A senior security official in Abuja today told SaharaReporters that the militant Islamist sect Boko Haram was likely behind the car explosion in Okene, Kogi State. 


The same source disclosed that the sect has developed a sophisticated leadership structure that includes several departments headed by highly trained personnel and charged with specific assignments.  The security source stated that the organization, which is waging a violent fight against the Nigerian state, has developed a layered organizational structure. 


“The Shura Council serves as the highest decision making body,” said the source. In addition, the sect has recruited numerous members trained as specialists in suicide bombings. Other sub-groups include those specialized in stealing/disposing expensive cars at gun point for use in terrorist work; those who gather intelligence and carry out research for possible targets and modes of operation; those trained as ground troops to repel security agents and other counter actions against the sect in armed duels. 


The source disclosed that Boko Haram maintains a department in charge of bomb making as well as the fixing of explosives for suicide bombers and bomb planters. A different cell specializes in planting bombs at targeted sights. In addition, there is a department that handles the welfare of members as well as suicide bombers’ surviving wives and children. 


 The sect’s public enlightenment department takes charge of outside communication, including all email, “youtube” and other video coverage. A team is charged with recruitment and training of new members.


Finally, the medical committee oversees the healthcare needs of members and their families.

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