Plateau State Commissioner for Information, Yiljap Abraham, was physically attacked by angry youths at the scene of the COCIN church suicide car bombing today as he tried preventing young people in the area from assaulting a soldier they claimed was involved in "ethnic cleansing" in the city.

Mr. Abraham is reportedly hospitalized after the attack. An already restive city of Jos quickly erupted into rioting after the early morning bombing of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) headquarters in the city  .
At least three people died when a suicide car bomb exploded at the gates of the church during the first service attended by a large gathering of worshippers.

Youths in the area gathered around the church and started chanting war songs accusing soldiers of aiding the suicide bomber because the State Task Force base was just 130 metres from the church and 300 meters from the Government House.

Five motorbikes are burnt as rioting rapidly spread across the city, however, some residents began neighborhood meetings to calm fray nerves and to prevent bloody escalation of the crisis in the heavily polarized city.

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