nigerians, he should do away with the likes of Reno Omokri on his payroll and give more attention to the basic needs of the Nigerian people. There are many avenues he can reach out to the Nigerian people. Fixing the power situation in the country should be priority because every other thing revolves around this critical sector. Fixing our highways which are death traps should be second on the list because many "unRenolike" citizens are being wasted everyday on it. Revitalizing and restructuring of our education system and creating the needed infrastructure and avenues for economic growth and development should follow. Governance is not rocket science.

In conclusion, President Jonathan should not be deceived by the likes of Reno Omokri, who think that questionable media postures and phony internet site hyperlinking could drum up support. President Jonathan must be aware that true revolution and change that the Nigerian people yearn for has not happened yet. And for him to be on the better side of history, ‘dangerously brilliant’ minds will not be helpful because they will eventually plot his downfall.

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