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Which “CAN Defends Buhari?” Count Kaduna State CAN Out!!

I read with utter dismay Sunday Mirrors front page headline “BLOODSHED COMMENT: David West, CAN, others defend Buhari, referring to an article on page by Ayo ESAN on pages 16 and 41. My immediate concern was to find out which CAN he was referring to, but sadly he never did in the whole article.

I read with utter dismay Sunday Mirrors front page headline “BLOODSHED COMMENT: David West, CAN, others defend Buhari, referring to an article on page by Ayo ESAN on pages 16 and 41. My immediate concern was to find out which CAN he was referring to, but sadly he never did in the whole article.

  Nevertheless, I on behalf of the entire leadership of Kaduna State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the entire Christian Community of Kaduna State wish to categorically declare that KADUNA STATE C.A.N. HAS NEVER AT ANY GIVEN TIME OR FORUM SIDED, BACKED OR DEFENDED GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI OVER HIS SAD AND UNFORTUNATE “BLOODSHED” COMMENT WHICH IS UNBECOMING OF A FORMER HEAD OF STATE OF THIS NATION.    Every Nigerian knows that the sad and unfortunate April 2011 Post Presidential criminal violence that resulted in the cold murder of Youth Corpers and thousands of innocent Christians and Muslims all over the North and especially Kaduna State was as a result of the utterances of General Muhammadu Buhari as CPC Presidential candidate and Alhaji Lawal Kaita & co those who threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable should elect President Goodluck Jonathan. Refusing to accept the will of the people, who overwhelmingly gave President Goodluck Ebere Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR a Pan Nigerian mandate in an election declared by both International and local observers to be the most credible, free and fair as was confirmed by the Spreme Court Ruling, General Buhari and his backers have continued to shout that the elections were rigged. Not satisfied with that, CPC in a renewed drive are bent on a Regime Change by all means ceasing every opportunity of strikes to achieve their end.    Most regrettable is that people like Professor David West have not seen the hand of God in the emergence of President Goodluck Jonathan, though not the most suitable in their thinking. They have joined President Jonathan avowed virulent opposition to launch unrelenting attacks, blaming him for all the woes that they in their time of ruling this country contributed in creating. Saddest of all, and most disappointing are people like His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, who should be thanking  President Goodluck Jonathan for allowing a free and fair election in the South West, unlike what President Obasanjo did in 2007. Former Governor Tinubu when asked about the emerging victories of the ACN over PDP as the results were being announced was quoted as saying, “I DEY LAUGH.” He was overwhelmed. How can Asiwaju Tinubu now turn around and join the perpetual losers in crying aloud that “JONATHAN’S ELECTION NOT CREDIBLE- Tinubu” as stated in the Headline of Leadership Weekend of May 19, 2012? Even if ACN had aligned with CPC against PDP’s President Goodluck Jonathan, they would have still failed woefully to defeat him because God’s destiny had already placed him there as God’s battle axe for the transformation agenda of the Nation which has stirred up the rising Boko Haram insurgencies and other challenges.   President Jonathan has never claimed any monopoly of wisdom or knowledge in handling all the myriads of economic, security and corruption challenges that he has inherited. All he needs are the prayers and goodwill of the good people that believed in him to vote him into power. That is the responsibility God has given the Church to pray for all those in authority. There are many fifth-columnists in Government and those governing need the help of God discern what counsels are of the Lord. We saw an example of a fifth-columnist counsel on the ill-timing fuel subsidy removal. If not that President Jonathan were God’s anointed for the hour and for the nation, the enemies of democracy breathing regime change at all cost would have succeeded. Thanks be to God Christians and people of Goodwill prayed and God overturned their evil scheming.    God’s message to President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, and for our Governor Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa CON, both of who share a common destiny of God’s Divine Elevation and Divine Election is that they should:   1. Forgive all their detractors and focus on their Assignment, looking only unto Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of their faith in Him, without fear of anybody or anything.   2. Believe and appropriate Jeremiah 20:11-12 as God’s Word to you as a daily Confession Capsule to be taken at every given opportunity, not less than 6 times a day, especially during quiet meditation alone with God:   1. The Lord is with me as a Mighty, Awesome & Terrible One.   2. Therefore my Persecutors: a. will stumble and not prevail. b. They will be greatly ashamed. c. They will not prosper (in their plans against me) d. Their everlasting confusion will never be forgotten   3. But You O Lord of Host: a. You who test the righteous b. You who see the mind and heart c. Let me see Your vengeance on them (my persecutors) d. For I have pleaded my cause before You.    I call on all Nigerians to join hands with the Federal Government of President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan GCFR to tackle the insecurity challenges that Northern Leaders and Elders have by commission or omission have plunged us into threatening the very corporate existence of Nigeria. Nobody is secure from all the reports we are receiving. The most potent weapon at our disposal is the weapon of prayers. If the report that the INEC Chairman, Professor Jega that the North should be proud of was stoned at Kazaure over the weekend by irate CPC supporters charging for rigging President Jonathan to power, then the North should brace up, for that is a sinister sign of things to come and a dress rehearsal of General Buhari has started preaching, lest we forget April 2011.   LET US PRAY   REV DR AMB SAMUEL KRAAKEVIK KUJIYAT CAN Chairman, Kaduna State   


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