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Sheik Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi: The Making Of A “Nigerian Anwar al-Awlaki”

February 3, 2013

An English writer,  Mary Ann or Marian,  better known by her pen name George Eliot, once wrote in one of her epic novel Daniel Deronda  that, ““No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from. ”

An English writer,  Mary Ann or Marian,  better known by her pen name George Eliot, once wrote in one of her epic novel Daniel Deronda  that, ““No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from. ”

That classically describes aptly a nemesis and cancer slowly creeping into the Nigerian society and quietly breeding up messengers and soldiers that would one day stand up and cause a chaos and doom that would be very disastrous in magnitude.
This particular problem is personified, lives within us, has found a voice and is very efficient in using the modern multimedia tools including social networking sites and the internet and slowly, it is gaining popularity; the movement is getting to the subconscious of most Nigerians especially in the predominantly Muslim north.
This character is educated and versed in the scriptures, studies the politics of the day and makes inciting messages that would one day snowball into an inferno that would shed blood and send thousands of people to an early grave.
For some time now, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi who leads the Nigerian Muslim Shura Assembly (NIMSA), a movement he describes as being committed to the unity of Nigeria Muslims in a manner that is voluntary, non-government, non-sectarian, non-ethnic, non-regional and non-partisan; it does not clearly define if it is non-violent but time will definitely tell unless the Nigeria security agencies do the needful.
Since the Boko Haram took a turn for the worse and introduced terrorism in a manner never experienced in Nigeria before, only few northern elites have stood up to challenge or talk against the insurgents. Only a few did and some paid the supreme price of being assassinated in brutal manners by unknown gunmen riding on commercial motorcycles, a hit style that has become a signature of the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram.
In among the elites and elderly statesmen and scholars and a few good men,  Abubakar, Sheriff,  Danjuma,  Buhari and so on, who kept quiet and did nothing thereby allowing evil to triumph like Edmund Burke predicted, maybe only Gumi has been very brave enough to speak bluntly to Boko Haram  was Gumi.  
But with the sermons and teaching the Islamic scholar has been dishing out now, one would start wondering what the motive for his teachings which are very inciting and laced with gun powdery substances waiting for ignition is.
Having been following his teaching on the internet of which he makes judicious use of, subtly charges are given to his followers and his students in a manner that is infectious, mind captivating and psychologically infuriating to an extent that the person is challenged and put in mood of hatred for the Christians and the people from the South especially the South-South and the South-East in Nigeria.
This is may be exactly the kind of teachings the failed underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdumutallab, was exposed to before he went extreme with his decision to fight the Jihad against Christians.
What Gumi is doing may have some resemblance to what the Anwar al-Awlaki; the US born Yemeni imam who the U.S. government officials alleged was a senior talent recruiter and motivator who was involved with planning operations for the Islamist militant groups.   

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 Gumi has a Facebook account which he makes use of, his messages are uploaded on YouTube and he even enjoys large followers and friends on social media websites; he has generated 29, 637 likes with an average of 2,000 people talking about him and he is still recruiting members to his movement. You only need to send an SMS to 08168361885.

The Sheik is blunt in his messages and calls a spade a spade, he says it without minding whose ox is gored that President Goodluck Jonathan is evil and has practically said by inference that Christians are the problem Nigeria has because of their hidden agenda.

When the governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa and Gen. Azazi dies in a helicopter crash,Gumi said openly that the two were discussing about an evil agenda against Muslims; he never gives facts or reveals sources of his information but he has a huge followership of Musilims in the Sheik Gumi’s mosque. According to some reports, Gumi who is the son of the late famous Sheik Abubakar Mahmud Gumi is based in Saudi Arabia where he lives with his family until recently and he did not care about the tension in Kaduna State following the death of the governor considering the fact that there were jubilation in some parts of Kaduna when news of the death of the first governor that had a Christian background got to the city.

Gumi’s messages these days have targeted the President; a Christian from the minority South-South. Inone of his messages against Jonathan, Gumi said Jonathan is definitely marred in Evil.

“The conviction of Okah to me is the conviction of MEND as the first terrorist Bomb attack the nation witnessed, which Jonathan hastily using the SSS to exonerate and implicate innocent people. Was he misled into that? Anyhow, this was exactly the dilemma Jesus Christ went through - the persecution of an innocent man of God in the hands of people that claim piety and speak on behalf of God. This is an anti-Christ activity. It is shameful. This incidence has made me not see Jonathan on the right of the spectrum. He can still be good but he is definitely marred in Evil. Evil that either directly kill innocent people or Evil that mask killers or Evil that takes advantage from the murder of the innocents for political gains.

If Jonathan should be a true man of God, let him repent and step down. That will shade the evil that permeated his regime and committed so much sin against humanity. An amnesty International report has affirmed to that. That will also stale any pretext of Boko Haram, the Evil that permeated Islam - that ravening grievous wolves in sheep's clothing. Boko Haram, either genuinely a northern political ploy as claimed or a smear from the clandestine Security agents for his political advantage or strategic metamorphosis of MEND and their agenda, his resignation will save lives and the nation. His resignation will promote peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. It will bring back glory to the nation Nigeria. He will then probably be a ‘Christ’ of Nigeria or the last Evil that wrecked the nation.”

That not being able to raise flags led him to post on his wall on Facebook the message that is vile enough to cause a great divide in the country’s military.

 In a message posted Saturday, 2nd February, 2013 on the Facebook page, entitled, A Dangerous Trend,” the Islamic cleric alerted Muslims on an alleged dominance of Igbos in the army. As at the time of writing this report, the message had generated 1,190 comments, shared by 530 persons and gotten 658 likes on the Gumi’s group page on Facebook.
The message read, “Brothers and sisters, countrymen and fellow citizens.There is a letter circulating in the internet which depicts the current situation in the Nigerian Army. It says:  “There is a new dangerous trend in promotions and recruitment in the Nigerian Army, which should be firmly and promptly checked before it destroys the military and the country.
 This trend is clearly visible in the manner in which the current Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika is handling these two important aspects of running an effective army institution, which is very critical to the survival of any state. It appears that the Chief of Army Staff is on a specific mission, most probably, sponsored by some sinister dark forces bent on destroying the army and setting the country on the path of serious conflagration. From all indication General Ihejirika is deliberately and recklessly pursuing a plan to destroy the career of senior non Igbo officers while at the same time embarking on a massive recruitment of soldiers of Igbo stock in order to eclipse all other ethnic groups in the Nigerian Army.
This is raising serious concern within the army. Let us, first, examine the promotion exercises carried out in all the formations since the elevation of Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika to the office of Chief of Army Staff.” Then it follows with chilling details and specifics which if true the source must be from some senior cadre of the officer corps in the army. This is alarming indeed. The circular charged that “Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika is on a specific mission, most probably, sponsored by some sinister dark forces bent on destroying the army and setting the country on the path of serious conflagration.”If we remember that this man was long overdue for retirement but was retained by the GEJ.If we remember that GEJ tried to cover up for MEND 1st October Abuja terrorist attack.
If we remember the Azazi has extended Nigerian Army weapons to secessionist, was retired then later picked by GEJ as his NSA.If we remember that the incessant bombings that followed the ascension of GEJ to power in Northern states in the name of Boko Haram, despite the fact it was Yar’aduwa that order the killing of its leader, and the sudden cessations with sudden death of Azazi.
If we remember that the activities of the secessionists in still on and covert; If I remember that the two people who planted an explosive device on my way five minutes before I pass and went victims of their own machination, were taken off by the Army, the two BBC (Hausa and English) reporters had their cameras and voice recorder ceased by the Army at the site so that they don’t record the incidence precisely. If we remember all these things we should thank Allah that we lived to hear the true story as it is unfolding. The worst could have happened. And in-sha Allah the worst is over.
It is said, the correct diagnosis is half of the cure. The problem is now identified. As for the solution. There is absolutely no need for any military intervention. That will be criminal. You don’t correct criminality with crimes. Let every Nigerian knows the truth. It is the most potent weapon against evil. Moreover the system is self-regulatory, so let us wait and see. Their plan to secession comes only through disorder and the spill of innocent blood, therefore no chance should be given to that. May Allah guide us to the straight path and protect our nation from evil people!”
While some critics from northern Nigeria and mostly Muslims are commending the Shiek who has lately been preaching inciting  messages along religious and ethnic divide, critics from the South especially, South East are accusing the Islamic scholar of having some hidden intentions to drag the country into chaos.
Gumi had also attempted to condemn Christians tactically by using an attack on the coup plotters of Jan 15th, 1966. Though he systematically tried to put tag killers of innocent persons as categories of people he abhors, he made a poor job of hiding the woven thread of hatred and evil wish for Christians in the piece.
It read thus: “Brothers and Sisters, fellow Nigerians, No human has the monopoly of sentiments or emotional outburst, therefore whoever abuses me for not understanding me I have forgiven it. I hold no qualms against anybody. My only concern is over the Evil people that kill innocent people for prejudice, malice, religious sentiments and share malevolence.

In this category of people is Maj. Nzeogwu & co who assassinated the premier Sardauna the main target of the 1966 coup. Others argue that some Christians also were killed, yes, but they were also killed by Christians too. The common denominator is that all these murderers that kill innocent people are Christians. What I am saying is that among the Christian are Evil people that kill people. These evil killers can also be imbedded in our security apparatus. In fact they are more dangerous that the true Boko Haram who are mainly peasants, poor and untactful. However these are highly trained individuals that can manipulate, strategize, camouflage and coordinate their terror in such a way that they cannot be recognized.
They are also the Dimkas and most recently the Azazis and many more still active in service. So today if there is any terror attack, depending on the magnitude, the coordination and sophistication in its execution and target selection, you can see the finger print of these agents of evil.

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The draconian military occupation of the Muslim northern regions is a clear sign of such a plan. The Mali intervention is also not far from the plan. Why sending troops to Mali when our borders are porous?
Spending millions that could be of benefit educational, health and agricultural sectors that are starving; Youth unemployment that is declared by an ex-president as very volatile. We negotiated peace between the warring Sudanese factions until they decided to divide in a plebiscite, why not also in Mali? Is it not ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander’? Nigerian involvement is Mali against the northern Tawarik , is taking sides based on foreign colonial interest, and the hate of Islamists forming a government in the region. The difference between Islamist and Terrorist is that the former are fighters that are seeking independence and the rule of Islamic law through legal and accepted norms. Part of it breaking away from a country which there is anarchy or dictatorship. The army took power in Mali, and a section of the country wanted to break way.

They usually bring religion for two reasons, one to mobilize fighters since a mujahid fights fearlessly, and secondly attract the sympathy of other Muslims. While terrorist, kill anybody Muslim or non-Muslim that does not concur to their ideology. Such ‘Islamic terrorism’ is condemned in unequivocal terms in the hadith of the prophet – alaihis Salam- and the Muslim leaders and scholars were the first victims of their evil.
It is known fact that Christians in Nigeria are anti-Islam in everything even if it is beneficial to all. That explains the clamor against OIC membership at a time when we have representatives in the Vatican. That was where the clamor against Sharia law which has nothing to do with Christians.

The Sharia checks crimes effectively yet, the Christian clergy prefer a state of lewdness, robbery, adultery, alcoholism than otherwise if such crimes can only be stopped by Islam. They prefer a harlot than a woman wearing Hijab or niqab.

If therefore, the Christian leadership of Nigeria is plunging us into Mali for this same reason of hatred and prejudice against Islamist, this is the warning they should heed to, because Islam is unconquerable. But if they want peace to reign then we should not take sides but be peace negotiators.

Imagine, Nigerian troops killing Touareg in their own country, what moral ground do we have when later they influx into our country and cause havoc? May Allah guide us all and protect us from all evil.”

The misnomers Gumi made in these two messages are enormous and very transparent to anyone desiring truth.

Was there not a retaliatory coup of in July 1966 which led to a northern being given the infamous sobriquet, the Butcher of Agodi? Did what happen to the over 300,000 innocent Igbo civilians killed in the pogrom in the north not enough to be categorized into Gumi’s standards of innocent people killed by evil persons?

Since the north had been in power militarily for over 30 years and all the whole crop of soldiers in the army were from the northern Nigeria courtesy of the quota system, did a younger Gumi raise an alert on the injustice being done to the federal character?

These are some questions that Gumi naturally looks away from but instead, send messages cooked in hatred and blood as water to be served on willing members of his movement waiting for a day that the great command will come; the Jihad.

While the country’s security agencies may be casting a blind eye to his activities and instead focus on the Jamā'atu Ahlis Sunnah Lādda'awatih wal-Jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram and its insincere attempt at ceasefire, slowly building up in strength and number across the northern states, across Nigeria and across the world are soldiers that have been bred on hatred and prepped psychologically to fight a holy war are these thousands of young people that are sending text messages to 08168361885.
Ahaoma Kanu


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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