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World Bank Election: Ngozi Iweala’s Bad Karma/Boomerang By Sunday Njokede

April 30, 2012

As gentlewoman and a thoroughbred would do, Mrs Ngozi Iweala had duly congratulated Jim Yong Kim after losing World Bank’s presidential election to him. So clap for her. Again! Thank you.

As gentlewoman and a thoroughbred would do, Mrs Ngozi Iweala had duly congratulated Jim Yong Kim after losing World Bank’s presidential election to him. So clap for her. Again! Thank you.

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Her outings in the aftermath of losing the contest were thoroughgoing until her bad girl behaviour crept in, in form of doublespeak.  That is. She had hypocritically lashed out on the campaign and election processes of the World Bank as not free and fair. Not long ago, without being pricked by her conscience nor batting an eye. Mrs Ngozi Iweala had herself, crookedly sex up her NOI poll in 2011 and put President Jonathan on top of better qualified candidates. Therefore Mrs Iweala should be the last person to complain of being cheated in a competition.

In good English language; her chicken came home to roost. The day she lost the World Bank Presidency to a lesser qualified candidate. And there is good reason for the bad karma which boomeranged and befell her. It is retribution in the works. Nemesis has caught up with Mrs Ngozi Iweala for having helped to obstruct Nigerians from having a decently competent president during 2011 presidential election with her cocked up NOI poll.

President Jonathan was the fall man amid his peer presidential contenders in 2011. To the extent he had neither gut nor liver to debate his would-be presidential contemporaries. So he debated himself in hush-hush arrange-e style. Only a psychiatric patient could have done that much. President Jonathan stood out in the negative as the only sane person who had debated himself.

Supposing you cares know. True. General Buhari was most qualified then and better off even now. Ngozi knew Buhari is the man capable of steering Nigeria away from the place of nowhere which PDP had placed her in helplessness since 1999. But the lust for self-aggrandisement was overmuch on her she could not act right. And now retributively, she has gotten her own comeuppance and just deserts for cheating Nigerians alongside others. Why is she complaining that an inexperienced foreign-born American came from behind to win her hands down? She should take heart and bear the bitter bills of which, she had given Nigerian whilst she manipulated her NOI poll to favour incompetent Jonathan. Nigerians have been bearing the brunt of the unqualified, idle and clueless president her NOI conspired to impose upon us. Those who reside in glass house should stop throwing stones so the wisecrack goes.

Ngozi promoted mediocre in 2011 election. And now in 2012 in a twist of payback she was caught up in her own hype after losing to an America in a compromised World Bank election.  Whereas a less qualified candidate won her and took it all. What more can one say. This is natural justice from root to branch.

Her congratulation to Mr Kim was a well-studied diplomatic stunt. This was another hoax projected to showcase and pretend a civilised gentlewoman from Africa. When indeed, she was crestfallen and embittered by her loss to a greenhorn non insider of international financial and monetary order.

Mrs Iweala was so quick to greeting Mr Kim after he emerged winner. Her makeshift and unconscious salute to Kim reminds me of Mr Sting’s song titled ‘Englishman in New York.’ Sting had sung thus:  ‘ ... it takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile...’ it is not all the time that you see people who are shamefaced trying to play it down as if their disgrace never happened in the first place. But Ngozi did. From crying out loud, it was clear she had not extended her hand to Kim in good faith. Most people who suffer ignorance, shame or lost out in a process would go ape in madness. It is in scenarios as in Mr Sting’s song that people as Ngozi would undergo ignorance or loss, and still finds the appetite to smile. That she remained sane after losing big time to a World Bank nonstarter is not ordinary. Her being clearheaded after going via the trauma of all that manipulations was one of high drama and the height of the recently concluded World Bank presidential  s-election process. Therefore, it needs to be interpreted in different shades from differing perspectives. No doubt her kindness to Mr Kim was the thematic therefore.

In the nutshell, the extant Nigerian finance minister has cheated Nigerians with her NOI poll in support of Jonathan. Likewise, has she been unfairly treated when world superpowers manipulated the World Bank election in her disfavour. Ngozi can’t in any way claim not to have doctored her 2011 NOI poll since she is now serving in the same government she propped up via backdoor.  Her NOI poll amongst other shenanigans, gave Jonathan and PDP the gut, ammunition and fertile ground to rig the 2011 elections; more so the presidential one.

And finally, there is no doubt that Mrs Iweala’s antics is growing by the day. But still, I have not lost hope in her to do right. We had expected her to change Abuja but it seems that Abuja is transforming her in the negative instead. Her popularity is waning amid the masses. Her policies has been more elites than pro-poor and pro-masses. Time is not on her hands. If she couldn’t perform let her resign before she gets totally corrupted and damaged the more. We hope she do well and wish she vie as the next governor of Delta State where she comes from. Her native Delta State needs deliverance from darkness and bogeymen.

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