According to some politically naive and utterly ignorant Nigerians the United Nations’s headquarters bombing was a calculated attempt to destabilize President Goodluck’s regime.  This sentiment has also been expressed by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor but this isn’t the first time that Oritsejafor is reasoning by such false analogy.

These sycophants, who tell the government what it wants to hear rather than gospel truth, are the greatest menace to Nigeria. They not only deceive government but also people who have no mind and legacy of their own.

It’s very, very incorrect to opine that Boko Haram’s salient plan is aimed at racing this unpopular regime to the bottom as Oritsejafor and his journeymen are widely mouthing and knocking about town with. This way of making bad judgment is what led some handful of Nigerian voters to think that Jonathan is a good man who is sandwiched in between bad corrupted party heavyweights.
 It is by passing judgment through false analogies that they concluded that they could vote for Jonathan and not PDP. Most of those who made the mistake of voting for Jonathan have learnt their lessons. And that’s, never to analyze and make conclusions by; or on stupid analogies. But the likes of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor continue to make false analogy a concern for our societal and politically trendy palavers.

I find it hard sometimes, to understand that the pastor believes most of the things he comments on in public spaces these days. Most especially when giving Jonathan all kinds of support to exonerate him from failures and taking responsibility as it should've been. I want to seriously think that he does, and say these things no matter how odd – just to fish for complements from the public and Aso Rock. There’s also the serious sectional interest with the pastor siding with Jonathan due to the fact that he’s his co-Southern Nigerian countryman.There’s a huge problem each time someone, a group of people or a country chooses to reason by false analogy. We saw it with people who voted for Jonathan when they shouldn’t have. The French people paid an even dearer price during the Second World War in that they made judgments based on false analogies and as a result lost the war to Germans.

The Federal government of Nigeria would also be basing her judgments and conclusions on false grounds if they buy into Oritsejafor bait that Boko Harams’ major goal is to cripple this regime. Jonathan and law-enforcement officials would be pursuing the wrong target and thus be chasing empty shadows if they think Boko Haram core motive is politics. The president and his minders will lose the terrorism war to Boko Haram as French did to Germans should they be working under the false analogy of Boko Harm being political instead of religious.

Boko Haram’s ace is religion and all obstacles that stand in their way are meant to be crush to give way to what Allah’s dictates. Whether that hindrance is from North, South or East, they´ll attack it. Even if their beloved ones pose as stumbling block to the work of Allah, they’ll kill or maim that person. It has nothing to do with politics or clan affiliation as Oritsejafor and co have been insinuating along.

Yes, Boko Haram hates political corruption in Nigeria but that’s just an aside. Their champion cause is religious supremacy as with all fanatics and fanatical religions where they think and want their deity or God to be uppermost to other Gods and creeds. There’s nothing Boko Haram is doing today that Protestants and Catholics Christians haven’t done in Northern Ireland. Both Christian cult members yonder have used all kinds of bestiality and terror to subdue each other in their supremacy battles of which sect amid Protestants or Catholics Christians holds sway.

We’ve antisocial behaviors and fanatics in all religions.  It’s just that most people should be able to judge national issues without any bias or sentiments. They should also, as a matter of fact, be pro-active and forward-thinking when gauging public matters of huge concern.

The French on their side, lost to Germans because they based their judgments on false analogy that the Second World War would be fought as the First World War was. While France was hoping for trench warfare as was with the First World War, the Germans were one step ahead preparing for air warfare with planes. Germans used their aerial firepower to outsmart and defeat France which refused to think ahead.

Any Nation like Nigeria which is corrupt, lazy and short-sighted in taking care of its problems has not much to live for. It’s not nature that would obliterate such a society into extinction. It is man-made actions and inactions that usually bring such nations into dire straits towards utter destruction should they not make hay while the sun is shining and smartly make amends to their ills.  

The earlier Nigeria sorts out her manifold portfolio of problems, such as corruption in high places, kidnappings, homelessness, abuse of power and merging religion sentiments into state affairs, the better chances she has to thrive on. An alternative could be revolution, wars, military coup and total anarchy. These are some ills banana regimes could land a country or society in.

I’ve been talking to people back home who’re echoing the same line of Boko Haram interestedness to remove Jonathan from office as their core. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor isn’t alone in this group psychology and sentimental freeway to continuous analyzing Nigeria’s problem falsely. And oftentimes, they take or support views because it satisfies their sectional and religiously interests. But I’ve been able to tell and warn those I spoke with to err on the side of caution before they continue to make same line of judgments which made them to vote Jonathan.

Pastor Oritsejafor should stop cashing in on serious National matters to deceive the gullible. The ‘I voted for Jonathan and not PDP’ recent mistake is enough for now. Then, they made their analogies on false shaky ground voting for Jonathan. And once again, with the United Nations bombing, they’re making the same false analogy about some politicians under Boko Haram hell-bent on bringing the extant uninspiring regime in Nigeria to rock bottom.

The lowest of this episode is when Mr. Oritsejafor asked Nigerians to beg Christian God to take control and arrest the situation for now. It’s like putting Muslim and Christian Gods to war competition. Boko Haram had said they’re soldiering for God hence the bombing of United Nations: who buoys Nigeria’s government to marginalize Muslims.  Oritsejafor is telling Jesus their Christ to stop the work of Allah as professed by Boko Haram.

The business of God and collective religion should be abolished from Nigeria. It’s what’s feeding Boko Haram in the first place and now, Oritsejafor who wants Christian God to stop the work of Muslim God as being powered by Boko Haram.  Boko Haram and the pastor Oritsejafor have put Allah and God of Israel to a war of supremacy.

Sunday Njokede writes from The European Union
[email protected]

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