I subscribed to Airtel's Blackberry service on 7th February 2012. However , after 3 days of very poor service and several calls to the call centre without improvements , I had to go back to MTN which I was previously using and switched my airtel SIM back to my Nokia phone. MTN's Blackberry service had previously served me well; but my decision to migrate to Airtel was because of my desire to reduce the number of devices I carry around to only one.

On the 28th of February however, I recieved a SMS on my NOKIA phone from Airtel informing me that the blackberry service that I subscribed to would expire in 7 days , and the service would be automatically renewed. I called Airtel call centre and asked them to DISABLE my blackberry service since I no longer use it. Some minutes later , I recieved a SMS from and Airtel service number 440 as follows " Dear subscriber , you have been deactivated on Aitel Blackberry". With the receipt of that SMS , I took it that my request has been treated , and I shall no longer have anything to do with Airtel's Blackberry service.

You can imagine my shock in the morning of Tuesday 6th March 2012 when I recieved a SMS from Airtel 440 as follows :"Your Airtel prepaid blackberry service has been successfully renewed". N3,000 was also deducted from my phone credit. How could a service from which I have been successfully deactivated be automatically renewed? If this is not daylight robbery, I wonder what other name to call it by?

I had to spend my valuable time to initiate another call to Airtel for the reversal of my money and instant stoppage of the blackberry service in case the previous deactivation was ineffective. I was issued case ID ANG000028920460 in respect of this. I made several calls subsequently as follow ups , yet nothing was done.

72 hours has now passed since my last follow-up call to Airtel , yet nothing has been done. I cannot allow this blatant display official recklessness go unchallenged. I need my money back. I demand an apology for the distress and shock I was subjected to through series of calls I have had to make. I placed another call to Airtel this eveing (09 March 2012), and got yet another case ID ANG000029201836. I do not believe anything meaningful could come out of all the escalations I have made to Airtel , hence my resort to seek your intervention.


Please help get a refund of my money, and prevent further robbery of my hard-earned resources.



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