A Nigerian student, Ms. Tamuno Nengiye Lawson, is at risk of losing a $23,000 scholarship awarded to her by e8 to pursue a master’s degree program at Bangor University in the United Kingdom.

The e8 scholarship is aimed at supporting outstanding students in pursuit of advanced studies in sustainable energy development. Ms. Tamuno Lawson is the only West African on the list of this year’s winners.
In her award letter, a copy of which Saharareporters has obtained, the e8 executive director stated that, “the scholarship is awarded with the understanding that you will use the funds for tuition, travel expenses related to your studies, living expenses, and other academic related expenses.”
In an appeal send to Saharareporters, Ms. Lawson said that she needs an additional $7000 for her upkeep. She lamented that of all the people she has contacted for help, none have come through for her. “I have written several letters to most of the Niger Deltans and other Nigerians who worked with my father,” she wrote.
Ms. Lawson’s father was the former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Basin Development Authority. She told Saharareporters that when her father died, she had to suspend her education to help her mother in her meager business that keeps the family afloat. Winning the e8 scholarship, she said, is her only hope of going back to school.
Ms. Tamuno Lawson needs help to raise the $7000 needed for her upkeep in Wales, United Kingdom. Her academic year begins September of 2011. If she cannot come up with the money, she will lose the scholarship.
The e8 scholarship is open to graduates from developing nations with excellent grades in the top 20% of her/his class. They must plan to undertake a Master’s level study in the area of sustainable energy development.
Ms. Lawson’s scholarship is for her to study a Master of Biotechnology degree program.
“Was I wrong in bringing such pride to the Niger Delta where we hear nothing but war and sad news?” she asked.

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