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Marie-France Idikayi, Founder of Congo Fashion Week By Ntumba Mukendi

February 12, 2014

Marie-France Idikayi

I just had a conversation with Marie-France Idikayi, founder of Congo Fashion Week. She graduated in 2003 in the journalism and public relations program at the Institute of Information Science Communication (IFASIC) in Kinshasa, Marie- France Idikayi studied travel and tourism in London. After studying Law and Business, she began a Bachelor’s degree in the arts, specifically in the production of  live events and TV shows.

Between the years 2002 and 2003, she discovered her passion for events through  various concepts, some of which constitute leitmotivs to current and future events.

M:  I am not married yet neither do I have biological/non-biological children fully  under my care; so I maximize the time to now to lay solid foundation for future activities.

N:  What inspired you to start Congo Fashion Week and where in Congo will it take place in 2014?

M:  I pioneered a Fashion Week in Congo because we were left behind fashion wise even if we are still know as “Le pays de la Sape”. It was a must and I am glad to see that everybody is connected to fashion activities on an international scale.

Congo Fashion Week 2012

This year is quite particular; we will announce the location at the beginning of our campaign. We will indeed keep you posted.
That is my original intention; Fashion activities bring a lot of money to the national treasury but there is a considerable amount of background work required. That is what I am concentrating on now.


Yes, there will be a theme for Congo Fashion Week 2014. It will be announced at the launch of our 2014 media campaign. Last year we had “Fashion & Environment” that we could not develop as planned because of unforeseen circumstances met on ground.


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