PHOTONEWS: Kaduna Bomb Blast Aftermath

Fabian Uzochukwu, Secretary of Spare Parts Sellers Association, Ogbomosho Zone 1, Kaduna:

"I was around when it all happened, around 9:30am. I saw two men who came on bike and I thought they wanted to buy something. Suddenly they started asking one small boy questions, and it seems they were asking for direction. And I was standing by my signboard. I saw them in a ladies bike.

"The boy is not alive to tell what they were asking him, he was roasted to death. But after some few minutes, they came to their bike and continued journeying, the second one came to join him. Suddenly, something exploded and I miraculously survived.

"Who is selling gas here? Nobody is selling gas or acid, we are all selling spare parts and we know what we are saying. The body of the man driving the bike shattered, even the head was picked in this open field and some parts of his body. The other man that was carrying it lost his right arm and somebody took him to an undisclosed hospital. I fell inside the gutter and entered my shop. Immediately I escaped through to my shop, the roof fell down and I immediately rushed out again.

"They are saying gas, gas. We are not doing any business related to gas here, so all those rumours saying gas is a lie; they just want to cover something. It is a bomb explosion.

"As a union we lost about ten members, and the Yorubas who are living in the compound lost about four people. What happened yesterday was a war declared on peace-loving traders, those doing legitimate business."


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