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When Criminals Rule, The People Perish

July 20, 2011

When characters that know no law – people without regard for the laws – lead; lawlessness becomes the rule. When the unlearned and the uncultured become the leaders of a society; the society knows no peace. When persons without morals hijack the leadership of a society, immorality becomes norm. When the wicked rules; the people perish.

When characters that know no law – people without regard for the laws – lead; lawlessness becomes the rule. When the unlearned and the uncultured become the leaders of a society; the society knows no peace. When persons without morals hijack the leadership of a society, immorality becomes norm. When the wicked rules; the people perish.

In Nigeria, the police that are supposed to be the law enforcer are corrupt. On our roads, toll collection by these supposed discipline law-enforcers is a law in the jungle which our roads have been made to become, thanks to a conspiracy between the police leadership and our lawless political leaders. No one is in-charge; no one has the responsibility to put things in order. The ordinary policeman is unkempt and un-catered for, thanks to this same conspiracy. Top police officers are stinking rich from corrupt incomes, including “delivers” coming from the toll collection on the roads. The police stations are centres for extorting money from the citizens. They are also available for the rich to buy “justice” on their own terms. For the poor, justice is untenable.

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Our courts are unaffordable to the ordinary people. For those that summon the courage to give it a trial, their cases are kept going forever. Only the rich and the powerful get justice out of our courts – buying cases from the courts at their whims and caprices. The Salami vs. Katsina-Ala case is a constant reminder of how our judges and the lawyers have been taught how to sell and purchase “justice” by these criminals who rule us.

Our oil exploration is run like a “mafia-dom”. We know of person making billions of dollars out of nothing. At several instances, we have heard that up to halve of our crude end up in the hands of oil thieves; and we have heard the masters of this oil stealing gangs are among the same people entrusted with leading us. We also know that these oil thieves have destroyed all our refineries, so that we can be compelled to buy petroleum products imported from their private refineries abroad at cut-throat prices.

Our roads are death-traps, because the criminals will rather award contracts to themselves and un-existing companies in order to steal our money, than to obey procedures and fix our road. Our rails are gone; they have stolen billions of naira in the pretext of awarding contracts for their rehabilitations. Our airports and seaports, they have converted to avenues for making fraudulent deals. To clear simple containers takes ages whereas, in decent countries where basic laws are effective, it takes just few hours. Our borders are porous because these criminal must create ways to evade payment of taxes and also bring in their fake goods.

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Our economy has failed because not a single person is running the country. Every one, among the criminals that is supposed to run the country, is more intent on stealing from it. Every one is on the business of making billions by stealing from the Nigerian state and its people. In anticipation of leaders, we have criminals that steal from us.

In the past, our sports men and women are respected around the globe. In athletics, we were the masters of the sprints. In football, we were a power house in Africa. Today, all is gone, because like in every other area, the imposed sports administrators would rather steal than cultivate our sportsmen. The Nigerian state has been abandoned on auto-pilot, waiting to crash; while our masses are left to perish.

As our infrastructures are quickly eroding like our national morality, so are our lives. Our schools and universities are finished. They are no more institutions of learning, but places to purchase worthless paper certificates available to the highest bidders. Our future leaders, will certain be worse, because our schools are grooming worse criminals for the future. Azikiwe and Awolowo among others were doctorate degree holders. We saw the quality of their degrees in the content of their characters, both in action and in the interviews they granted. Today, we have doctorate degree holders who could not live up to their degrees even in the eyes of ordinary citizens, as leaders – a sign of a worse future.

In this age of modern medicine, our average lifespan is climbing down, because the conditions arising from the numerous crimes against our state are killing us. Our hospitals that they have failed to equip and appropriately staff could not cure us. We are left in the hands of another gang of criminals who claim to be in touch with God; and can perform miracles like in the days of Christ. These criminals in the churches are riding in their “private jets” while the masses are dying in our ignorance; their sham miracles have proven incapable of curing us, even when we fail to get it.

Who will save the Nigerian state? Who will brace the odds to save our people? Who can reawaken the dormant will of the Nigerian people? Who can inform and guide our masses on the road to liberation and freedom? Who will lead our struggle for our wellbeing?

In 1966, there was an Nzeogwu who ran into hitches trying to fight the early signs of corruption and criminality among our leaders. There was a Buhari/Idiagbon in 1983, who also ran into different kind of hitches. There was a Muritala who was assassinated by the enemies of the Nigerian state, working in cohort with these criminals. There have also been many pretenders in the past who lied that their mission was for the good of our nation.

They say, the solution lies in democracy, but what they gave us since 1999 is no democracy. Right from 1999, the military wing of these criminals monetized our votes and labelled it democracy. At the PDP Jos convection, votes were bought. Funds were raised from within the government to prosecute an Obasanjo Presidency. Their acolytes in the press saw no evil in this. During the election, un-existing votes were manufactured in the Eastern and South-south part of the country to impose their stooge on us. In 2011, same un-existing votes, from same part of the country helped to impose “a fake messiah” on us.

At present, Nigeria wobbles and fumbles in the midst of threatening multiple national challenges. Our economy, our infrastructure, our education, our health sector, our policing and the law courts, our national security, unemployment, natural disaster in terms of erosion and flood, power generation and distribution, our sports among others demand a declaration of national emergency. The Nigerian state itself deserves an emergency in whole.

Our country is ranked among the failed states while the “Criminals-in-Charge” and their imposed “fake messiah” have no inch of what a solution demands. Our masses are left without power, without will, without understanding, waiting for a “Jerry Rawlings” that will cleanse the land.

Come, come, and come!
Rawlings come quickly
Criminals in control
Poverty a-plenty

   Hearts gone wild with stress
   Much hunger in our homes
   Stealth deaths on the prowls
   Our land awaits a Messiah!

Apapa Lagos
[email protected]

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