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Who was Dr. Martin Luther King? By Ese Olumhense

August 28, 2013

Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?
Why does his name cause those proverbial bells to ring?
Is it because of his dream of racial unity?
Racial equality for you and me?
This man, is he just another piece of history?
A name to memorize or research, possibly
Dr. King believed in the absence of tension, oppression, a dearth of enmity
No animosity in any city
Be it Birmingham, Montgomery, or Tallahassee
There will never be a noose hanging from an all-white tree
Freedom would ring, according to this dream
Races would mix, like coffee and cream
It would truly be an amazing thing
But tell me, who was Dr. King?
Did his words really amount to anything?
Do they influence our lives today,
The way we act
The things we say
Dr. King’s dream should be cultivated, we as people should not let it be devoured in the wild
After all it takes a village to raise a child
But we are more than a village; we are a city, a state
Not built on quicksand, not built on hate
Hate for the color of our neighbor’s skin,
never giving thought to anything.
So tell me, who was Dr. King?
Does his dream inspire us to be accepting?
We as people are judged for external things,
unlike the bright-red blood that flows within our veins
But instead the texture, the length, of our manes
Perms can make hair temporarily straight, but hate, yes hate, can leave permanent holes in our souls
What do we bring to the table when we are accompanied by Prejudice, by Hate?
With Hate at our table, what good do we create?
None at all, we can only destroy
Separate the white boy from the black boy
Divide based on the color of skin
Add a little hostility from within
Multiply the tension, develop it here and there
Subtract love, it’s not welcome here
Without love, races, colors collide like tectonic plates, scraping shrilly against each other’s hate
Trying to cover their faults on the top, but causing more tension than they can stop
So you ask do I believe that Dr. King’s dream has come true?
Well I believe that we still have work to do
To stop the hate crimes before they start
To let us open up our hearts
So tell me who was Dr. King?
Did his dream of freedom really ring?
Was his dream of racial unity really achieved?
In it have we really believed?
Maybe one day we can all sing, join hands and let freedom ring
But I need to know just one more thing
Who was Dr. Martin Luther King?


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